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Use a complete solution that covers all stages of DevOps lifecycle and effectively collaborate with your teammates while working on code.

Cloudfresh is a certified GitLab Consulting, Support, and Implementation Partner. We are helping organizations get the most from GitLab by advising, managing, and implementing high-quality technical solutions. With our help, you can reduce development costs, increase developer productivity and take your work with code to a new level.

What is GitLab?

GitLab is The DevOps Platform that brings teams together in one application and empowers organizations to maximize the overall return on software development. With GitLab, you can deploy software to any cloud, secure ship code faster, and work with complete transparency, consistency and traceability across the DevOps lifecycle to gain business results.

GitLab Features

1. Accelerate DevOps transformation

Reach your digital transformation objectives faster with one platform for your entire organization that covers all stages of a DevOps lifecycle.


2. Deliver software faster

Automate your software delivery process to deliver value faster and quality code more often.


3. Ensure compliance

Simplify continuous software compliance by defining, enforcing, and reporting on compliance in one platform.


4. Build in security

Adopt DevSecOps practices with continuous software security assurance and compliance policies to get visibility and traceability across every stage.


5. Improve collaboration 

Give everyone one platform to collaborate and see everything from managing and planning to deploying and monitoring.



For every stage of the DevOps Lifecycle


Gain visibility and insights into how your business works at each stage.

GitLab helps teams manage and optimize their software delivery lifecycle with metrics and value stream insight to streamline and increase their delivery velocity.

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GitLab Pricing

Free Essential features of individual users 0 USD per user/month. No credit card required
  • 5GB storage
  • 10GB transfer per month
  • 400 CI/CD minutes per month
  • 5 users per namespace
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Premium Enhance team productivity and coordination 19 USD per user/month*. Billed annually at 228 USD
  • Everything from Free, plus:
  • Faster code reviews
  • Advanced CI/CD
  • Enterprise agile planning
  • Release controls
  • Self-managed reliability
  • 50GB storage
  • 100GB transfer per month
  • Support
  • * Price increase to $29 on April 3, 2023
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Ultimate Organization wide security, consulting, and planning 99 USD per user/month. Billed annually at 1188 USD
  • Everything from Premium, plus:
  • Advanced security testing
  • Vulnerability management
  • Compliance pipelines
  • Portfolio management
  • Value stream management
  • 250GB storage
  • 500GB transfer per month
  • 50,000 CI/CD minutes per month
  • Support
  • Free quest users
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Connect GitLab with the support of Cloudfresh

As a certified GitLab Partner we propose a full range of GitLab services and capabilities to help you get the most of your GitLab deployment.


We helped a big quantity of our clients’ companies from different industries and different sizes to accomplish their DevOps with the GitLab solution.


Our professionals deeply understand the functionality of GitLab and the various options that enable our clients with a high level of the service according to the company's needs optimally.

Payment by invoice in UAH, USD, EUR

We provide invoices and payments by bank transfer from the legal entity to another legal entity in Europe.

Legal documents

We provide all necessary legal and accounting documentation according to the legal requirements of the paying country.

Discounts and special conditions

We provide discounts for new and regular corporate customers for implementing and setting up GitLab.

Additional service and support from Cloudfresh

In addition to selling licenses, we implement and support GitLab, integrate it with other services, and conduct team training.


* GitLab Premium price - what is changing?

GitLab is raising the list price of GitLab Premium to $29 per user per month as of 2023-04-03. Since the last price change more than five years ago, GitLab has evolved from a source code, and continuous integration (CI) tool to a comprehensive DevSecOps platform supplied through 400+ features in GitLab Premium.

GitLab is providing transition pricing through 2024-04-02 for current GitLab Premium customers who can take advantage of a one-time transition offer of $24 per user per month for a one-year renewal of their GitLab Premium seats. It will help you adjust to the new price. These savings will be automatically applied to your membership during your subsequent renewal within the first year following 2023-04-03.

• Terms and Conditions: The terms and conditions listed at apply to this promotional offer. A customer's GitLab account should be active for them to be eligible for the offer.