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Google Cloud Platform

A powerful cloud platform that improves data handling and reduces the additional costs of infrastructure management, server support, and network setup.

Cloud infrastructure is ready 24/7
Pay only for the use
No depreciation and safety issues
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Using the API allows you to have a direct method of exporting your data without having to upgrade to Professional.

Ticket creation
Migration of ticket data to Zendesk from another system
Mass editing of users
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Manage your processes, projects and teams easily with Asana! The platform allows you to effectively schedule tasks and track their progress, distribute workload, share various types of information, automate processes, and analyze data in real-time reporting. Support for more than 100 integrations will allow you to concentrate all your work information in one place.

All your processes, projects and teams in one platform
Safe and secure cloud solution, support over 100 integrations
Enables effective collaboration for teams of any sizes
Our products

Google Maps Platform

Create real world and real time experiences for your customers with dynamic maps, routes & places APIs from Google Maps Platform's location solutions.

Optimize the internal business processes
Increase your customer service level
Create great products
Our products

Google Workspace

A set of cloud services provided by Google for other businesses and groups of people. Google Workspace allows other businesses to integrate their own domain name with select Google products.

Integrated environment for collaboration
Work with your documents in real time
Download the files from the cloud and share them
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Cloudfresh benefits

Financial benefits for your business

Buying through a local reseller will help your business not only save on direct costs, but also get additional services.

More than just a product

In addition to licenses, we provide product implementation and support services, integration with other services, and in-depth training for teams.

Flexible Payment Terms

Wire the invoice and payment by bank transfer from the legal entity to the account of the legal entity in Ukraine or Europe.

Clients cases

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"When working with Google BigQuery, even the minimum computer power is enough to process any amount of data. Since the calculation takes place on Google servers, your device will not participate in processing; you only leave a request and collect the results. Everything happens faster, easier, more efficiently."

Dmitry Osiyuk Lead Analyst MacPaw.
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"Google Maps Platform is not only one of the most convenient maps. It is a limitless set of useful software services that allow you to develop your product very quickly and efficiently."

Volodymyr Zubenko Head of Expansion Technology
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“Having a tool that allows us to work cross-functionally and get everyone on the same page, really collaboratively and visibly, is critical to scaling our business.”

Tom Booth Director of Operations
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“Google Workspace is a modern tool for solving important pedagogical tasks. During the pandemic and the war, this service became even more relevant. ”

Alla Vyhivska The director of the lyceum "Perspective"
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“Transparent procurement always means transparent processes and  Asana is one of those tools that helps us with it”.

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The implementation of the GMP became a helping hand in improving the geolocation features of the Raketa app.

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"Cloudfresh Google Cloud Team was fully responsible for the EVO migration project to Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) Basic."

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"In fact, Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) has become the platform for a single virtual office for 300 employees from 14 different cities."

Serhiy Smus Chief operating officer, Uklon
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"Google will remain a loyal business partner for us to help scale the company and keep all departments in sync going forward."

Yuri Gnatiuk COO, KindGeek
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"Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) Enterprise is a kind of investment in our development, because when new tasks appear, we are always sure that we can quickly adjust the system to perform them."

Pavel Netsko DevOps in Caer Sidi
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"The ISIDA team is always one of the first to implement high-tech solutions to provide a high level of service to our patients."

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"GCP helped us accomplish this task and proved to be a reliable solution for our infrastructure."

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"We chose Google Calendar as a tool that helps us manage our time wisely. Google Drive caught our attention because of its sharing and accessibility features."

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"We needed a flexible tool, and the Asana service was the perfect transformation of spreadsheets and all the work they added."

Thibault Delavier Manager of Marketing Planning and Processes at Dior
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Uninterrupted IT infrastructure for Weblium

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