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Google Cloud Platform

A powerful suite of cloud computing services that empower you to build, deploy, and scale applications, websites, and services on the same cloud infrastructure as Google.

Google's infrastructure, data analytics, security, and ML
Open-source solutions
Pay-as-you-go approach

Google Workspace

A flexible, innovative solution for you and your team to connect, collaborate and deliver impact from anywhere, on any device.

Enterprise-grade security for your data and devices
Storing and sharing files in the cloud
Real-time collaboration

Zendesk Support Suite

The complete customer service solution that meets customer needs sets your team up for success and keeps your business in sync.

Ticketing system with intelligent routing
Artificial Intelligence, automation and integration
Agent workspace with personalized conversations


A complete solution covering all DevSecOps lifecycle stages that empowers teams to deliver software faster and more efficiently while strengthening security and compliance.

All the essential capabilities in one platform
SaaS and self-managed options
Collaboration at all stages of the DevSecOps lifecycle


The #1 software in work management, designed to facilitate efficient and smooth cross-team collaboration.

Automated processes that set goals and drive alignment
Data protection, with managing settings and permissions
Cross-team efficiency with real-time insights

Google Maps Platform

See how real-world insights and location solutions can transform your business from end to end

Real-time route optimization
Comprehensive geospatial data with simplified trip planning
Interactive customer experiences

Google for Education

Google for Education tools work together to transform teaching and learning so every student and educator can pursue their personal potential.

Simple and secure learning environment
Managed education ecosystem with versatile, intuitive and secure devices
Easy way to connect with students and manage their classes


A cutting-edge Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution crafted to safeguard your organization's digital assets without compromising user experience.

Single Sign-On (SSO) to streamline login across apps with one set of credentials, boosting convenience and security
Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to enhance security by requiring multiple authentication factors
Adaptive Security and Access Policies to customize rules based on user context to reduce risk and enhance experience

Microsoft Office 365

With Microsoft 365, you can effortlessly create, share, and collaborate on your favorite apps in one location.

Office apps, which deliver full suite of productivity apps across devices
OneDrive cloud storage for convenient file access and collaboration
High-level security, compliance, threat protection, identity management, and IT admin control

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Since 2017, we've been specializing in implementation, migration, integration, audit, administration, support, and training for the best-in-class cloud solutions.

With ease, we take on the responsibility to get the most favorable terms from a vendor based on your business needs and provide the utmost care at each stage of the journey with the solution.

The companies that chose
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Learn why clients love Cloudfresh

Mykola Shestakov Team Lead of the IT department

"Our transition to Google Workspace took less than a month and was timely and appropriate. We received a full set of cloud tools that helped optimize our internal processes and opened up opportunities to search for and implement innovations. What is important is that top management and the team are satisfied with the results. We have received effective tools to contribute to business growth and not hold us back. For this, we are grateful to the Cloudfresh team, whose experience and expertise helped us quickly achieve our goals."

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Pavel Makarenko CTO, Cryptopay

"Google Workspace is not just about productivity tools for us. It's about the seamless collaboration and security it brings to our operations. The transition to Business Standard was a significant boost, providing us with ample storage and enhanced video conferencing capabilities. Cloudfresh was pivotal in optimizing our costs and streamlining our financial management. The Directory API is an additional perfect helper that is easy to use while allowing us to effectively manage all the admin-controlled resources in our account. Together, Google Workspace and Cloudfresh have empowered us to streamline our workflows at our best."

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Roman Pozhar Head of DevOps, appflame

"Google is truly a reliable leader in the field of cloud computing. We can meet the needs of our projects using GCP services, all while getting all the necessary tools for tracking. Migrating a portion of our infrastructure from bare metal to the cloud is fast and trouble-free. The professionalism and technical expertise of the Cloudfresh team support us during the implementation of new solutions, and that is genuinely valuable."

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Nicole Okonkwo Gattuso Sales Director at Blue Style

"For now, we have been using Zendesk for a long time and continue improving our customer service to better satisfy our clients' needs. Thanks to Cloudfresh's expertise, help, and support in implementation, we got a complete overview of KPIs from agents to a global corporate view. Innovation is a priority not only for clients but also for employees. And collaborating with Cloudfresh, we continue to innovate with Zendesk daily."

