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Telegramio for Zendesk

Telegramio is a secure and effective Zendesk Support integration that enables message & attachment exchange via Telegram.

Telegramio Integration for Zendesk Support allows secure exchange of messages & attachments via Telegram

Telegramio is a secure and easy Telegram extension for Zendesk Support that allows the exchange of messages & attachments (audio, video, images) with your clients, making the process of ticket management fast and effective.

Telegramio is a cloud-native integration, which enables fast and effective communication with your clients in a single window. The solution is fully scalable to meet your business demands.

Telegramio has a flexible billing model and will allow you to pay based on the number of tickets processed per month.


Install Telegramio from Zendesk Marketplace


The Benefits of Telegramio

Modern cloud-native integration

Flexible installation to serve your business security concerns

Easily scalable to your business demands

Seamless ticket communication as it is a chat (low latency of text messages)

Supports audio, video and image attachments

Security enabled (Encryption for the communication and all the security available in GCP for Cloud Function, Secret Manager, PubSub)

No client text messages stored (we send attachment data through PubSub and text caption is a part of the message)

Telegramio Pricing

We have developed an optimal price plan for you, which is more cost-effective than other integrations with Telegram. For only $6.99, you can process up to 1000 tickets per month received from the Telegram channel. If this amount of tickets is not enough for you, don't hesitate to contact us so we will create an individual plan that suits your needs.

Small Free 30-day trial, then $6.99 per month
  • Up to 1000 tickets
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Medium Free 30-day trial, then $9.99 per month
  • Up to 5000 tickets
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Large Free 30-day trial, then $19.99 per month
  • Up to 10000 tickets
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Create Telegram Bot

  1. Find @BotFather on Telegram
  2. Click Start Button
  3. Send /newbot command
  4. Enter name and username
  5. Remember bot token

If you already have a Telegram Bot, just use its token


Install Zendesk Application

  1. Open any Zendesk product. Click the Zendesk Products icon in the top bar, then select Admin Center
  2. Select Apps and integrations → Zendesk Support apps, click Marketplace
  3. In marketplace press on the search button and write “Telegramio” and click on the icon`
  4. Press on the install button and choose your Zendesk subdomain


Application setup

  1. Select Apps and integration → Channel apps → telegram application
  2. Select Accounts → click Add account
  3. In the opening form, fill in the values of all the fields. Telegram token value you got the value from point Create Telegram Bot
  4. Click Save button
  5. Wait for 2 notifications on the email. The first is about registration, the second is about account verification.

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