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Google Meet Hardware

Whether you need to equip a small huddle room or a large conference hall, Google Meet video conferencing equipment provides the perfect solution to connect and collaborate with your team, no matter the location.

Level up Your Video Conferencing with Google Meet Hardware

Cloudfresh, a trusted reseller of Google Meet video conferencing devices, brings you a range of customizable meeting room kits designed to elevate your video conferencing experience and overcome the barriers of a hybrid environment.

Why Choose Google Meet Hardware for Video Conferencing?

Effortless Meetings

Enjoy the intuitive interface of Google Meet, pre-configured on your hardware. Join meetings with a single touch, manage controls with voice commands (“Hey, Google”), and focus on the discussion, not the technology.

Crystal Clarity for Every Voice

Google Meet certified hardware boasts high-definition video and exceptional audio powered by Google AI. Background noise is eliminated with TrueVoice™ technology, while auto framing keeps everyone in focus for professional presentations.

Scalability for Any Room

We offer a variety of Google Meet conference room hardware designed for different meeting spaces. Equip huddle rooms with compact solutions, empower small teams with feature-rich kits, and customize large meeting rooms with expandable room kits.

Simplified Management & Maintenance

Kits are pre-configured for easy setup and come with automatic updates, ensuring smooth operation. Remote device monitoring allows IT teams to maintain control and troubleshoot any issues remotely.

Integration with Google Workspace

The Google Meet annual license lets you schedule meetings, manage hardware remotely, and access essential features while leveraging the Google Workspace apps in integration with your hardware kit.

Lenovo Series One Google Meet Hardware

Lenovo Series One Google Meet Hardware Kit engineered exclusively for Google Meet proposes three solutions: 

  1. Small Room Kit (Up to 6 People): Perfect for rooms around 200 square feet, this kit includes a Smart Audio Bar, Smart Camera, remote control, and Series One Meet compute system.
  2. Medium Room Kit (6 to 10 People): Ideal for rooms approximately 260 square feet, this kit expands on the small room setup by adding a microphone pod and touch controller for enhanced audio and control. It includes the Smart Camera, Smart Audio Bar, Series One Meet Compute system, mic pod, and touch controller.
  3. Large Room Kit (Up to 20 People): Designed for larger groups, this comprehensive kit features dual audio bars for room-filling stereo sound. It also includes an upgraded XL camera with a wider field of view, two microphone pods, and the touch controller and Series One Meet compute system.

ASUS Google Meet Hardware Kits

ASUS Google Meet hardware kits provide various configurations to cater to different meeting room sizes:

  • Small Rooms (Up to 8 People): Ideal for huddle rooms or small conference spaces, this meeting room solution features an ASUS Google Meet Compute System, UHD camera, speaker mic, and remote control.
  • Medium Rooms (Up to 8 People): Perfect for mid-sized conference rooms, this kit builds upon the small room setup by adding a touchscreen control panel for a more intuitive meeting experience.
  • Large Rooms (Up to 20 People): Designed for larger groups, this comprehensive kit includes everything from the previous options but with an upgraded, higher-definition camera boasting a wider field of view to ensure everyone in the room is seen clearly.

Logitech Solutions for Google Meet

Logitech caters to meeting rooms of various sizes with adaptable Logitech meeting room solutions. Here’s a breakdown of their approach:

  1. Small Rooms (MeetUp): Ideal for huddle rooms (up to 6 people) with a compact all-in-one camera and speakerphone.
  2. Medium Rooms (Rally): Designed for mid-size rooms (6 to 15 people) with a PTZ camera, speakerphone, and microphone pod for better audio pickup.
  3. Large Rooms (Rally Plus): Expands on medium rooms (15+ people) with dual speakers, additional microphone pods (up to 7 for 46 people), and a touch controller for easy management.
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Why Partner with Cloudfresh for Google Meet Meeting Room Kits?

Custom Meeting Solution

Our specialists assess your meeting space requirements and recommend the ideal Google Meet video conference equipment. We configure the system to perfectly integrate with your existing infrastructure.

Competitive Pricing & Added Value

Benefit from our expertise and partnerships to access Google Meet meeting room kits at competitive prices. We offer exclusive promotions and work with you to find the most cost-effective solution for your organization.

Swift Purchasing

Cloudfresh might offer a one-stop shop for purchasing Google Meet hardware and potentially Google Meet licenses, simplifying the procurement process for your organization.

Unwavering Support

Our commitment extends beyond simple procurement. Cloudfresh provides comprehensive technical support to ensure your meeting room kit continues to function flawlessly. We're here to answer your questions and address any issues that may arise.

Future-Proofed Solutions

We stay at the forefront of Google Meet Hardware advancements. Our specialists will recommend video conference hardware, scalable and adaptable to your evolving needs. This ensures your investment remains valuable for years to come.

Renewal Management

While buying a mandatory Google Meet Hardware license, our team is geared up to assist you with managing your licenses, reminding you of renewals, and simplifying the process.

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