Clients cases – Сlient case: Planeta Kino

Сlient case: Planeta Kino

"Planeta Kino embodies innovation, comfort, and adaptability. These qualities accurately describe Asana as well. Therefore, our collaboration with Asana can confidently be called a perfect match."

Kateryna Sanzharovets HR Manager, Asana Administrator

Successful Migration of Planeta Kino to Asana: A New Level of Team Collaboration

About the company: Planeta Kino is the leading chain of cinemas in Ukraine, offering its guests an unforgettable movie-watching experience and turning every visit into a mini-vacation. Founded on the principle that every detail of their business should be pleasing to themselves first, Planeta Kino emphasizes quality over quantity in every aspect of their work.

Thanks to the initiative of Planeta Kino, Ukrainians were the first in the country to appreciate IMAX and 4DX technologies, enjoying the convenience of online sales and ticket returns through a mobile application. With 10 cinemas in 6 cities, the company underscores its commitment to innovation and continuous development, always looking for ways to surprise its customers with new and unusual solutions.

Start project date: 01.12.2022

End date of the project: Cooperation continues

Сhallenge: When moving from the previous Bitrix24 task manager to Asana, Planeta Kino sought a solution that would provide an easy transition for all employees and minimize any inconvenience that might occur during the transition. Asana was chosen for its flexibility, intuitive use, and powerful collaboration tools.

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Solutions: The implementation of Asana in work processes, powered by Cloudfresh, allowed to move a single space for all projects, ensured task transparency and established effective interaction between teams. Special attention at Planeta Kino was assigned to interproject interaction and the possibility of establishing dependencies between tasks.

The task interdependence feature in Asana has become a key tool for synchronizing work between different departments, allowing teams to respond to changes in projects in a timely manner and speed up task processes. The establishment of dependencies between tasks provided each employee with a clear understanding of their impact on the overall process, motivating them to complete tasks in a timely manner.


  1. Quick Adaptation: Thanks to Asana’s intuitive interface, Planeta Kino was able to successfully adapt to the new system in just one month, ensuring a smooth transition and seamless onboarding among employees.
  2. Increased productivity: Integrating Asana allowed Planeta Kino to maintain a familiar approach to structuring and prioritising tasks, which contributes to a better understanding of the overall workflow. This has enabled management and teams to maintain efficiency and continue to focus on critical aspects of projects.
  3. Effective Interaction and Communication: Having a unified information field has always been an important factor for effective interaction within a team, especially when it comes to remote teams. Centralizing data and tasks in one place greatly simplifies communication, avoiding the scattering of information across different platforms. The ability to maintain this unified field with Asana was one of the factors in choosing this platform.

Planeta Kino embodies innovation, comfort, and adaptability. These qualities accurately describe Asana as well. Therefore, our collaboration with Asana can confidently be called a perfect match. Kateryna Sanzharovets, HR Manager, Asana Administrator

Cloudfresh Role: The Cloudfresh team played a crucial role in the transition to Asana, minimizing any potential discomfort during the transition period. We conducted a series of training aimed not only at future Asana administrators at Planeta Kino, but also at the general training of all employees who would become users of this platform. Thanks to these training sessions, the Planeta Kino team was able to gain a deeper understanding of Asana’s functionality and capabilities.

The Cloudfresh Team also provided guidance on the initial setup of the workspace in Asana, which helped Planeta Kino create an optimal structure for managing projects and tasks. This support provided not only a technical but also a strategic advantage, allowing the company to maximize the potential of the platform to achieve its business goals.

As a result, Planeta Kino was able to integrate Asana into its workflows seamlessly, increasing the team’s overall productivity and efficiency.

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