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As a Zendesk Premier Partner, Cloudfresh has solid expertise to help businesses effectively integrate world-class software solutions from Zendesk. With Zendesk Support you will provide your clients with unparalleled multichannel customer support, Zendesk Sell will make your sales process smooth and Sunshine Conversation will boost the customer experience of your clients.

Build the best customer experiences with Zendesk

Zendesk develops customer service and engagement products for businesses that want to give their customers the best. All Zendesk products are designed to facilitate communication, reduce friction, and improve the relationship between companies and their customers. Innovative, forward thinking companies embrace this philosophy, and they use Zendesk to create the best customer experience for their clients. Learn more.

We provide the following services to work with the platform:

01 Implementation We'll help you understand the process and answer all your questions.
02 Migration We develop our own tools for migration, if needed.
03 Deployment We'll help you get a smooth start with the product.
04 Audit and consulting We provide two types of training: for users and for administrators.
05 Development of integrations with other systems We'll help you adjust to other systems you use.

Integration Process

​​Our company provides an individual approach to each customer. That's why we go through several steps to find the most suitable solution for you before proceeding with the integration process.

Receiving requirements

We assign a separate agent to each client.

Research of the requirements

Together with the team, we review your needs and look for the best solution.

Preparation of the solution architecture

We will consult with you while creating the solution.

Development of the integration

We prepare for integration on a technical level.

Migration of data

Existing customer data is preserved during migration.

Testing the solution

We test the solution thoroughly before implementing it.

Study with Cloudfresh

We also offer audits and consultations, where along with the client we analyze their current processes and pains, set challenges and goals and define success criteria. As a result, the client has a ready solution and a proposal for business improvement.  We also offer two types of training separately for administrators and users. For more information about the training, contact the Cloudfrsh contact centre.