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Shahrukh Nizamutdinov General Manager of FCB Artgroup Uzbekistan

"I am sure that today we use about 20-30% of the entire functionality of Asana, but even this has already facilitated our work and interaction between employees and departments. Transparency in work is the main principle of our agency. If a particular task is not completed on time, it is important to understand the problem on which the delay occurred, and Asana's solution is ideal for helping in such matters. Our next goal is to use Asana to expand and grow our business."

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Dmutro Muhyr Head of IT Support at Jooble

"Throughout the challenges we faced, our experience with Google Workspace and collaboration with Cloudfresh has been transformative. With the expertise and support from Cloudfresh, our migration to Google Workspace was a success, providing us with invaluable guidance and tailored solutions. The positive impact of this integration has simplified our workflows, allowing us to thrive in a fast-paced, remote-first environment. We are grateful for the opportunities Google Workspace and Cloudfresh have brought us."

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Andriy Marusiy Information security specialist

"Thanks to fruitful collaboration, our work on the project has significantly improved, especially in reporting and commenting. The selected solutions have allowed us to achieve the best possible experience working with GitLab with minimal resource expenditure."

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Vadim Egorenkov Product Manager

"Our goal is to make finding the right gas station hassle-free for every customer. So we are constantly developing new features that meet the needs of our users. That's why we use the best of the latest digital technologies."

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Vitaliy Dyatlenko Co-founder and CTO of Uklon

“We discarded all other tools that required additional effort from our team and started wrapping up all delivery, build, and deployment processes in our SDLC using GitLab. Thanks to automation and implementing the CI/CD process with GitLab, we accelerated our work by more than 5 times.”

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Dmitriy Vasilyev HelpDesk Team Lead at Genesis

"We've been using Google Workspace for six years, starting with the free plan and now using the Enterprise plan. Workspace functionality fully satisfies all our needs, and the ability to integrate it into other services makes it very flexible and convenient. Useful linking of various services with each other, such as Gmail, Drive, Sheets, Calendar - this greatly simplifies workflows in a team."

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Rustem Kadytov Head of the Process Management Department

"If WOOPPAY is about people, then Asana is about simplicity. We are completely satisfied with the functionality of Asana, and every day, we improve the coordination and management of our work processes. The right pricing plan and professional support from Cloudfresh specialists allow us to plan projects more efficiently and use the platform to the maximum."

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Natalia Vovk Head of Written Appeals Department

"Zendesk has opened up new opportunities for Rozetka and helped bring the company's ideas to life quickly and with fewer resources. Now the team is using more advanced trending technologies that affect the efficiency of the support department and the whole company."

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Robert Polak CEO at 4PEOPLE

"We love Asana for its simplicity. It has many features, but what is most important - you can use key features (like projects and planning) after 30 minutes of experience with Asana. The implementation of Asana in our agency was almost trouble-free. After almost 5 years of using Asana, we still think it was one of the biggest game changers to our organization."

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Bohdan Protsiv Development Director

"The Cloudfresh team treated our non-standard request with complete understanding regarding the agreement of special financing conditions and the gradual increase in the number of licenses. The Asana functionality was presented in a very accessible and understandable way, and all our questions were answered. Also, our team got a high-quality, practical presentation about creating a project in Asana by an experienced Cloudfresh specialist."

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Ivan Yakubyshyn Head of IT Infrastructure Service

"Google Cloud Platform for us is a service that allows us to quickly scale a separate progressive service for our partners dozens of times faster and flexibly manage the capacities needed at a certain moment. Cloudfresh technical support quickly helped to solve problems with API limits. The team always tries to solve and deal with problems quickly. In addition, Cloudfresh helped optimize financial costs, which contributed to developing a different project direction."

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Dmitriy Yegarmin IT Manager

"Being a Google Workspace customer for many years, we switched to Enterprise plan getting all the newest features even in a Beta, covering all the nowadays needs of users and providing admins with a great analysis and action tools. This corresponds to our roadmaps getting the IT infrastructure of the airSlate into the Enterprise level."

