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A robust range of cloud computing services enables you to construct, launch, and expand applications, websites, and services seamlessly on Google's shared cloud infrastructure.

Discover the benefits of switching to Google Cloud solutions with Cloudfresh

Our Google Cloud team empowers organizations with valuable support and expertise in harnessing the full potential of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to meet their unique requirements and attain optimal outcomes.

Benefits of working with a trusted GCP Partner:

  • As a trusted advisor with a cloud-oriented architectural approach, we conduct an expert audit of your infrastructure and prepare a thorough plan of further activities;
  • We provide an entire cycle of seamless migration from on-prem to the cloud with the utmost care, minimum bandwidth usage, and fast implementation;
  • Our team of certified professionals performs consulting and technical support to get the most relevant solutions for your operational efficiency and scalability;
  • We enable our customers with an advanced budgeting system, low TCO, and many cost-optimization tweaks for them to get the most out of the Google Cloud.

By cooperating with Cloudfresh, you’ll receive:

  • Access to the wide system of discounts for new and regular corporate customers possible with Google Cloud reseller;
  • Payment by invoice in EU, USD, CKZ, PLN, UAH, or any other currency, including cryptocurrency;
  • Personalized multilingual communication. Our team speaks English, Ukrainian, Czech, Polish and Russian;
  • Professional support throughout the solution journey;
  • Streamlined solution procurement. We provide a full range of services, so all your business needs are met conveniently from a single source.
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Google Cloud Professional Services Packages

Discover our Professional Services offerings: IT infrastructure assessment, Migration of VMWare IT infrastructure, Application Containerization, Google Cloud CI/CD, Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Service, Google Kubernetes Engine, BeyondCorp, Anthos, Looker

IT infrastructure assessment, solution architecture

Our IT infrastructure assessment optimizes costs by measuring your actual compute loads, ensuring you pay only for what you use. We identify application interdependencies, determine the best technology scope, and guide you through planning for a smooth migration, maximizing benefits in the new environment.

Migration of VMWare IT infrastructure to Google Cloud

Our VMWare migration service ensures a seamless transition to the Cloud. With background data streaming, pre-production workload checks, and automated application switchover, experience minimal downtimes. No matter the scale, we'll migrate your thousands of VMs and TeraBytes of data within months.

Application Containerization

Our Application Modernization service will help you containerize your applications with less effort than you could even imagine with the help of our GCP consultants. We will make your legacy infrastructure as modern, flexible, reliable, and manageable as ever while your IT personnel will discover much time for functional digital innovations.

Google Cloud CI/CD

Our Google Cloud CI/CD Professional Service provides organizations with a comprehensive and tailored approach to implementing and optimizing CI/CD workflows on the Google Cloud platform. With expert guidance, businesses accelerate software development and foster continuous innovation on the Google Cloud platform.

Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

Our Cloud Backup and DR service ensures data protection, continuity, and quick recovery. We will back up your data to offsite cloud storage while our scalable, cost-effective solution eliminates infrastructure expenses. Comprehensive DR planning and reliable backups ensure uninterrupted operations during unforeseen events.

Google Kubernetes Engine

We provide Google Cloud professional services for GKE deployment and management. Leveraging Google's infrastructure, we simplify container orchestration, guiding organizations through the entire lifecycle of deploying and managing Kubernetes clusters on Google Cloud, tailored to their needs.


Our BeyondCorp Professional Service enhances security and access control by implementing the modern zero-trust framework, which is ideal for distributed teams and enhances cloud security. We assess, deploy, and optimize this framework for robust security, improved user experience, compliance, and operational efficiency.

BigQuery Optimization

We optimize Google BigQuery for improved performance and cost efficiency. Our services include bottleneck identification, data architecture review, security compliance, and ongoing monitoring/training for faster queries and better data analytics. Ideal for those needing performance improvements and technical assistance with BigQuery optimization.

