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Zendesk For Government

Zendesk for Government aims to provide more efficient services and information delivery to the public by integrating easy-to-use custom-fit software solutions.

Zendesk For Government

Zendesk for Government aims to provide more efficient services and information delivery to the public by integrating easy-to-use custom-fit software solutions. Such an approach is a perfect tool for a government to respond effectively to the public’s needs by offering more secure, productive, and well-managed services.

Security summary and features

Zendesk’s enterprise-class security features and comprehensive audits of its applications and networks ensure the protectiveness of the data. Zendesk software is authorized by The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP), which means the security assessment, authorization, and regular monitoring of Zendesk cloud products and services and their correspondence to the baseline of security standards.

Integration with existing services

Zendesk proposes a centralized solution that enhances the current system and creates efficiencies within your existing frameworks while also permitting internal and external communications integration.

  • Expand the support channels. With Zendesk Suite, all the channels are unified via the Agent Workspace and easily managed.
  • Consolidate the tools. All your priorities tools are set in one place, from real-time analytics and integrations to team collaboration functionality.
  • Elevate the Suite. Zendesk Suite constantly offers the best add-ons, so you can continually improve the level of your service experience.


Improved Reporting

Good analytics and reporting from Zendesk make the volume of requests and turnaround time visible. Zendesk’s reporting solution integrates data from every channel, which gives a deeper understanding of users and their interactions. Various functions and tools lead to improving constituent experiences that make governments trusted and reliable.

  1. Comparison of real-life and historical data helps to understand tendencies and take action.
  2. Pre-built dashboards serve for better analysis of the services.
  3. Customizable dashboards and chats propose to make all metrics, filters and chats the most suitable for you.
  4. Sharing reports and collaboration guarantees the most significant interaction between teams and users of services.

Remotely manage your staff with ease

Having support teams working remotely from various locations may be challenging. Zendesk allows your teams to stay productive and connected to complete the work effectively and process all requests on time. With Zendesk for creation, sharing your information becomes easier.

  1. Organized and prioritized employee requests. Such an approach helps teams to focus on big picture tasks.
  2. Friendly approach to internal service. With Zendesk, you can automate some requests, create a knowledge center for employees, and regularly maintain your employee support system to save time for HR and IT teams.

Cost-Effective Solution

You can use Zendesk Suite as an all-in-one solution for the needs of government services. The Suite is available in four packages that support every budget and stage of growth. These packages differ by several integrated help centers, AI-powered automated answers, and self-service user portals. The Zendesk Suite packages are also divided by the support team’s development phase to give the users the best experience according to agencies’ readiness.

  • Suite Team: best suited for teams getting started in user experience.
  • Suite Growth: best suited for teams experiencing rapid growth.
  • Suite Professional: best suited for teams looking to streamline operations.
  • Suite Enterprise: best suited for teams with very high service volumes.

Scalable Solution for any size of Government agency

Zendesk perfectly scales to the needs of your organization. Adding more users is easy, so you are ready to grow your support teams when it is needed.


Ticketing System for Government
Live Chat and Messaging for Government
Zendesk Help Center for Government
Reporting and Analytics for Government
Voice for Government

Zendesk Ticketing System (Zendesk Support) is a service software that sets your teams up for the best interactions and offers omnichannel, customizable, scalable user service software. This core user support makes it easy to track, prioritize and solve support tickets. Above all, it gives you a complete picture of each user, so you can offer the proper support using one powerful Zendesk Suite package.

Key Features & Benefits


  •   Provide support anywhere

Stay connected over different channels: messaging, live chat, social, email, or voice, so users can always reach you through the ​​channels the most convenient for them.

  • Reduce resolution time and lower costs

With a built-in help center and community forum, Zendesk empowers users to resolve their issues themselves, economize the costs, and the support team time. Moreover, an automated ticketing system provides quick answers to most support queries that permit agents to handle more challenging issues that the robots can’t.

  • Boost efficiency

Use automation, AI-powered bots, workflows, and collaboration tools to provide the best user experience.

  • Real-time analytics and reporting

Analyze, monitor, and act based on what your users need 24/7.

  • Agile with your systems

Stay agile with a powerful and flexible solution that can fit your agency’s needs at any growth stage.

  • Deliver user satisfaction

Every submission creates a ticket and enters a queue no matter what channel clients used, so users get a notification to confirm your support team received the request.

Zendesk Sunshine Platform for Government

Zendesk Sunshine Platform (Sunshine Conversation) is the foundation beneath Zendesk that helps agencies create the best customer experiences. You can quickly configure Sunshine to meet your service needs using apps, tools, and pre-built capabilities that fit your systems to build an innovative customer experience.

Sunshine lets your teams modify Zendesk to meet your unique business needs and uses open standards and common languages, so it’s easy to create a support platform convenient for the needs of your service.


Key Features & Benefits


Conversational tools

  • Unify messages from the users across different channels.
  • Create a chat experience, integrating your existing systems, bots, or third-party software.
  • Extend your functionality by creating custom interactive experiences inside the chat window of any messaging channel.
  • Link data to and from all your systems, maximizing your productivity.
  • Give individualized help right away with reducing operating costs on your support.


Apps and frameworks

  • Customize your interface using no-code configuration tools in the Admin Center
  • Take action by building apps with the Zendesk apps framework.
  • Integrate support natively into your mobile app, on your website, and make it easy for the users.

Automation and intelligence 

  • Enable intelligent self-service with bots and deploy them across every channel.
  • Provide instant resolutions with smart automation.


  • Using APIs, unify information across systems like order history, loyalty status, and web activity so that agents have a single view of everything you know about a user.
  • Create reports and draw insights from your data to build new workflows and streamline processes.


  • Sunshine Platform delivers the scale and security of the public cloud.
  • Your data is private and secured because enterprise-grade security is foundational to Zendesk.
  • Zendesk is compliant with industry-accepted general security and privacy frameworks.


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