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Oleg Petrenko Head of Technical Department

"Google Workspace is one of the most advanced enterprise communication tools. Its ease of deployment has allowed us to focus directly on business processes rather than IT system settings. Now our team has the opportunity to work from anywhere in the world, using convenient and intuitive tools."

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Andriy Kosovai Head of IT Infrastructure and Operations

"Google Meet hardware is intuitive, easy to install, and easy to use from a user's perspective. It allowed us to improve the quality of video meetings for company employees significantly. Cloudfresh's experience and technical expertise allowed us to quickly equip our meeting rooms and get comprehensive answers to all questions. The team was fully involved in the process, quickly processed requests, and rolled out the high-quality Google Meet software."

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Rostyslav Vasiukov Head of Engineering

"Google Cloud services are a whole world of tools that allow you to increase the efficiency of working with data and provide convenience at all stages of work. Our team uses many Google features to store our infrastructure, data processing, and A/B testing. It completely closes our need to obtain and analyze data, test hypotheses, and, accordingly, scale our business."

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Taisiya Nasretdinova CEO at ICANHELPHOST

"For us, the experience with Zendesk was new. We learned a lot in a short time. The tools themselves aren't always intuitive, but we've made it with the support of Cloudfresh and many articles in the Zendesk Knowledge Base."

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Oleksandr Galaburda Сhief Analyst of Laba Group

"Cloudfresh is very customer-oriented. The company solved all our requests mostly within an hour, always giving a detailed answer. When looking for additional services to solve business problems (analytical systems, etc.), Cloudfresh specialists always offered alternative options that fit into our budget and covered all needs."

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Volodymyr Zubenko Head of Expansion Technology

"Google Maps Platform is not only one of the most convenient maps. It is a limitless set of useful software services that allow you to develop your product very quickly and efficiently."

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Dmitry Osiyuk Lead Analyst MacPaw.

"When working with Google BigQuery, even the minimum computer power is enough to process any amount of data. Since the calculation takes place on Google servers, your device will not participate in processing; you only leave a request and collect the results. Everything happens faster, easier, more efficiently."

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Volodymyr Avanesov Head of Development at Netpeak Group

"Google Workspace has opened up many opportunities for us to collaborate faster and more effectively. Our teams spend much less time on processes that require a lot of their participation and attention. Team meetings, project collaboration, file storage, control, management, and all communication with partners and clients have moved to a completely different level. The implementation of Google Workspace went smoothly for the team, and thanks to consultations and technical training from Cloudfresh, our specialists quickly figured out the service's functionality."

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Olha Klymanska HRD at SendPulse

"We are delighted with the chosen solution. In a relatively short period, we have significantly improved the cooperation of our teams, gained access to many new features, and can safely guarantee the security of all information and files used by colleagues. Thanks to the Cloudfresh team, we quickly figured out all the necessary aspects of using Workspace and set up our workflows efficiently. We are now working more productively in a secure and flexible environment."

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Tauras Janickas CEO

"We are very satisfied with the way Google Workspace has quickly enabled our teams to work and collaborate closer together while shifting towards remote work during the COVID pandemic. It is very rewarding to see how technology drives further innovation and engagement within the IT community, and we are very grateful for being able to use this technology to better our own work."

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Serhiy Smus Chief operating officer, Uklon

"In fact, Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) has become the platform for a single virtual office for 300 employees from 14 different cities."

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Dmitry Khudoy CEO of Zorka.Agency

"Our company has been working with Asana for more than three years, but only after we started working with Cloudfresh could we fully take advantage of Asana's capabilities, turning it into a process management tool. Thanks to Asana, we have implemented the interaction of almost all functional company units and continue to improve what has been achieved."

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Anton Lypovskykh IT Director at Welltech

"With the transition to the new plan from Workspace, we immediately felt the difference in the work process, exchanging documents and holding meetings. After starting to use Shared Drives in individual teams and seeing the results, we decided on the next project - to transfer the entire document flow by teams and directions on Team Drives and abandon the use of Personal Drives as much as possible, which we managed to do. Thanks to the professional implementation by Cloudfresh specialists of all the necessary tools for security and data control, we no longer worry about the protection of important files or access to the necessary information that makes the work of our IT team much easier."

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