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Duet AI for Google Cloud: Assisted Development for Greater Workflows and Collaboration

Artificial intelligence (AI) is such a future! No one can deny that AI has gained crucial importance from the very beginning, and now it influences many aspects of our lives, especially when it comes to networks, web development and digital space. As the world becomes more digitized, IT organizations must keep pace with exploding process complexity and accelerating innovations. The IT industry faces the daunting challenge of introducing innovative initiatives while simultaneously dealing with the side effects of traditional infrastructures. Luckily, the process is going smoothly and successfully. AI improves workflow and becomes a good friend for developers, operators and more.

Google, as a leader in the latest technologies and generative AI, cannot get past this trend. The company officially launched Duet AI for developers and security operations as an alternative to Microsoft Copilot with a twist in May 2023. Gemini for Google Workspace (GWS) is a set of new Generative AI capabilities that will help users collaborate using AI and change the way they work with the suite to improve Google’s productivity.

Since the beginning, GWS has enabled users to collaborate in real-time with others. But now it can help generate the code, deploy various services on Google Cloud, detect security bugs in your cloud infrastructure, etc.
Well, how can it impact your business, boosting productivity and improving the bottom line? Keep reading and you will find out.

What is Google Duet AI and Its Role within Google Cloud

Duet AI, powered by Google’s advanced large language models (LLMs), presents a transformative addition to the GWS ecosystem. This multifaceted tool seamlessly integrates with GWS apps like Docs, Sheets, Slides, Gmail, Meet, and AppSheet, empowering users with an array of intelligent capabilities designed to enhance productivity and collaboration.

“Why Duet AI?”, you ask.

  • Forget clunky tools and confusing menus. It learns your habits and needs, offering code recommendations for developers, data insights for data wizards, and even chat-based app creation for everyone else.
  • The days of jumping between different tools and services are gone. Duet connects everything seamlessly, giving you a complete picture of your Google Cloud experience, no matter where you are.
  • Do you need help with operating or developing? Duet’s got your back. It offers contextual recommendations powered by a super-smart AI brain, pre-trained on all things Google Cloud. Plus, it throws in relevant code examples and documentation based on what you’re doing, making your life easier.
  • Do you worry about your data and code? Relax! Google respects your privacy and assures you that nothing you share with Duet will be used for anything else.

Whether you are a savvy developer or a newcomer to the cloud, Duet AI for Google Cloud is here to make your experience smoother and more enjoyable. It offers personalized support across various user profiles:

  • developers;
  • data analysts;
  • business professionals;
  • small business owners.

Duet AI is available as an add-on for Google Workspace Enterprise users, so you can take advantage of its capabilities alongside your existing subscription. Whether you are using Business Standard or Plus, Frontline Starter or Standard, or any of our Enterprise or Education editions, the tool is here.

Benefits of Duet AI for Google Cloud

Duet AI empowers you to work smarter and faster within the Google Cloud platform. Here’s how:

  1. Conversational Cloud Expertise. Get instant answers and best practice guidance on Google Cloud through a user-friendly chat interface. The AI system is trained specifically on Google Cloud documentation and code samples to provide accurate and relevant information.
  2. Effortless AI Integration. Leverage Duet AI’s capabilities without any prior AI knowledge. As a fully managed service, Google takes care of updates, monitoring, and security, so you can focus on your projects.
  3. AI-powered Coding Efficiency. Duet AI acts as your intelligent coding companion. Whether you’re writing applications, interacting with APIs, or querying data, it can assist you in real time. It offers code completion suggestions as you type, generates code blocks based on comments, and supports over 20 programming languages.
  4. Flexibility Across Development Environments. From Visual Studio Code to JetBrains IDEs (including IntelliJ, PyCharm, GoLand, and WebStorm), as well as Colab for Enterprise and Cloud Workstations, Duet AI for Google Cloud seamlessly integrates into your preferred environment.
  5. IP Protection. Your code, inputs, and recommendations remain confidential. Google does not use this information for product development or model training, safeguarding your intellectual property.
  6. Secure and Trustworthy. Duet AI adheres to the highest security standards, achieving certifications like ISO/IEC 27001 (Information Security Management), 27017 (Cloud Security), 27018 (Protection of PII), and 27701 (Privacy Information Management).

Google upholds strict data governance and responsible AI practices, ensuring the privacy and security of your code and data. Businesses can adapt Duet AI, incorporating internal code and adhering to organizational conventions (available later in 2024).

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How Duet AI Boosts Developer’s Productivity

Are you a developer seeking to accelerate your coding process and elevate the quality of your software? Or perhaps you’re an administrator tasked with streamlining Google Cloud Platform (GCP) infrastructure management? Duet AI stands ready to empower your endeavors.

This specialized model, meticulously trained and refined for the GCP environment, seamlessly integrates with your existing tools and processes. Gerrit Kazmaier, Google Cloud’s Vice President and General Manager of Databases, Data Analytics and Looker, emphasizes its capabilities:

Imagine effortlessly generating and publishing APIs or effortlessly citing sources. Duet AI can write and test code for you, significantly enhancing your output.

