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Google Maps Platform

See how real-world insights and location solutions can transform your business from end to end

Integrate the Google Maps Platform with Cloudfresh

As a certified Global Google Cloud Premier Partner, we can help you apply the power of the Google Maps Platform to solve current business challenges and develop new digital models using location-based services.

Benefits of Implementing Google Maps Platform with a Partner:

  • Google Maps Platform-based development services: We provide tailor-made solutions that seamlessly align with your specific business goals.
  • Training: We teach your technical teams how get the maximum out of the Google Maps Product.
  • Consultations and API integration: We make integrating Google Maps APIs straightforward, providing the guidance needed to maximize efficiency and user experience.
  • Technical support: Benefit from continuous technical support and updates, keeping your Google Maps integration is up to date with the latest features.
  • Proof of Concept (PoC): We offer a personalized strategy session to explore your business model and determine how Google Maps can improve your operations and customer satisfaction.

By cooperating with Cloudfresh, you will receive:

  • Access to a seven-level discount system;
  • Payment by invoice in EUR, USD, CKZ, PLN, UAH, or any other currency, including cryptocurrency.
  • Personalized multilingual communication: Our team speaks English, Ukrainian, Czech and Polish.
  • Professional support throughout the journey with a solution.
  • Streamlined solution procurement: As a Google Maps partner, we provide a full range of professional services, so all your business needs are met conveniently from a single source.
Special Offer: Google Maps Free Strategy Session Tailored For Your Business Claim a personalized strategy session to explore your business model and determine how Google Maps can improve your operations and customer satisfaction. Claim this offer

Discover industry solutions that improve financial outcomes, customer experiences, and operational efficiency

Retail solutions

Increase customer loyalty by making the purchase process more convenient

Logistics solutions

Monitor the real-time location of transportation and delivery routes

Financial Services solutions

Make finance more helpful, secure, and efficient

Real Estate solutions

Streamline the experience of searching for a home
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Explore the necessary tools you need to broaden your maps and location-based experiences



Create personalized and flexible experiences for your users by using Static and Dynamic maps, Street View pictures, and 360-degree views.

Featured APIs and SDKs:

Elevation API

Simplify location data search for users to find Earth's elevations effortlessly.

Maps Embed API

Integrate an interactive Google map or Street View to your website with a simple HTTP request for user-friendly exploration of various places.

Static Maps API

Add Google Maps pictures to your webpage without needing JavaScript or to load the page dynamically.

Static Street View API

Embeds a static panorama or Street View thumbnail into a web page without using JavaScript.

Street View Tiles API

Use images taken from street level and tile metadata to create powerful, immersive experiences.

Dynamic Street View (Android, iOS, JS)

Embed real-world imagery with 360° panoramas.

Dynamic Maps (Android, iOS, JS)

Customize and style interactive maps using Cloud-based maps styling for real-time updates across all devices and platforms.

Aerial View API

Delight your users with pre-rendered, 3D cinematic video of points of interest and their surroundings.

Maps Datasets API

Upload, store, and manage your geospatial data to the Google Cloud console to use with Google Maps Platform APIs.

Photorealistic 3D Tiles

Build immersive 3D mapping experiences with our highly-customizable development platform.

2D Map Tiles API

Design interfaces and interactions unique to your brand and design requirements, and customize your visualizations.



Help users in finding the best route from A to Z by providing them with thorough data and real-time traffic updates. It's a simple way to make their journey more efficient and hassle-free.

Featured APIs:

Directions (API, JS)

Offer transportation routes for walking, driving, cycling, or public transit between multiple locations.

Distance Matrix (API, JS)

Estimate travel time and distance for multiple stops.

Roads API

Track the vehicle's route.

Compute Routes Matrix API

Calculate travel times and distances for multiple destinations for up to 625 route elements.

Compute Routes API

Provide directions with real-time traffic for transit, biking, driving, 2-wheel motorized vehicles, or walking between multiple locations.



Help users explore the world by providing them with information on over 200 million interesting places. They can look up specific locations by searching for phone numbers, addresses, and other details.

Featured APIs, Android and iOS SDKs:

Autocomplete (API, Android, iOS, JS)

Help users quickly find exactly the place they’re looking for.

Geocoding (API, JS)

Converts addresses to exact geographical coordinates.

Geolocation API

Interprets data from cellular towers and Wi-Fi nodes to pinpoint locations. Primarily relevant for devices without GPS.

Place Details (API, Android, iOS)

Add details of millions of places to your website or app.

Place Photos (API, Android, iOS)

Access millions of location-related photos stored in the Google Places database.

Address Validation API

Validate an address and its components, standardize the address for mailing, and determine the best known geocode for it.

Current Place (Android, iOS, JS)

Discover the place at the device’s currently-reported location, like a local business, point of interest, or geographic location.

Nearby Search (API, JS)

Search for places within a specified area with the option to refine by place type.

Place Details (Android, iOS, API)

Add rich details for millions of places to your website or app.

Text Search (API, JS)

Provide information about a set of places based on a single search query and any specified location.



Get the latest data on the environment in a given location. Then use this data for everything from keeping allergy sufferers healthy to designing optimized solar panel array designs.

Featured APIs:

Air Quality API

Access air quality data and insights.

Pollen API

Access pollen levels across different areas.

Solar API

Access advanced solar data and rooftop imagery.

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