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The GenAI future is here

Don’t lag behind — be part of it.

Discover what’s next with Google Cloud’s GenAI, supported by Cloudfresh. We’re here to help you navigate the change with confidence and create a strategy that brings innovation and business results. Let’s dive in!

How to Implement GenAI

To give you a solid grasp of how to implement GenAI across your products or services, below is the roadmap we use with every Cloudfresh customer.


Discovering Business Cases:

At Cloudfresh, the process starts with a detailed review of your operations to identify prime opportunities for GenAI integration. This initial step includes examining your workflow, data utilization, and technological stack to surface inefficiencies and enhancement areas.


Pain Point Identification:

Following the initial evaluation, we interview your team to have a complete picture of how your processes are mapped. This step allows you to uncover operational insights and have a fair estimate of how GenAI can boost efficiency.


Concept Development:

Building on the insights gathered, a custom solution is designed within 10 business days to address your unique challenges. This plan outlines potential improvements, expected results, and the specific Google Cloud AI tools to be used — all tailored to align with your business goals and IT setup.



Once the concept is approved, a working prototype is developed to test how well the solution functions and integrates. This stage includes iterative testing and adjustments using real-world data and feedback.


Proof-of-Concept (PoC) Phase:

After the prototype is successful, the solution moves into a PoC phase on a small scale. Here, you get a sense of how effective and impactful it is in practice. This stage is crucial to assess performance through specific metrics and KPIs and gain buy-in from key stakeholders.


Proof-of-Value (PoV) Phase:

In the next stage, you see how the solution measures against the goals we’ve agreed upon. The PoV phase quantifies benefits like cost reduction, productivity, and revenue increase, ensuring real value before wider implementation.


Project Kickoff:

After validating benefits in the PoV phase, it’s time for the big rollout. You get planning, system integrations, user training, and deployment across your operations. Our team guides the process, adjusting the Google Cloud AI solutions and ensuring they fit smoothly. And even after it’s all set up, you can opt for ongoing support to keep the value coming.

Uncover Fresh Opportunities with GenAI

Practical GenAI Applications

Our consultants collaborate directly with your business and technical teams to pinpoint some of the most advanced Google Cloud AI applications that best address your specific challenges in day-to-day operations.

Custom Trial & Test Integration

By partnering with us, you get scalable Proof-of-Concept (PoC) and Proof-of-Value (PoV) solutions that mesh with your operational workflows, enhance your long-term business strategies, and ensure return on investment (ROI).

Smarter Data Insights

With GenAI and Vector Search integrated in all GCP DataBase solutions and BigQuery DataWarehouse, it’s easy to predict trends, understand customer behaviors, and optimize operations. The result? Reduced time, costs, and complexities of traditional AI/ML solutions.

Practical GenAI in Creative Work

Google Cloud Generative AI adds a creative touch to content, design, and innovation. Our team fine-tunes these solutions, ensuring that new GenAI tools are widely adopted and effectively blended within your teams and tech stacks.

Fast Deployment

With the latest multi-modal Large Language Models and our expert support, you can bring AI to your existing applications 10x faster. Being customer-centric, these advanced tools are accessible even to those new to the technology.

Custom Solutions Roadmap

Partner with us to refine your current business processes, locate where GenAI can make a meaningful difference, and build concepts and prototypes that have a direct impact on productivity.

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Make the Most of Your Operations with Google Cloud AI

Vertex AI Platform

Run precise image analysis with Vision AI, overcome language barriers with Translation AI, convert audio into accurate transcriptions with Speech-to-Text, and leverage tens of other cloud ML services to reimagine your workflows.


Filter out the noise, recognize intents, and make your conversations meaningful to turn every interaction into an opportunity and pave the way for word-of-mouth. In fact, Google Cloud AI clients in e-commerce have already seen a 30% boost in customer satisfaction.

Generative AI

Create, test, and refine custom AI models tailored to your business needs with VertexAI Studio. Whether enhancing product design, generating content, or analyzing data, VertexAI Studio eliminates every bottleneck in your decision-making pipeline.

