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Google Cloud Platform

A powerful suite of cloud computing services that empower you to build, deploy, and scale applications, websites, and services on the same cloud infrastructure as Google.

Modernize your IT infrastructure with Google Cloud Partner

As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, we have a team of certified professionals which will be your trusted guide throughout your journey with the cutting-edge solutions offered by Google Cloud Platform (further, GCP). Let's embark on a transformative IT adventure together!

Benefits of working with a trusted GCP Partner:

  • We offer a free Proof of Concept, for you to test the feasibility of custom Google Cloud solutions based on your current workloads and needs within the selected project;
  • As a trusted advisor with a cloud-oriented architectural approach, we conduct an expert audit of your infrastructure and prepare a thorough plan of further activities;
  • We provide an entire cycle of seamless migration from on-prem to the cloud with the utmost care, minimum bandwidth usage, and fast implementation;
  • Our team of certified professionals performs consulting and technical support to get the most relevant solutions for your operational efficiency and scalability;
  • We enable our customers with an advanced budgeting system, low TCO, and many cost-optimization tweaks for them to get the most out of the Google Cloud.

By cooperating with Cloudfresh, you’ll receive:

  • Access to the wide system of discounts for new and regular corporate customers possible with Google Cloud reseller;
  • Payment by invoice in EUR, USD, CZK, PLN, UAH, or any other currency, including cryptocurrency;
  • Personalized multilingual communication. Our team speaks English, Ukrainian, Czech, Polish and Russian;
  • Professional support throughout the solution journey;
  • Streamlined solution procurement. We provide a full range of services, so all your business needs are met conveniently from a single source.
Get $500 Free Credits, and Explore How Google Cloud Can Enhance Your Infrastructure We'll provide you with the free Proof of Concept for you to test the feasibility of Google Cloud services within the selected project. Get in touch with our team

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Unlock your efficiency with Google Cloud

Google Cloud Platform is the world-class state-of-the-art public platform allowing you to revolutionize data management and to reduce your additional expenses on infrastructure management, server support, and network configuration. Using Google Cloud for business, you can easily configure and reconfigure your company information system. We will help you design the right architecture for your workload, optimize internal activities and processes, build cloud-based software solutions and all this using GCP with the highest levels of security!

Product for any business challenge you have

Google Cloud Platform will help you in coping up with various challenges your business faces nowadays. Google Cloud solutions portfolio include the following group of products: Computation, Storage, Big Data, AI and Machine Learning, Cloud databases, Identity and security, Network, Monitoring, Developer tools, API Management, Hybrid and Multi-cloud, Migration, Serverless Computing, Containers, Internet of things, Management tools, Health care, Media and Games and more.

One cloud - an unlimited opportunity

Work Cost-Efficiently and Scale Any Time

Google Cloud operates on a straightforward "pay-as-you-go" model, ensuring that you are charged solely for what you use and when you use it. There's no need to predict annual usage; instead, focus on your actual usage, reducing risks in operational planning and IT project realization for your organization. This model offers your business remarkable financial flexibility, enabling you to swiftly scale up or down as needed.

Modernize Your IT Infrastructure

Google Cloud empowers developers to build rapidly, securely, and budget-friendly with cutting-edge infrastructure tailored to address unique workload and industry requirements. Access infrastructure optimized for AI, container-based applications, traditional enterprise workloads, and high-performance distributed workloads, all while reducing costs and environmental impact.

Become Data-Driven Organization

Google Cloud offers a secure-by-design foundation with a shared fate risk model for risk management supported by products, services, frameworks, etc. With Google Cloud, you can proactively prevent, detect, and respond to security incidents, building on a trusted, secure cloud for digital transformation.

Keep You Data Safe

Harness the robust, scalable, and cost-effective data and analytics solutions of Google Cloud. Unlock cutting-edge AI and ML technologies to extract real-time, business insights, migrate your enterprise data warehouse, get the most from your data lake, leverage your data more productively, and more, transforming your company into a truly data-driven.

Get the Most Out of the Serverless

Google Cloud manages and maintains data storage efficiently, requiring less hardware than legacy systems. Eliminate the need for an in-house team dedicated to local ecosystem management. Entrust the Google Cloud team to handle infrastructure responsibilities, allowing your IT experts to concentrate on valuable and strategic tasks.

Swiftly Secure and Restore Your Data

Have your data duplicated within the cloud, strengthen the resilience, and minimize downtime with Google Cloud. Its Backup and Disaster Recovery service reduces your RPO (Recovery Point Objective) by up to 10 minutes without straining your system. This ensures streamlined backups, easy data management, rapid recovery, and minimal losses.

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