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Google Maps Platform for Financial Services

Elevate customer experience with geospatial data while reducing risk and increasing efficiency.

increase in click-through rate by using geospatial data

decrease in fraudulent transactions by using geospatial data to verify customers’ identities

increase in Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Locate branches and ATMs

Help customers find your branches and ATMs conveniently using Google Maps. Additionally, offer useful details such as branch services and operating hours, and incorporate 360-degree imagery to highlight ATMs that may be difficult to find.

Identify potential fraud

Help customers understand where and how they spend their money, and identify potential fraudulent transactions by adding the merchant name and date to transactions, and visualizing it on a Google map.

Display detailed transactions

Make it easier for customers to track their own purchases by providing comprehensive transaction details including the merchant’s full name, storefront photo, and location pinpointed on a map.

Improve sign-up

Autocomplete speeds up and improves sign-up processes by instantly suggesting nearby addresses, ensuring accuracy. Static maps then visually display the address for confirmation purposes.

Create local offers

Geo-targeted offers can drive deals, rewards, and cash-back programs, all enhanced with detailed Google Maps visualizations. By merging purchase histories and geospatial data insights, companies can create personalized offers and rewards programs that boost customer engagement.

Display transactions on a heatmap

Overlay transaction data from various sources onto a Google Map and customize it to aid decision-making and enhance operational efficiencies. Enable users to visualize their transactions on the map to gain insights into their spending patterns.

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