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We are Asana Solutions Partner ready to implement Asana platform for the needs of your business. Asana helps in-house and remote teams manage projects, effectively cooperate and build robust workflows. The platform is highly scalable and supports integrations with various software - ensuring smooth operation and minimal costs.

Increase efficiency with Asana

Asana helps teams in organizing their workflow, from little projects to strategic initiatives. Having their headquarters located in San Francisco, California, Asana counts 90 000+ paid organizations and millions of free organizations in 192 countries. Global clients, such as Google, Uber, Deloitte, Vodafone, Spotify, PayPal & Avon rely on Asana when it comes to managing everything from company’s goals to digital transformation, projects’ launch and marketing campaigns.

Asana equips you with everything necessary for synchronization, meeting deadlines & achieving goals. ​​

Asana is one of the best work management solutions. Management of tasks, projects, processes, portfolios, company goals, advanced analytics, and workflow automation. It is only part of the whole list of Asan’s functionality that helps companies become faster and more efficient in their work.

But usually, buying the right tool is only part of the story. Another essential factor is correctly and maximally using its functionality and involving employees in working with a new tool.

Our team of experienced consultants specializes in implementing Asana for all types and sizes of businesses. Training, consultations, process and project design, team adaptation, integration development – tailored professional services we provide for you.

Asana Professional Services Packages

For fast and efficient interaction, we have developed service packages for you based on frequent customer requests:

Fresh Start 499 USD
  • Training Session "How to use Asana"
  • Q&A Session
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Fresh Pro 1399 USD
  • Discovery Session
  • 1st Design Session (for a team or process)
  • 2nd Design Session (for a team or process)
  • 3rd Design Session (for a team or process)
  • Training Session "How to use Asana"
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Ultra Fresh 1999 USD
  • Discovery Session
  • 1st Design Session (for a team or process)
  • 2nd Design Session (for a team or process)
  • 3rd Design Session (for a team or process)
  • 4th Design Session (for a team or process)
  • 5th Design Session (for a team or process)
  • 6th Design Session (for a team or process)
  • Training Session "How to use Asana"
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Service Description

Training Session
Design Session
Discovery Session

During this session, we will discuss:

  • Data hierarchy in Asana: Organization, Teams, Projects, Tasks;
  • Personal workspace: Home, My Tasks, Inbox, Messages, My Settings;
  • Teams: features, settings, members;
  • Projects: features, customization, member roles, templates;
  • Tasks: Functions, fields, roles, templates;
  • Analytics: Dashboards, Reporting, Advanced Search;
  • Examples of Asana integration with other software which could be suitable for you;
  • Overview of Business plan features: Portfolios, Goals, Workflow Builder (optional);
  • Q&A session

Benefits of cooperation with Cloudfresh

Our company provides an individual approach to each customer. That's why we go through several steps to find the most suitable solution for you before proceeding with the integration process.

Ready service in a short time

We will help you implement a solution that will bring results. We do all the hard work so you can reduce your deployment time and payback time.

Best implementation practices

Our partnership goes beyond software. We have clients who testify to our professionalism and use our training and experience to provide you with the highest quality service.

Expertise of your team

We provide training opportunities for your teams, so you are equipped with product knowledge to run smoothly. We offer a wide range of services: from auditing and consulting to training your employees according to your needs.

First-class support

We provide individual help and guidance for your changing business needs and dynamic technical environment.


We will help you in your language. Our team speaks English, Ukrainian, Czech, Slovak, and Russian.

Complexity of services

With us, you will receive a full range of services designed for you and meet your requirements.


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