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Сloud Migration Consulting

Moving your IT infrastructure to the cloud can feel overwhelming. Let Cloudfresh be your trusted cloud partner and turn your strategy into an actionable advantage, whether you’re coming from on-premises infrastructure or another cloud provider.

Migrating to the Cloud with Confidence

When initially designing a customized migration plan and later overseeing each stage of its execution, our cloud migration consultancy's actions are always aligned with your business goals and agreed-upon terms.

Why Migrate to the Cloud with Cloudfresh

Cloud migration strategy consulting

Сooperate with our cloud migration consultants to assess your current IT environment, understand your business goals, and determine the best approach for migrating your assets (i.e., applications, databases, and services) to the cloud.

Ensure smooth transition

Benefit from a comprehensive suite of services encompassing Proof of Concept, assessment, planning, migration, and optimization.

Minimize the downtimemigrati

Get a thorough plan of the migration to reduce downtime and disruption to your business.

Enable integration with existing infrastructure

Rest assured knowing that chosen cloud infrastructure components complement your systems and cause no issues.

Cloud migration support on each step

Apart from migration, we offer ongoing optimization services, including monitoring your cloud environment, identifying cost-saving opportunities, and ensuring peak performance.

Challenges Our Customers Solve with Us

Enhanced Agility

Adapt the IT resources for increased or decreased consumption to meet evolving business needs.

Costs Optimization

Eliminate the burden of maintaining on-premises infrastructure and enjoy flexible, pay-as-you-go pricing models.

Improved Security

Leverage enterprise-grade cloud security features to safeguard your data and applications against the latest threats.

Limited On-Premises Capacity

Overcome the limitations of physical hardware by leveraging the virtually limitless scalability of the cloud.

Streamlined Operations

Facilitate IT management and free up resources for strategic initiatives.

Compliance Challenges

Simplify compliance with data security regulations by leveraging the cloud provider’s built-in, time-tested features and cross-industry expertise.

Cloudfresh Migration Process Step-By-Step

By following this comprehensive process, our cloud migration experts empower a successful journey for your business, reducing risks, optimizing costs, and maximizing your return on investment in the cloud.


Proof of Concept (POC)

Before embarking on a full-scale migration, we conduct a Proof of Concept (POC). This pilot project allows you to test the migration process on a representative sample of your IT assets, such as an application or database. This helps identify potential challenges, refine your migration strategy, and build confidence in the overall process.


Assessment & Planning

Our cloud migration specialists carefully analyze your current IT environment, including applications, databases, infrastructure, and dependencies. We gather detailed information to understand your specific needs and business goals. Based on the assessment, we develop a tailored migration roadmap.


Migration & Deployment

By utilizing automated tools to minimize manual effort and human error, our team ensures secure migration of your data and applications to the cloud, including application containerization, database migration, and workload optimization. As your cloud migration consultant, we prioritize the continuity of your business operations.


Optimization & Support

As part of our cloud migration consulting services, we optimize your cloud environment for peak performance, including resource allocation, configuration tuning, and cost-saving strategies. After initial transition, we provide ongoing monitoring, management, and technical support to ensure you make the most of the cloud.

Our team’s expertises and certifications

Moving from On-Premises to Cloud or Already Using Other Cloud Services? Let our experts at Cloudfresh, a trusted cloud migration company, guide you through the entire process, from infrastructure assessment to application migration and ongoing optimization while maintaining your existing infrastructure. Get in touch with Cloudfresh
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Cloud Migration Professional Services Packages

Achieve more by containerizing your applications, implementing CI/CD workflows, ensuring data protection with Backup and DR service, enhancing your database management, and building and managing ETL pipelines. Our cloud migration helps to streamline this process, minimizing disruptions and ensuring a smooth transition to the cloud.

IT infrastructure assessment, solution architecture

Our IT infrastructure assessment optimizes costs by measuring your actual compute loads, ensuring you pay only for what you use. We identify application interdependencies, determine the best technology scope, and guide you through planning for a smooth migration, maximizing benefits in the new environment.

Migration of VMWare IT infrastructure to Google Cloud

Our VMWare migration service ensures a seamless transition to the Cloud. With background data streaming, pre-production workload checks, and automated application switchover, experience minimal downtimes. No matter the scale, we'll migrate your thousands of VMs and TeraBytes of data within months.

Application Containerization

Our Application Modernization service will help you containerize your applications with less effort than you could even imagine with the help of our GCP consultants. We will make your legacy infrastructure as modern, flexible, reliable, and manageable as ever while your IT personnel will discover much time for functional digital innovations.

Google Cloud CI/CD

Our Google Cloud CI/CD Professional Service provides organizations with a comprehensive and tailored approach to implementing and optimizing CI/CD workflows on the Google Cloud platform. With expert guidance, businesses accelerate software development and foster continuous innovation on the Google Cloud platform.

Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

Our Cloud Backup and DR service ensures data protection, continuity, and quick recovery. We will back up your data to offsite cloud storage while our scalable, cost-effective solution eliminates infrastructure expenses. Comprehensive DR planning and reliable backups ensure uninterrupted operations during unforeseen events.

Google Kubernetes Engine

We provide Google Cloud professional services for GKE deployment and management. Leveraging Google's infrastructure, we simplify container orchestration, guiding organizations through the entire lifecycle of deploying and managing Kubernetes clusters on Google Cloud, tailored to their needs.

GKE Enterprise (Anthos)

Our GKE Enterprise (Anthos) Professional Services streamline implementation, optimization, and management for seamless modernization and enhanced security. Ideal for those pursuing application modernization or GKE Enterprise adoption, we assess, deploy, secure, and manage GKE Enterprise clusters across diverse environments and monitor and provide comprehensive training/documentation.

Postgres Migration to CloudSQL

Comprehensive Postgres to CloudSQL migration service: in-depth infrastructure analysis, seamless execution, cost-efficiency optimization, ongoing support. We assess, ensure smooth migration, optimize, and provide continuous support for robust CloudSQL meeting enterprise standards.

ETL Pipeline Building

This service is focused on crafting bespoke strategies, building scalable pipelines using GCP's Dataflow, Dataproc, Pub/Sub for real-time processing, ensuring strict data quality/compliance, ongoing performance optimization for efficient, reliable data processing tailored to your business needs.

MySQL Migration to CloudSQL

Our MySQL to CloudSQL migration service ensures detailed planning for large databases, secure transfers using Google's tools, CloudSQL optimization for efficiency, scalability, and post-migration support. We ensure seamless transition, cost-effective resource use, ongoing operational support.

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