Beyond mere speed, Duet AI for developers unleashes tangible benefits across various domains:

  • Craft code at an accelerated pace while maintaining accuracy and quality, supported by over 20 languages like C++, Python, and Java.
  • Smart Actions expedite unit test generation and code explanations, freeing you to delve into more intricate challenges.
  • Leverage Google Cloud’s logging tools like Cloud Logging, where Duet AI provides insightful summaries and clear explanations of encountered errors, reducing your troubleshooting time.
  • Seamlessly converse with Duet to obtain information and address queries without context switching, fostering an intuitive experience.
  • Private endpoints, VPC-Service Controls, and granular IAM permissions ensure the privacy, security, and compliance of your code, allowing you to focus on innovation.
  • Navigate complex administrative tasks with natural language commands and streamlined workflows, simplifying your overall experience.

But wait, there is more! Customization capabilities empower you to tailor Google Duet AI to your organization’s specific code conventions and internal repositories, unlocking its full potential within your unique environment.

Duet AI for developers comes with top-notch security features to keep your data safe and sound. Pretty cool, huh? Keep an eye out for these updates rolling out in Q2 of 2024.

Duet AI for Security Operations

Imagine having a powerful ally in your security operations, always there to watch your back and make your job easier. That’s exactly what Duet AI in cloud security operations brings. It is the first major cloud provider to introduce generative AI to help defenders in a single SecOps platform.

This innovative technology supercharges threat detection, investigation, and response, giving security teams a serious productivity boost. And Google Cloud is taking it even further by combining Duet technology with their PaLM LLM, creating something truly impressive called SecPaLM 2.

I’ve never met a CISOs who says they have enough talent and the people on their team. GenAI offers a lot of opportunities to help scale talent. Level one operators can be as productive as level two and level three [operators].
Jeff Reed Google Cloud vice president of products for security

SecPaLM 2, developed by the Google Cloud security team, takes advantage of Duet’s interactive chat capabilities within Mandiant Threat Intelligence. You can do things like perform custom natural language queries to search through massive amounts of data in just seconds. It also provides automatic case data summaries and alerts to speed up manual reviews and give you crucial context. Moreover, it offers next-step incident remediation recommendations to help you respond to threats faster than ever.

Here is how Google Duet AI helps you become a security rockstar:

  • Forget complex queries, it understands plain English. Dive into massive data sets in seconds with simple questions, saving you precious time.
  • Get automatic summaries of cases and alerts, highlighting key details so you can focus on what matters the most.
  • Next-step recommendations take the guesswork out of incident response, helping you neutralize threats faster.
  • Developers and other technical folks can now understand and respond to threats, freeing up your security A-team for high-level challenges.
  • The tool respects your privacy with strict data governance and responsible AI practices.

And here is the best part: Duet AI is built on Google Cloud’s top-of-the-line technology stack, ensuring a seamless and consistent user experience. Over 150 security teams have already tested Duet AI, and they’re raving! With positive user feedback and robust technology, it is poised to revolutionize security operations.

An intuitive interface has been developed for Chronicle Security Operations, Google’s cloud-native security information and event management (SIEM) offering. This interface allows users to query Google Cloud Chronicle using natural language and provides handy summaries, making it easier than ever to stay on top of security threats.

Transform Your Workflow Fast with Duet AI and Cloudfresh

Let’s summarize. Google Duet AI is one of the efficient and powerful tools, offering great possibilities for businesses of all sizes to build and manage their workflow, allowing companies to be faster, stronger, and safer. From drafting blog posts and emails to creating product design images instantly, it brings generative AI capabilities to GWS to ensure teams to be more productive and collaborate better than ever before. Duet AI for Google Cloud will provide users with expert assistance on all Google Cloud offerings, including Apigee, Looker, and so on.

As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, Cloudfresh can help you to get the most out of Duet AI. Choosing us for your needs means you will benefit from:

  • working closely together to assemble a list of deliverable data;
  • a comprehensive estimate to determine the scope of work and associated costs;
  • an initial estimate of the project’s completion date;
  • customization of the migration tool to meet your specific needs;
  • migration and troubleshooting to resolve any issues that arise.

We organize post-migration training sessions for your teams to ensure they get the most out of their chosen solution. With our Google Workspace consultants, you will learn how to use Duet AI to:

  • Optimize email composing in Gmail, even on mobile devices.
  • Speed up content creation and proofreading in Google Docs.
  • Create images for Google Slides presentations.
  • Plan projects efficiently in Google Sheets.
  • Enhance your appearance on Google Meet.
  • Generate backgrounds for Google Meet.
  • Use translated captions in Google Meet.

If you are interested in learning more about Duet AI or need help getting started with Google Cloud, please get in touch with our consultants now. We would be happy to improve your results!

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