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Google Cloud for Startups

Benefit from Google for Startups program by getting cost coverage and accessing leading experts, business, and technical support to boost your startup performance.

Google Cloud - the powerful cloud platform to accelerate your growth

Startups drive innovation and agility and regularly find solutions to crucial challenges. Sharing that, Google developed the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for Startups program to help startups build with the lead cloud platform’s modern language, framework, and technologies.

As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, we support our clients in reaching the industry leading experts, accessing innovative solutions and products, and running their projects efficiently with Google Cloud technology. No matter where you are in your journey, we’ll be your partner in innovation and help you solve your toughest challenges.

Two program tiers to build quickly, confidently and thrive

Get advantage of product and technical advanced support, experienced mentors, and cost coverage for your first two years in the program.

Start tier Highly suitable for pre-seed startups who have not yet obtained equity funding
  • Requirements to be eligible:
  • - Technology startups have not yet received funds from an institutional investor
  • - Created within the last 5 years
  • - Have not received GCP for startups credit (beyond the free trial)
  • Google Cloud Credits:
  • - Up to 2,000 USD in Google Cloud credits for two years
  • Training:
  • - 200 USD Google Cloud Skills Boost credits for online learning courses and hands-on labs
  • Technical support:
  • - Get unlimited access to technical support while applying your GCP credits to a Customer Care plan
  • Business Support and networking:
  • - Access to the global Google Cloud Startup Community
  • Google-wide discounts and perks:
  • - 2 months of Google Workspace Business Plus for free for new businesses
  • - 200 USD usage every month at no charge on the Google Maps Platform
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Scale tier Suitable for Seed-Series startups who have the verified equity funding
  • Requirements to be eligible:
  • - Received startup equity funding from pre-seed to Series A (if Series A raised within the last 12 months) or the Web3 funding sources
  • - Created within the last 10 years
  • - Not yet obtained more than $4,000 in Google Cloud credits
  • Google Cloud Credits:
  • - 500 USD Google Cloud Skills Boost credits for online learning courses and hands-on labs
  • Google Cloud and Firebase usage covered in:
  • - Year 1: 100% up to 100,000 USD in GCP credits
  • - Year 2: 20% up to an additional 100,000 USD in GCP credits
  • Training:
  • - 500 USD Google Cloud Skills Boost credits for online learning courses and hands-on labs
  • Technical support:
  • - 12,000 USD in Google Cloud Enhanced Support credits for one year
  • - Access to Google Cloud Startup Customer Engineers
  • Business Support and networking:
  • - Access to a Startup Success Manager, global Google Cloud Startup Community, and co-marketing possibilities for select startups
  • Google-wide discounts and perks:
  • - 12 months of Google Workspace Business Plus for free for new businesses
  • - 600 USD monthly credits on Google Maps Platform for 12 months for new businesses
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Why evolve your startup on Google Cloud with Cloudfresh

Innovate your project with ease

Streamline your app development with GCP cutting-edge containers and microservices, and quickly go from code to production.

Get valuable insights from real-time data

Enhance your analysis, ruling and management with GCP's state-of-the-art data analytics tools and AI/ML solutions.

Collaborate anytime anywhere

Take advantage of working from a unique work environment with your team using Google Workspace solutions and advanced security.

Cut your expenditure

Increase operational efficiency and reduce possible risks developing your startups from scratch or migrating to the Google Cloud 99.99% available, protected, and cost-effective infrastructure.

Gain first-class support

Get individual help and guidance for your changing business needs and the dynamic technical environment from Cloudfresh experts.

Follow best implementation practices

Our partnership goes beyond software. Our customers testify to our high-level expertise. We use our knowledge and experience to enable you with the highest quality service.

Cloudfresh Google Cloud Professional Services for Startups

Cloudfresh provides a range of consulting and technical services designed to help early-stage companies leverage Google Cloud technologies to drive innovation and growth. These services are tailored to the unique needs of startups and are delivered by Google Cloud experts who understand the specific challenges faced by new businesses.

Architecture and іnfrastructure consulting

We assess the cloud migration, design the architecture, and streamline the infrastructure to ensure startups have the best environment that supports their growth.

Data and analytics consulting

We provide consultation on data strategy, data governance and security, and machine learning to enable startups to get valuable insight from their data and use it to drive business outcomes.

Application development and modernization

We help startups with their application modernization and develop the needed APIs and DevOps to build and deploy applications quickly and efficiently based on cutting-edge services.

Training and support

Google Cloud Professional Services for startups also provide you with advanced training and support to build the necessary expertise and skills to use the best cloud platform for startups technologies effectively.

Why do you need a solutions partner

Cloudfresh Google Cloud platform consulting for startups bring people, knowledge, and technology together to help founders at every stage solve startup challenges. That said, we provide early-stage companies with the expertise and resources they need to innovate, scale, and succeed in today’s digital economy.

Contact our GCP experts to make the most of the Google Cloud for Startups program and thrive your project with cloud services for startups. We will guide you through every stage of the application process and maximize your chance of getting selected for the program.


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