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"We appreciate the tailored solution Cloudfresh provided based on our processes and goals. Their friendly approach and consistent support made the transition smooth. The best practices they shared and the examples from their own setup were truly inspiring. We highly recommend Cloudfresh for their professional guidance and collaborative spirit."

Jitka Pancová Product Marketing Manager, ROUVY
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"Implementing Asana improved our workflow and enabled full visibility of all projects, its status and possible bottlenecks. This move helped us to address our efficiency and improve profitability. Cloudfresh helped us to implement Asana smoothly and in a very seamless way, connect the tool with our existing environment and make it an essential part of the workflow. Thanks to such a partner the adoption process went quick and all issues have been resolved immediately."

Sebastian Umiński Global Marketing Director, Brand New Galaxy
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"Planeta Kino embodies innovation, comfort, and adaptability. These qualities accurately describe Asana as well. Therefore, our collaboration with Asana can confidently be called a perfect match."

Kateryna Sanzharovets HR Manager, Asana Administrator
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"I am sure that today we use about 20-30% of the entire functionality of Asana, but even this has already facilitated our work and interaction between employees and departments. Transparency in work is the main principle of our agency. If a particular task is not completed on time, it is important to understand the problem on which the delay occurred, and Asana's solution is ideal for helping in such matters. Our next goal is to use Asana to expand and grow our business."

Shahrukh Nizamutdinov General Manager of FCB Artgroup Uzbekistan
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"Asana is a great thing not only for global project management. It has functionality for setting up most of the necessary processes within one project. We received a convenient product that allows you to abandon planning in Excel tables and work comfortably and quickly. All projects are synchronized in Asana; we work in the same environment and easily monitor essential indicators. For everyone who wants to switch to Asana, I advise you to do it structured and balanced. Cloudfresh will definitely help you with this."

Serhiy Korol Director of the Project Department
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"If WOOPPAY is about people, then Asana is about simplicity. We are completely satisfied with the functionality of Asana, and every day, we improve the coordination and management of our work processes. The right pricing plan and professional support from Cloudfresh specialists allow us to plan projects more efficiently and use the platform to the maximum."

Rustem Kadytov Head of the Process Management Department
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"Often, when implementing services for project management, they are poorly used due to an inconvenient interface and lack of flexibility. In search of the optimal solution, we tested about five different platforms, and Asana turned out to be the most convenient platform. In addition to the fact that, with proper use, you turn chaos into a system, you also positively affect the company's efficiency."

Artur Shustov Founder of Morris Digital
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"We love Asana for its simplicity. It has many features, but what is most important - you can use key features (like projects and planning) after 30 minutes of experience with Asana. The implementation of Asana in our agency was almost trouble-free. After almost 5 years of using Asana, we still think it was one of the biggest game changers to our organization."

Robert Polak CEO at 4PEOPLE
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"The Cloudfresh team treated our non-standard request with complete understanding regarding the agreement of special financing conditions and the gradual increase in the number of licenses. The Asana functionality was presented in a very accessible and understandable way, and all our questions were answered. Also, our team got a high-quality, practical presentation about creating a project in Asana by an experienced Cloudfresh specialist."

Bohdan Protsiv Development Director
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"Our company has been working with Asana for more than three years, but only after we started working with Cloudfresh could we fully take advantage of Asana's capabilities, turning it into a process management tool. Thanks to Asana, we have implemented the interaction of almost all functional company units and continue to improve what has been achieved."

Dmitry Khudoy CEO of Zorka.Agency
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“Having a tool that allows us to work cross-functionally and get everyone on the same page, really collaboratively and visibly, is critical to scaling our business.”

Tom Booth Director of Operations
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“Transparent procurement always means transparent processes and  Asana is one of those tools that helps us with it”.

Ihor Lysenko Head of the Department of Information and Analytical Tools
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