Clients cases – Case Study: ROUVY

Case Study: ROUVY

"We appreciate the tailored solution Cloudfresh provided based on our processes and goals. Their friendly approach and consistent support made the transition smooth. The best practices they shared and the examples from their own setup were truly inspiring. We highly recommend Cloudfresh for their professional guidance and collaborative spirit."

Jitka Pancová Product Marketing Manager, ROUVY

How ROUVY Utilizes Asana as a Company-Wide Work Management Tool


About the Company


ROUVY is the leading indoor cycling app that provides users with a realistic and immersive video experience, allowing them to ride real routes worldwide. With over 1300 routes, ROUVY enables cyclists to train, have fun, and explore the globe from the comfort of their homes. With a team of 100 employees spread across various departments, ROUVY constantly seeks innovative solutions to streamline its operations and enhance productivity.




As ROUVY grew, the need for a cohesive project management tool became evident. Their primary goal was to transition from using Asana solely within the marketing team to a company-wide tool for project management. Different teams within the company have been using Asana, but usage has varied significantly across departments. Some teams, such as the Growth team, are composed of individuals with diverse skill sets, which also became a challenge when choosing one tool for everyone. Additionally, ROUVY needed to manage cross-functional projects and had another project management tool, JIRA, already in place. To achieve this, they needed to set up some ground rules on how to use Asana effectively, inspire other teams with examples of great usage and establish Asana as a company-wide tool.




ROUVY’s journey to company-wide Asana adoption began with mapping their processes and identifying key pain points. It was crucial to understand the different types of projects and their unique purposes and structures. The next step involved designing projects in Asana to meet these specific needs. Clearly defining the roles of Asana and JIRA was also essential to ensure each tool had a distinct place and function within the organization.

The comprehensive solution included:

  1. Mapping processes and identifying pain points.
  2. Designing tailored projects in Asana, characterized by their distinct purposes and structures.
  3. Defining the specific roles and functions of Asana and JIRA within the company.
  4. Establishing ownership of each project to ensure accountability.
  5. Creating custom tags, forms, templates, and other features to enhance efficiency and workflow.
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After three months of diligent implementation and testing, ROUVY successfully set up Asana for their team. This setup was tailored to their specific processes and goals, ensuring the tool met their unique needs. The transition to Asana facilitated better collaboration and enhanced productivity across Marketing, Product, HR and Finance departments. The adoption of Asana empowered team members by clearly defining project ownership. This accountability ensured that everyone knew their roles and responsibilities, leading to more effective project execution.

​​Moreover, Asana’s integration with JIRA ensured that both tools were used to their full potential without overlapping functions. JIRA continued to handle development-related tasks while Asana managed other project management activities, providing a clear structure and reducing confusion.

By implementing a unified project management system, ROUVY can now efficiently manage repeating ongoing processes and projects with deadlines like marketing campaigns, CRM onboarding process, product roadmaps or product release processes, ensuring clear and effective communication and collaboration. Asana has become the go-to tool for project management across all teams, aligning with ROUVY’s goal of having a single, cohesive platform.


Cloudfresh Role


Cloudfresh played an important role in ROUVY’s successful adoption of Asana. The collaboration began with an introductory meeting followed by four one-hour workshops, where the Cloudfresh team provided in-depth guidance on setting up Asana tailored to ROUVY’s needs. Over three months, Cloudfresh offered professional support, helping ROUVY design efficient workflows, create custom tags and templates, and establish clear project ownership.

The best practices shared by Cloudfresh, along with examples from their own setup, helped inspire the ROUVY team to embrace Asana fully. The friendly and consistent approach, with the same Cloudfresh team supporting them throughout the process, made the transition smooth and efficient.

If you’re considering adopting Asana for your organization, we invite you to contact us for a free consultation. Receive a tailored solution that integrates with your existing workflows and business requirements. With Cloudfresh, you ensure a smooth transition to Asana, maximizing its effectiveness for project tracking, task management, and team collaboration.

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