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Okta's Identity and Access Management (IAM) is like a reliable guide in the fast-changing digital world. It goes beyond just security, providing solutions that make your organization's identity management easy, secure, and efficient.

Cloudfresh: Customizing Okta for Your Unique Needs

Our Okta Professional Services include:

  • Training and education.
  • Integration and implementation.
  • Best practices consulting, migration assistance, and managed service.
  • Cloud Directory migration.
  • Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) workshops.
  • Zero Trust advisory services.

When partnering with Cloudfresh, you’ll receive:

  • Ready Service in a Short Time: Cloudfresh delivers swift, result-driven solutions, providing fast responses across various channels.
  • Guided by the Best Practices: Clients in gaming, manufacturing, retail, e-commerce, healthcare, finance, insurance, and banking endorse our top-notch service.
  • Comprehensive Service Portfolio: Our team offers certified expertise in migration, analytics, change management, and more, ensuring top-quality service, cost savings, and efficiency.
  • Empowering Your Team's Expertise: We empower your teams with knowledge through audits, consultations, quarterly business reviews (QBRs), check-ins, and tailored training.
  • Flexible Payments: Experience flexible payments with diverse options, including currency choices like PLN, USD, EUR, UAH, CZK, and cryptocurrencies.

Experience the power of Okta tailored exclusively for your business with Cloudfresh!

At Cloudfresh, our specialized Okta consulting services make Okta work just for you.

Our team customizes it to fit your unique business needs, ensuring security and making your workflows super smooth for maximum productivity.

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Training and Education
Integration / Implementation
Additional Services
Zero Trust advisory services

  • Okta Lifecycle Management (LM) training: Equipping your team with the knowledge to implement and manage LM for seamless user onboarding, management, and offboarding.
  • Okta Workflows training: Education on utilizing Okta Workflows to automate ILM tasks, streamline processes, and enhance efficiency.
  • Okta Universal Directory (UD) training: Training on leveraging UD for centralized identity management, simplified user administration, and enhanced scalability.
  • Okta Identity Governance (OIG) training: Comprehensive Okta consulting and training on OIG to help effectively manage user identities, access privileges, and entitlements.

Professional Services Packages

Euros, €
US Dollars, $
Okta SSO 999$

  • Admins training (3 hours)
  • Advanced Customization training for admins (1 hour)
  • End users training (2 hours)
  • User-language documentation
  • Set up 3 SAML applications SSO + Lifecycle
  • Set up to 10 other protocols SSO
Okta WIC Lifecycle Set-up Package 1299$

  • Admins training (3 hours)
  • Advanced Automatization training for admins (1 hour)
  • Advanced Customization training for admins (1 hour)
  • End users training (2 hours)
  • User-language documentation
  • Set up 3 SAML applications SSO + Lifecycle
  • Set up to 10 other protocols SSO + Lifecycle

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