Gemini in Cloud (formerly Duet AI for Developers)

Receive real-time suggestions, have your functions built out, and quickly spot errors — all within your existing setup, guided by our experts. With the Gemini coding assistant, tech startups have cut development and debugging times by up to 50%, shifting focus to mission-critical items.

Agent Builder and Gemini in Security

Boost your defenses via Google Cloud AI-driven insights and rapid detection mechanisms delivered by our experts. Chronicle-automated monitoring allows your analysts to stay alert for the real threats, while industry-leading integrations like Mandiant enhance response times and system resilience.

Tailor-Made Solutions

Real-Time Content Recommendation Engine

Engage your users by showing them dynamic content based on what they do. Retailers using this tool have seen a remarkable rise in user retention (up to 20%) and conversion (15%), all thanks to the power of personalized experiences.

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)

Extract and analyze information even when unstructured. Our Google AI Services team will ensure you can securely classify, summarize, and split documents, capturing extra benefits from advanced features like Enterprise OCR and Form Parser.

Retail Demand Forecasting

Obtain reliable predictions with a high degree of precision and follow the demand curve while minimizing issues caused by overstocking or stockouts. Google Cloud AI clients have reported a 25% improvement in inventory accuracy and up to 10% reduction in unsold goods.

Customer Sentiment Analysis

Translate the language, emotions, and contexts of feedback data into smarter business choices. Right now, clients in the hospitality industry are experiencing a 40% uptick in customer service responsiveness and a 30% improvement in addressing customer concerns.

Use Case: Insure Your Future with GenAI

Imagine a chatbot that does more than just reply — it understands, reasons, and acts according to strict rules. For an insurance company, Google Cloud Vertex AI Agent Builder with capabilities to ground the replies on procedures and regulations can reshape customer interactions and ensure efficiency, accuracy, and compliance.

Primary Case: Uninsured Vehicle Correspondence

In the insurance industry, dealing with customer inquiries and compliance issues can be time-consuming and prone to errors. Google Cloud AI services can provide much-needed relief.

  1. Initial Contact: A customer queries whether their car has third-party liability insurance. The chatbot parses the handwritten request via OCR and comprehends the context of the message.
  2. Verification Process: The chatbot cross-references the insurance policy with company databases to validate the information.
  3. Compliance Notification: If the car is uninsured, the chatbot generates and sends a notification letter, informing the customer of their non-compliance and the associated fines. This includes the account number for fine payment.
  4. Handling Disputes: If the customer disputes the claim by providing a scan of their policy, the chatbot verifies the policy with insurance companies to confirm its authenticity.


Secondary Case: Ownership Disputes

  1. Owner Verification: When a customer indicates they are not the car owner and have sold the vehicle, the chatbot verifies this claim with the relevant authorities.
  2. Policy Obligations: The chatbot checks if the new owner has the necessary insurance policy and determines the liable party for the fine.
  3. Exemptions and Reductions: If the customer claims exemptions (e.g., disability), the chatbot reviews applicable public rules and regulations to decide on fine reductions or waivers.


Business Outcomes

Such automation built atop GCP AI services:

  • Reduces human error, triggering a decrease in the number of disputes and saving costs associated with their resolution.
  • Speeds up response times, enhancing customer experience and increasing the likelihood of repeat purchases and word-of-mouth referrals.
  • Ensures compliance with national regulations and policies, helping you avoid both financial and reputational damage.

AIm High with Cloudfresh Guidance

From the very outset to the Proof-of-Value stage and beyond, Cloudfresh is here to support your adventure and success with Google Cloud. As your AI partner, our commitment includes expert guidance, customized implementation, creation of PoC and PoV, adoption and integration with your underlying IT infrastructure, and continuous support to ensure you don’t miss out on a single GenAI capability.
Ready to Refresh with GenAI? Our consultation caters to everyone, whether you’re a Google Cloud ML/AI freshman, just getting started, or aiming to up your game. Book a Pilot Now →
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