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Innovative and cloud-based touch screen allowing to create, plan and implement business ideas by all team members wherever they are located.

Generate ideas in a brand-new way!

Google is winding down Jamboard and replacing it with Avocor. The Cloudfresh team can help you choose the suitable Avocor device for your needs, deploy it in your environment, and provide training and support. We can also help you migrate your existing Jamboard data to Avocor.

Avocor’s new line of digital whiteboarding devices offers the same great collaboration features as Jamboard but with a more modern and user-friendly design.

If you’re looking for a replacement for Jamboard or want to learn more about Avocor, please get in touch with the Cloudfresh team today. We’re here to help you get the most out of your collaboration technology.

Smart board integrated with Google Cloud Platform is ideal to simplify teamwork. Jamboard is the innovative and cloud-based touch screen allowing to create, plan and implement business ideas by all team members wherever they are located. Along with Google Workspace, Jamboard makes meetings and brainstorming more productive. Visualize your ideas by sharing the board, add images, create notes, and take materials from the internet or Google Drive. Cooperate with your team members from any location or device in real time mode.

Work with pleasure

Unlimited features and capabilities

The 55-inch display provides plenty of space for sketches, spreadsheets, charts and presentations that you can modify in real time mode. Welcome free Jamboard application available for iOS and Android that allows each team member to join your Jam session. 

Make teamwork more creative

User-friendly interface 

Jamboard is easy-to-use. Draw with a stylus and remove the unnecessary items with your finger as on an ordinary board. Simplify your work and visualize your results with Jamboard’s built-in handwriting and shapes recognition features. 

Keep and share ideas quickly 

Jam session automatically saves to Google Drive and sent to all members by email. Wish to continue from the point you stopped at? Just go back to Jamy and continue to create. 

Integration with Google Workspace 

Add files from Google Drive to Jam to provide maximum information to your sessions. Integration with Google Workspace allows you to use Google Docs, Sheets or Slides, as well as any PDF files or images. 

Real-time cooperation from anywhere in the world 

It doesn’t matter whether you are at home, at the office or in a taxi, cooperate with your team online using one of the available options. 

Interact with several Jamboards 

Interact directly on Jamboard from various offices and even continents. 

Connect to Jamy from your phone or tablet 

Download Google Jamboard application to your Android or iOS device for teamwork on projects in real time. 

Integration with Google Meet 

You can Jamboard straight in Google Meet videoconference and vise versa – create or join Google Meet straight from a Jamboard 

Complete Jam-session in your web browser 

Open the Jamboard application in your browser and take part in brainstorming in real time.

Specifications of Jamboard

4K UHD-display 

Adjust the angle of the display Display size: 55″ Scanning frequency: 120 Hz Refresh rate: 60 Hz 16 simultaneous touch points


Loudspeakers Built-in microphones Audio output: SPDIF Google Cast


Built-in wide-angle camera Google Meet ready to use

External ports and connections 

External ports:HDMI 2.0, USB C, 2 X USB 3.0 Internet:WIFI 802.11ac 2×2, NFC, 1 Gigabit Ethernet

Create, collaborate and bring your team’s ideas to life

Designed for creativity

An overwhelming 55-inch Jamboard display with a 4K extension is a creativity hub of your workforce. Want to move the device around your office? It's easy with a portable stand and a single connection cable. No more worries about lack of ink or recharging the batteries — use a stylus and an eraser, with no batteries or pairing needed.

Unlimited cooperation

Collaborate with projects and ideas wherever your office or team are located. Join your Jam-session via Jamboard application and link it with unlimited number of mobile devices.

Solutions of the future

Jamboard's software updates every 4-6 weeks. So it's functionality and capabilities constantly improves. Regular updates transform it into a device you will use for years at full power.

Google Meet Hardware License

Google Meet hardware allows teams of your organization to conduct meetings and collaborate from every location.

An annual license is required for every Google Meet Hardware device you use.

You may renew and prolong your licenses with Cloudfresh, the official Google Cloud Hardware reseller to continue using the Meet service.

You may learn more and order a license on the Google Meet Hardware License page.