GKE Enterprise (Anthos)

Our GKE Enterprise (Anthos) Professional Services streamline implementation, optimization, and management for seamless modernization and enhanced security. Ideal for those pursuing application modernization or GKE Enterprise adoption, we assess, deploy, secure, and manage GKE Enterprise clusters across diverse environments and monitor and provide comprehensive training/documentation.


Our Looker Professional Services unlock insights and streamline data strategy for organizations. Ideal for newcomers or those needing effective Looker usage, we offer strategic assessment, data preparation, visualization development, training, performance optimization, and tailored guidance for a refined Looker experience.

Postgres Migration to CloudSQL

Comprehensive Postgres to CloudSQL migration service: in-depth infrastructure analysis, seamless execution, cost-efficiency optimization, ongoing support. We assess, ensure smooth migration, optimize, and provide continuous support for robust CloudSQL meeting enterprise standards.

ETL Pipeline Building

This service is focused on crafting bespoke strategies, building scalable pipelines using GCP's Dataflow, Dataproc, Pub/Sub for real-time processing, ensuring strict data quality/compliance, ongoing performance optimization for efficient, reliable data processing tailored to your business needs.

Retail API

This service provides the organizations with crafting custom APIs for seamless integration of retail systems and e-commerce platforms. We prioritize scalability, high performance, robust security, and continuous support for updates. We build APIs that grow with your business, prioritize security, and adapt to the evolving retail landscape.

MySQL Migration to CloudSQL

Our MySQL to CloudSQL migration service ensures detailed planning for large databases, secure transfers using Google's tools, CloudSQL optimization for efficiency, scalability, and post-migration support. We ensure seamless transition, cost-effective resource use, ongoing operational support.

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Google Cloud Platform Methodology

We're here to support you on your way of adopting and optimizing Google Cloud Platform solutions, encompassing assessment, planning, deployment, and optimization phases, with tailored consulting services available for each stage.

Assess: Concepts. Experiments. Feasibility

During the access phase, the customer still questions their readiness to move to the cloud or GCP. They require guidance to build confidence using GCP and assess a solution’s feasibility.

Plan: Design. Foundation. Planning

During the planning phase, the customer is convinced GCP is suitable for them, but they require our expertise to plan for this journey and to help design their solution.

Deploy: Implementation. Migration. Expansion

Deploy is when we implement the proposed solution following Google’s best practices.

Optimize: Operations. Review. Enhancement

And in the optimized phase, when the customer already has solutions running on GCP, we bring expertise to improve and enhance existing workloads and to ensure that the customer is still getting the most out of the platform.


"Google is truly a reliable leader in the field of cloud computing. We can meet the needs of our projects using GCP services, all while getting all the necessary tools for tracking. Migrating a portion of our infrastructure from bare metal to the cloud is fast and trouble-free. The professionalism and technical expertise of the Cloudfresh team support us during the implementation of new solutions, and that is genuinely valuable."

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Roman Pozhar Head of DevOps, appflame

"Google Cloud Platform for us is a service that allows us to quickly scale a separate progressive service for our partners dozens of times faster and flexibly manage the capacities needed at a certain moment. Cloudfresh technical support quickly helped to solve problems with API limits. The team always tries to solve and deal with problems quickly. In addition, Cloudfresh helped optimize financial costs, which contributed to developing a different project direction."

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Ivan Yakubyshyn Head of IT Infrastructure Service

"Google Cloud services are a whole world of tools that allow you to increase the efficiency of working with data and provide convenience at all stages of work. Our team uses many Google features to store our infrastructure, data processing, and A/B testing. It completely closes our need to obtain and analyze data, test hypotheses, and, accordingly, scale our business."

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Rostyslav Vasiukov Head of Engineering

"When working with Google BigQuery, even the minimum computer power is enough to process any amount of data. Since the calculation takes place on Google servers, your device will not participate in processing; you only leave a request and collect the results. Everything happens faster, easier, more efficiently."

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Dmitry Osiyuk Lead Analyst MacPaw.

Uninterrupted IT infrastructure for Weblium

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"GCP helped us accomplish this task and proved to be a reliable solution for our infrastructure."

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