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Looker supports multiple data sources and deployment methods, providing more options without compromising on transparency, security, or privacy.

Find true power in your data

Looker is the platform for data experiences. As a part of the Google Cloud Platform, Looker can drive you to better outcomes through smarter, data-driven experiences.

Google Cloud’s cloud-native Enterprise BI Platform enables secure access to near real-time data when and where you need it. 

Looker’s platform offers a unified surface to access your company’s data’s most accurate, most up-to-date version. With this unified view of the business, you can choose or design data experiences that assure people and systems get data delivered to them in a way that makes the most sense for their needs. 

“Data experiences” can represent any number of ways in which companies drive value from data. That could be reducing costs, mitigating risk, or adding value by increasing revenues or optimizing spending. Or external economic value by monetizing data and generating new value streams.

Сonnecting to different Databases with Looker, such as BigQuery to Redshift, you can avoid database lock-in and maintain multi-cloud data environments.

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Experience the perks of the platform

How we experience data is not what it used to be. An effective dashboard is great, but the Looker platform opens up a world of possibilities. Get more value from your data by turning insights into powerful data-driven experiences for your users.

Modern BI & analytics

Create dynamic dashboards for more in-depth analysis. Give teams access to reliable data and support better reporting.

Integrated insights

The Looker platform works with your existing BI set up. Unify and empower your teams to make more effective, data-informed decisions.

Data-driven workflows

Save time and money by putting your data to work on your business. Looker’s platform is agile enough to stimulate workflows.

Custom applications

Provide a purpose-built tool that users need, while creating data-driven experiences that people love.

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Looker is a secure, governed single source of truth

Modern APIs for integrated workflows

Adapt to the unique needs of your business. Streamline workflows and deliver data for use with APIs, SDKs, rule-based proactive alerts, scheduled reporting, embedded analytics, and more.


Build better products and monetize data

Provide customers the valuable data they need to increase revenue streams and reduce costs. Use git workflows and version history for easy collaboration at scale.


Secure governance across data

Supply a unified and accurate view of your data to keep your teams in sync. Develop data-driven experiences using data as code with LookML—an evolved abstraction of SQL.


Modernize your data technology stack

Centralize your data and deliver impactful insights accurately in a way that can adapt to changing demands. Enhance legacy BI systems with governed data that unifies teams.


Empower users, departments, or customers

Offer a self-serve data experience at scale that includes row-level exploration, interactive visualizations, data cataloging, data discovery, and more.


Peace of mind: a secure, future-proof architecture

Use multi cloud hosting and an in-database architecture that complies with SOC 2 Type 2, GDPR, HIPAA, and more. Scale with enterprise-grade encryption, administration, user permissions, and content management.

Multicloud and the power of choice

Looker supports multiple data sources and deployment methods, providing more options without compromising on transparency, security, or privacy.

Choose your database

Looker connects with Redshift, Snowflake, BigQuery, and 50+ supported SQL dialects, so you can link to multiple databases, avoid database lock-in, and maintain multicloud data environments.

Choose your cloud

We know the value of having freedom in your technology stack. Looker supports hosting on Public Clouds like AWS and GCP, and in multicloud and hybrid environments.

Choose your workflow

Give your teams the tools they need to succeed. With Looker Blocks, embedded visualizations, and more, Looker helps everyone to help themselves with analytics and insights that drive results.

Companies choosing Looker to accelerate data

The Total Economic Impact of Looker by Forrester Consulting

Forrester Consulting and Google conducted a study interviewing six Looker customers to find out how their potential return on investment (ROI) could change due to Looker integration. After switching to Looker, customers report Reduced dependency on teams BI for analytics by 99%. 26% increase in average cost of sale and a 7% reduction in churn. Increased productivity, decision making, innovation, and more.


Looker for Google Cloud Platform allows anyone in your business to quickly analyze and find insights in your datasets. Looker makes it easy to build a data exploration platform that makes your data accessible in a meaningful, intuitive way for your entire organization.



Connect Looker with the support of Cloudfresh


We helped a big quantity of our clients’ companies from different industries and different sizes to power their data with Looker’s solutions.


Our professionals deeply understand the functionality of Looker and the various options that enable our clients with a high level of the service according to the company's needs.

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We provide invoices and payments by bank transfer from the legal entity to another legal entity in Europe.

Legal documents

We provide all necessary legal and accounting documentation according to the legal requirements of the paying country.

Discounts and special conditions

We provide discounts for new and regular corporate customers for implementing and setting up Looker.

Additional service and support from Cloudfresh

In addition to selling licenses, we implement and support Looker, integrate it with other services, and conduct team training.


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