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Google Cloud Platform

A powerful suite of cloud computing services that empower you to build, deploy, and scale applications, websites, and services on the same cloud infrastructure as Google.

Google Cloud Platform – Let’s solve your toughest problems and grow your business!

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is the world’s most top-of-the-line public platform allowing you to revolutionize data management and to reduce your additional expenses on infrastructure management, server support, and network configuration. Transfer your information potential to the network and pay only for the time you use it. Get access to servers, networks, and disks 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world without worrying about such issues as security, depreciation, or electricity supply. Transform your business and upgrade design, deployment, and management of your systems and data storages and other processing capacities by using the global Google infrastructure. With GCP, you can easily configure and reconfigure your company information system. We will help you design the right architecture for your workload, optimize internal activities and processes, build cloud-based software solutions and all this using GCP with the highest levels of security! Google Cloud Platform will help you in coping with the challenges your business faces nowadays.

Google Cloud Platform Products

  • Computation
  • Storage
  • Big Data
  • AI and Machine Learning
  • Cloud databases
  • Identity and security
  • Network
  • Monitoring
  • Developer tools
  • API Management
  • Hybrid and Multi-cloud
  • Migration
  • Serverless Computing
  • Containers
  • Internet of things
  • Management tools
  • Health care
  • Media and games


You can easily combine cloud-based load balance, easily scalable Kubernetes Engine clusters, and other various virtual machine settings, thus making your computation processes and applications more stable, powerful and quick. Integrate the necessary triggers and API into networks – Cloud PubSub, Cloud Function, Cloud Endpoints.

One cloud - an unlimited opportunity

Unlimited scalability

Google Cloud Platform is ideal for growing companies, or for those having to deal with the problem of extreme power leaps. Instead of paying for maximum bandwidth, with GCP, you can dynamically change your power supply and pay only for the used capacities.

Time-tested reliability

Get maximum reliability with GCP. A scalable, reliable, and secure Google cloud-based computing and storage system ensures the best infrastructure in its class supported by its own Google network with 99.98% SLA.

Big Data and ML

Google Cloud Platform is the unified on-line secure services framework allows organizing virtual hosts and networks in the cloud, store data in the relational, weak-structured, not-structured cloud databases, process and analyze big data, simply build and deploy models and application achievable anywhere in the World under free Gmail or corporate GSuite account are under careful and sustainable control of Google Engineers. GCP is the whole of your information system in the cloud and on-line 24/7. Do business not infrastructure.

Unsurpassable flexibility

When working with Google Cloud Platform, you can easily increase the processing capacities of your information system and use these when needed without expensive hardware downtime. Kubernetes Engine, which is the easy to run load balancer, will ensure the stability of your applications operation and endless possibilities as to the dynamic growth of data storage volumes.

Security and control

You will get total control over and visibility of resources running on a platform protected by Google security model. You will no longer need to worry about data as they are securely stored in the cloud, allowing you to access them from any device and from anywhere in the world. GCP ensures continuous cloud-based and local encryption, protection of confidential data without loss of main contents, permanent logging, and backup.

Saving of expenses

Using GCP allows you to choose the most appropriate payment methods and ensures your constant discount for its use. Google Cloud prices are 21 to 60% lower than the cost of other public cloud-based storage services, depending on VM configuration. You can easily predict your costs, and even if you forget about your budget – you will get a notification. When using GCP you do not have to undertake any long-term obligations, there are no advance payments or capital costs, you save your funds while ensuring quick, consistent, and scalable performance.

Why Cloudfresh Google Cloud Team?

Solution for your needs

We study your business in detail so that to understand your main objectives, challenges, technical and budget limitations, and to make you the most up-to-date offer. We will help you to connect, to determine the best type of payment, and to calculate the cost of using Google Cloud Platform in conformity with your needs.

Support at all stages

Our qualified experts will consult you, configure the required Google Cloud Platform infrastructure settings, develop a strategy related to cloud-based solutions implementation and introduce it in your company. We will share our knowledge and expertise with your team, conduct training and learning sessions so that you could use the available technology to the maximum extent.

Creation of joint solutions

We design customized software solutions for GCP to address your specific issues: from automatic billing to active monitoring of your competitors and the establishment of a smart office.