Clients cases – Client Case: WOOPPAY

Client Case: WOOPPAY

"If WOOPPAY is about people, then Asana is about simplicity. We are completely satisfied with the functionality of Asana, and every day, we improve the coordination and management of our work processes. The right pricing plan and professional support from Cloudfresh specialists allow us to plan projects more efficiently and use the platform to the maximum."

Rustem Kadytov Head of the Process Management Department

How WOOPPAY achieves more by improving teams workflows with Asana solutions


About the client: WOOPPAY is a financial technology company that offers unique customized solutions in the field of receiving and transferring money, as well as optimizing the financial flows of partner companies in various areas of activity.
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The WOOPPAY system has been registered with the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan as a payment organization with the number No. 09-17-001. It is one of the leading companies in Kazakhstan offering unique solutions in the online payment market using the electronic money system.

The WOOPPAY system is registered with the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic as a foreign payment system.

WOOPPAY actively cooperates with leading players in online payment organization in Kazakhstan and abroad. The issuers of the WOOPPAY system are the leading banks – Kazkommertsbank JSC, Eurasian Bank JSC, Capital Bank Kazakhstan JSC, Home Credit Bank JSC, and Alfa Bank SB JSC. The company is an operator of Mobile Financial Services (from now on referred to as MFS) for cellular operators JSC “KarTel” with TM “Beeline” and JSC “Kcell” with TM “Activ.”

  • B2B, Woopkassa is a Wooppay product designed to provide payment services to small, medium, and large businesses, where the company acts as an operator of an online payment processing system. As part of this project, WOOPPAY can offer the client the following payment methods:

1) Visa/MasterCard bank cards;

2) Apple Pay/Google Pay;

3) Phone balance of mobile operators Beeline/Kcell/Activ/Tele2/Altel;

4) Internet banking and websites of our partners;

5) Wooppay wallet.

And also withdraw funds to the card, phone balance, and electronic wallet

  • B2B2C, Plaas – providing payment solutions to businesses as a service.
  • International, the development of the products in the international market.

Project start date: July 2022.

Project end date: Сooperation continues.

Challenge: WOOPPAY has been using the Trello task manager for a long time. However, its functionality was not enough for effective project management, and the team faced the following problems:

  • Lack of usage analytics;
  • Difficulties in tracking tasks and lack of dependent tasks;
  • Weak cooperation of teams due to the use of different software solutions in work.

Due to these difficulties and the inability to solve them using the existing project management platform, WOOPPAY began to look for alternative project management options that would cover all the team’s requests.



Solution: Looking for products to meet the company’s needs, WOOPPAY chose Asana, one of the leading end-to-end project management tools. The team immediately appreciated the intuitive interface, which eased the transition process and significantly reduced the time to learn a new tool.

Another essential feature acquired with Asana is analytics and reporting. Now, stakeholders can monitor the progress of projects using a real-time dashboard and analyze and prevent problems before they occur. Teams also can build custom graphs for any area of work and easily share them with colleagues.

An equally important requirement of the company for the new task manager was the ability to track tasks and their dependencies. Asana provides this feature in the settings of each task. Through dependencies between tasks that determine the order in which work should be performed, team members:

  • can keep track of which tasks must be completed before they can begin their tasks;
  • simultaneously, when a task is completed, the participants receive a notification that they can start working.

It reduces the amount of unnecessary communication between employees, improves planning and priority of execution, and significantly speeds up task completion.

In addition, one of the crucial features that reduce the amount of manual work and optimizes the planning process of the WOOPPAY team is the Maintain buffer, one of the Timeline options. It allows adjusting the project duration, taking into account the change in the timing of any dependent tasks. When changing one task’s timing, all tasks that depend on it move, keeping the previously defined terms automatically. Therefore, when changing the timing of any task, the project manager does not have to move all the dependent tasks manually, which makes the job easier.



With Asana’s custom rule builder, which allows you to create workflows based on a trigger and an action, Asana has made it easy to automate routine tasks. Now, tasks are automatically added to the right project and assigned to the right executor, and stakeholders receive automatic notifications of all critical changes. At the same time, by using forms, the team has simplified the process of submitting requests for the performance of a particular task. Employees of the company create forms customized for each project and receive tasks according to the introductory information they need. Stakeholders and clients save time by answering only the questions necessary for work.

On top of all this, WOOPPAY actively uses Asana’s integrations with other applications. For example, with Microsoft Teams integration, teams can easily link their work to tasks and projects in Asana.

Thanks to the rich functionality of Asana, all WOOPPAY employees were able to unite in one information environment, which led to increased engagement and better collaboration between teams.

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Results: With the transition to Asana, WOOPPAY is scaling qualitative and quantitatively, building project management. Mastering new functionality and synchronizing it with the particularities of the company’s projects and teams, Wooppay took task management to a new level.

Initially, the company purchased only 10 Asana Premium licenses for testing. After half a year, it was decided to buy another 50 licenses. Within a year, the number of licenses almost doubled and reached 90.

With the transition to work management in Asana, WOOPPAY received:

  1. Simplicity and ease of use of the platform for all team members;
  2. Increasing the speed of completing tasks;
  3. Ease of tracking tasks and viewing weaknesses in the implementation of projects;
  4. Automation of company processes;
  5. High level of analytics and reporting;
  6. More synchronized work of teams through the use of various integrations;
  7. Improved cooperation of all teams and organization of company projects.

Thus, by coordinating processes with Asana, the company gradually transitioned to a project-based management approach and improved the quality of teamwork and task planning, directly affecting its business results.




"If WOOPPAY is about people, then Asana is about simplicity. We are completely satisfied with the functionality of Asana, and every day, we improve the coordination and management of our work processes. The right pricing plan and professional support from Cloudfresh specialists allow us to plan projects more efficiently and use the platform to the maximum." Rustem Kadyrov, Head of the Process Management Department

Cloudfresh Role: Asana experts from Cloudfresh consulted and helped to choose the best pricing plan for WOOPPAY needs. Also, thanks to the cooperation with partner Asana, WOOPPAY was able to optimize its resources. The Cloudfresh team conducted a product demo, introduced the full functionality, and helped resolve legal issues.

The cooperation of the companies continues even now. The Cloudfresh team actively provides professional support regarding the functionality of Asana at any stage of using the solution when such a need arises from WOOPPAY.


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