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Google Maps Platform for Logistics

Transform trips and dynamically track your fleets, assets, and devices using the power of geospatial data


routes delivered daily


kilometers of roads mapped


geocodes delivered monthly

Deliver fast, reliable routes

Customize routes according to your preferences for time efficiency, distance, and cost-effectiveness. Ensure accurate Estimated Time of Arrivals (ETAs) by leveraging motorbike-specific routes and preferences for sides of roads. With Routes Preferred, optimize your logistical operations with precision and flexibility, delivering enhanced efficiency and customer satisfaction across every journey.

Help drivers navigate, right in your app

Deliver a smooth driver experience through In-app Navigation, integrating controls, essential ride tasks, and alerts directly within your app for easy access. Support your drivers with intuitive Google Maps features like turn-by-turn directions, lane-level guidance, speed limits, motorbike routes, and additional functionalities. Gain valuable route insights to optimize both pickups and drop-offs, maximizing efficiency for rides and deliveries. Customize the interface to reflect your brand’s unique identity seamlessly.

Optimize driver allocation

Utilize Nearby Drivers to match the ideal driver for each job, boosting fleet efficiency by considering factors like driving ETA, a customized ranking model, and real-time traffic updates. Offer customers the ability to request specific vehicles based on attributes such as available seats or car type, enhancing their options and satisfaction.

Keep customers informed with live progress

Keep customers informed throughout their journey from pickup to drop-off or delivery with Trip & Order Progress. Display real-time updates on route progress, estimated time of arrival (ETA), and current traffic conditions. This ensures customers are always aware of their driver’s location, the arrival time of their food, or their expected destination arrival time. By providing this transparency, you can increase customer satisfaction and reduce the likelihood of cancellations. Leverage Google’s expertise to build, expand, and manage this service, minimizing development costs while ensuring reliable performance and scalability.

Track and visualize your connected assets with detailed geospatial data

Whether your assets are located indoors, in remote regions, or spread across numerous cities globally, you can effectively track them. Enable comprehensive location monitoring for your critical assets. Streamline shipping operations by monitoring shipments from their inception on the assembly line to their ultimate delivery destination. Additionally, enhance user understanding of asset locations and environments by integrating geolocation capabilities into devices without requiring GPS or specialized hardware.

Create efficient routes for even the most complex fleet itineraries

Develop multi-point itineraries using current data on distances between locations and estimated travel times. Utilize suggested routes that consider both predictive and real-time traffic conditions. Select location mapping tools that align with your specific requirements. By optimizing routes, you can efficiently guide drivers away from traffic congestion, maximize fleet utilization, schedule maintenance for inactive trucks, and minimize instances of late deliveries.

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"We always design extremely reliable products of high quality. The use of Google solutions contributes to the great quality and maps stable workflow and geolocation determination. For us, as a logistic service, these are the basic essentials. Cloudfresh empowers us to spend our resources aimed at map usage in the most optimal way."

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