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Zero-touch enrollment for Chrome OS

Equip your IT departments with instantly usable Chrome OS devices, saving time and ensuring top-notch security through Cloudfresh's Zero-Touch Enrollment service.

Zero-touch enrollment for Chrome OS devices from Cloudfresh

As a certified Global Google Cloud Premier Partner, we are providing expert assistance with enrollment to ensure that as soon as your devices powers up and connects online, it seamlessly joins your domain.

What is ChromeOS Zero-touch enrollment ?

  • Google Zero-Touch Enrollment (Google ZTE) presents a streamlined alternative to the manual process of enrolling devices.
  • Through collaboration with Cloudfresh, who are your trusted pre-provisioning partners, instructions are relayed to Google for the automatic enrollment of ChromeOS devices into your domain.
  • Once the mass enroll Chromebooks is done, the devices are powered and connected to the Internet, Zero-Touch Enrollment seamlessly integrates them into the Google Admin console, simplifying and automating the enrollment process.

How to enable your Chromebook enrollment?

  • The Chromebooks you're buying must support Zero-Touch Enrollment.
  • The pre-provisioning partner should provide the Zero-Touch Enrollment service, and we're pleased to offer that at Cloudfresh.
  • Generate pre-provisioning token and customer ID generated from the Google Admin console.
  • To use the Zero-Touch Enrollment Chromebook, you'll need Google Workspace editions that support it, such as Google Workspace for Education Plus (formerly G Suite Enterprise for Education) and Google Workspace Enterprise Plus (formerly G Suite Enterprise).

Zero-Touch Enrollment: How it should be done

  1. Compatible Chrome OS Device: Get a Chrome OS device supporting zero-touch enrollment and request pre-provisioning from our team.
  2. Pre-provisioning token generation: Your IT admins create a token in Google Admin Console and share it with us.
  3. Device Registration: We register the device with Google, placing it in a pre-provisioned state, which your IT admins can verify in the Google Admin Console.

Few more steps after receiving the device

  1. User Power On and Connection: The user powers on the device, connecting it to the Internet. The device checks in with Google to initiate zero-touch enrollment.
  2. Confirming Device Identity: Utilizing the Titan C security chip, Google confirms the device’s identity, enhancing security against potential spoofing attacks.
  3. User Login: Once the device’s identity is confirmed, it automatically enrolls in the customer’s domain, applies policies, and allows the user to log in seamlessly. 
Easily streamline Chrome OS device enrollment with Cloudfresh's Zero-touch Enrollment service. We'll handle everything, guiding you through the entire process effortlessly. Get in touch with Cloudfresh

Simplify the Enrollment of Your Devices

Ready out-of-the-box

When the end user gets the device, simply power it on, connect online, log in, and you're set to start using it.

Efficient Time Use

Zero-touch enrollment means Chrome OS devices automatically enroll upon reaching end users' hands. No manual enrollment needed from IT departments or end users.

Enhanced Security

Hardware-backed attestation ensures each device's identity is secure, preventing spoofing attempts by attackers."

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