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Google Maps Platform

Create real world and real time experiences for your customers with dynamic maps, routes & places APIs from Google Maps Platform's location solutions.

Discover the features of the Google Maps API to grow your business

With 18 types of API and SDK you easily integrate the unbelievable GMP features in your website, mobile app or create related functional solutions for internal use. Implementation of the Google Maps Platform will allow you to interact with customers and attract new clients taking into account their geolocation. You will be able to set the precise location of the physical objects on the map; plot the exact route; optimize the internal business processes and make better business decisions.

Maps API

Static Maps API  Allows you to add the Google Maps picture on the web-page, without using JavaScript or dynamic page loading.    Maps SDK for iOS  Integrates the Google Maps in your IOS app, allowing you to add markers, polygons, polylines, ground and mosaic overlays to your maps.    Maps SDK for Android  Adds markers, polygons, polylines, ground and mosaic overlays to your maps in Android app. API automatically gives access to Google Maps server.    JavaScript API  Creates functional applications and astonishing visualization with your own content and pictures. Allows you to add 360-degrees panoramas to bring real context into your application.    Street View Static API  Allows you to build in static panorama or Street View miniature into the web-page without using JavaScript.    Maps Embed API  API Google Maps Embed allows you to set the interactive map or panorama from Street View on your website through the simple HTTP-request. API makes places easy to find by using interactive maps created for your users.    Maps URLs  Google Maps URL addresses allow you to create a universal cross-platform URL address for Google Maps implementation and search performing, getting the routes and navigation, as well as map and panoramic images display. URL syntax does not change, no matter which platform you are using.

Enhance your business with Google Maps services

Optimize the internal business processes

Optimize the routes of your assets with asset tracking and fleet management functions. Use unbelievable opportunities of global marketing to develop your business. Boost your work effectiveness and save your money with the help of Google Maps Platform.

Increase your customer service level

Help your clients to easily find you, get up-to-date information about working hours, find the nearest department, map better routes. Create visually deep and attractive interface, adding to easy interaction and increased conversion with Google Maps services.

Create great products

Combine the best features of GMP for creating the unique products with possibility of map customization, layer stacking, data visualization. The integration of Google Maps Platform will provide full access to the worldwide Google database of more than 100 million lists of companies and objects, street panoramas in 66 countries, 40 million miles of roads and much more.

Integrate the Google Maps to your website or application

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