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Empower data analysts with a robust business intelligence platform and simplify data for everyone with Looker Family solutions, such as Looker Studio and Looker Studio Pro (premium version of Looker Studio).

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Explore the differences between Looker vs Looker Studio (formerly Data Studio) solutions that serve distinct yet complementary purposes with Looker consulting partners.

Looker is a comprehensive business intelligence platform that serves as a powerhouse for your data:

  • Focus: Data management and Analysis. Builds a strong foundation for data exploration.
  • Users: It targets data analysts, scientists, and technical users while also democratizing data analytics for business users, granting them access to manipulate data without waiting in queues.
  • Сapabilities: Empowers data exploration with robust modeling, calculations, access control, and data governance.
  • Cost: Paid platform with a per-user Looker licenses fee.

Looker Studio is a free data visualization tool for building reports and dashboards:

  • Focus: Data Visualization. Takes your prepared data and transforms it into informative dashboards and reports.
  • Users: Designed for a wider audience, including business users and marketers who want to create impactful visualizations with minimal technical knowledge.
  • Capabilities: Builds stunning dashboards and connects to various data sources for easy collaboration.
  • Cost: Free tier available, with paid options for connecting to more data sources.

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Unlock a Сomprehensive Suite for Data Analytics and Visualization Cloudfresh, a Google Cloud Premier Partner, brings you the power of Google Looker, Google Looker Studio, and Looker Studio Pro, a perfect trio for transforming raw data into actionable insights. Get in touch

Looker Key Features

  • Robust Data Modeling: Build a strong foundation for analysis with LookML, a dedicated data modeling language.
  • Embedded Analytics: Not only create interactive dashboards but also embed them within websites and mobile applications.
  • Direct SQL Access: Pull and transform data directly from your SQL databases, eliminating the need for an extra ETL layer.
  • Granular Data Governance: Ensure data security and accuracy with user access controls and permission management.
  • Automated Looker Studio Management: Leverage the Looker Studio API (available to Google Workspace or Cloud Identity organizations) to automate the migration and management of your Looker Studio reports.

Looker Benefits

  • Uncover Insights: Looker’s robust capabilities unlock deeper trends and patterns in your data.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Make informed choices based on real-time, secure data accessible to everyone.
  • Improved Collaboration: Foster teamwork and shared understanding with centralized and trusted data.
  • Faster Time to Value: Get started quickly with LookML and pre-built features for efficient deployment.
  • Scalability & Cost Savings: Adapt Looker pricing to your needs, reduce development costs with embedded analytics.

Looker Studio

  • Easy & Fast Reporting: Drag-and-drop interface and pre-built templates let you create reports quickly, without coding.
  • Powerful Data Connections: Connect to a wide range of data sources, internal and external, for comprehensive reporting.
  • Seamless Collaboration: Share and collaborate on reports with your team, ensuring everyone has access to the latest insights.
  • Enhanced Data Visualization: Transform complex data into clear and compelling visuals for effective communication.
  • Accessibility & Affordability: Embed reports anywhere and enjoy a free tier with paid options for advanced needs, making data visualization accessible.

Looker Studio Pro

  • Enterprise Control: Secure reports and data sources for your organization, independent of individual users. Link to Google Cloud projects for long-term access and granular IAM permissions.
  • Scalable Collaboration: Manage access and share content within your Workspaces at any scale with automatic access and permissions for your teams.
  • Automated Delivery: Schedule reports for automatic delivery to recipients or Google Chat. Set alerts based on predefined data criteria in charts.
  • Personalized Exploration: Share personal report links that grant access to a copy of your report. Users can explore and edit their copy without affecting the original.
  • Mobile Access: View reports and data on the go with the dedicated Looker Studio mobile app.
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