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Looker supports multiple data sources and deployment methods, providing more options without compromising on transparency, security, or privacy.

Find true power in your data

As a part of Google Cloud Platform, Looker can drive you to better outcomes through smarter data-driven experiences.

Сonnecting to different Databases with Looker, such as BigQuery to Redshift, you can avoid database lock-in and maintain multi-cloud data environments.

Let your data do the talking

Reveal the true power of your data and bring clarity to every situation. Looker & Google Cloud’s data analytics platform provides more options to help you deliver more through the use of strong, fresh insights.

Modern BI & analytics

Serve up real-time dashboards for more in-depth, consistent analysis. Access to trustworthy data enables teams to collect fresh results for more precise reporting.

Integrated insights

Enhance the tools you’re already using by infusing new, relevant data. Unify and empower your teams to make more effective, data-informed decisions.

Data-driven workflows

Invigorate your workflows with fresh, reliable data. Looker gives teams unified access to the answers they need to drive successful outcomes.

Custom applications

Create custom apps that deliver data experiences as unique as your business. Looker's embedded analytics solutions, from retail to healthcare, give your customers the data they need to get the job done.

Multicloud and the power of choice

Looker supports multiple data sources and deployment methods, providing more options without compromising on transparency, security, or privacy.

Choose your database

Looker connects with Redshift, Snowflake, BigQuery, and 50+ supported SQL dialects, so you can link to multiple databases, avoid database lock-in, and maintain multicloud data environments.

Choose your cloud

We know the value of having freedom in your technology stack. Looker supports hosting on Public Clouds like AWS and GCP, and in multicloud and hybrid environments.

Choose your workflow

Give your teams the tools they need to succeed. With Looker Blocks, embedded visualizations, and more, Looker helps everyone to help themselves with analytics and insights that drive results.

Secure, governed single source of truth for all

One platform

Data experiences to meet every department’s needs. Give everyone a unified view of what is happening.


Quick time-to-value

Get running in just a few days using pre-built blocks to speed up custom work.


Smarter operating

Engaging data visualizations pushed into your workflow at exactly the moment you need them.


The Total Economic Impact™ of Looker by Forrester Consulting

Forrester Consulting conducted a survey with the help of Google by interviewing six Looker customers to find out how their potential return on investment (ROI) may change by integrating Looker.

After switching to Looker, customers report:

  • Reduced reliance on BI teams for analytics by 99%
  • Increased average sale value by 26% and reduced churn by 7%
  • Boosted productivity, decision-making, innovation, and more.


Сompanies that choose Looker to boost their data work

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