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Our products

Google Meet Hardware

Whether you need to equip a small huddle room or a large conference hall, Google Meet video conferencing equipment provides the perfect solution to connect and collaborate with your team, no matter the location.

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Powering Your Day

Chromebooks boot up in a flash and stay up-to-date automatically, keeping you productive without slowdowns or interruptions.

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Asana for IT & Technology

Are you an IT company looking to remove friction from getting the job done? Discover Asana — the #1 AI work management platform. With Asana, you can drive clarity and impact at scale by connecting teams and tools into one unified platform.

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Google Maps Platform for Retail

Make shopping easier and more engaging for your customers than ever before.

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Google Maps Platform for Logistics

Transform trips and dynamically track your fleets, assets, and devices using the power of geospatial data

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Google Maps Platform for Financial Services

Elevate customer experience with geospatial data while reducing risk and increasing efficiency.

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Google Maps Platform for Real Estate

Make the home search experience easier for your customers with map-based tools and visualization features.

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The GenAI future is here

Don’t lag behind — be part of it.

Discover what’s next with Google Cloud’s GenAI, supported by Cloudfresh. We’re here to help you navigate the change with confidence and create a strategy that brings innovation and business results. Let’s dive in!

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A cutting-edge Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution crafted to safeguard your organization's digital assets without compromising user experience.

Single Sign-On (SSO) to streamline login across apps with one set of credentials, boosting convenience and security
Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to enhance security by requiring multiple authentication factors
Adaptive Security and Access Policies to customize rules based on user context to reduce risk and enhance experience
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Microsoft Azure

Empowering businesses to innovate, grow, and transform with powerful cloud tools and services. Build, deploy, and manage applications in the cloud for increased efficiency, scalability, and innovation.

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Microsoft Office 365

With Microsoft 365, you can effortlessly create, share, and collaborate on your favorite apps in one location.

Office apps, which deliver full suite of productivity apps across devices
OneDrive cloud storage for convenient file access and collaboration
High-level security, compliance, threat protection, identity management, and IT admin control
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Google Cloud for Startups

Benefit from Google for Startups program by getting cost coverage and accessing leading experts, business, and technical support to boost your startup performance.

Build and thrive your startup quickly
Get cost coverage, and follow best implementation practices
Reach the industry experts and experienced mentors
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A complete solution covering all DevSecOps lifecycle stages that empowers teams to deliver software faster and more efficiently while strengthening security and compliance.

All the essential capabilities in one platform
SaaS and self-managed options
Collaboration at all stages of the DevSecOps lifecycle
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CloudM — a SaaS data management platform for you to get the most from out of the cloud. Whether it’s Microsoft 365, Google Workspace or other SaaS applications, CloudM drives your business through a easy-to-use and secure solutions that enable your business to be more productive.

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HP Chromebase All-In-One Desktop

Powered by an Intel® processor, the HP Chromebase 21.5-inch All-in-One Desktop is designed to live at the heart of your home. With a unique 90-degree rotating screen, you can easily pivot between online learning with Google Classroom to watching entertainment easily. It comes with a camera privacy switch and parental controls that give you peace of mind.

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Acer Chromebase

The beautifully shaped 24” all-in-one design, with a diamond cut stand provides excellent visibility in all light conditions. The FHD 1920x1080 IPS narrow bezel touch display is anti-glare and capable of tilting. Chrome OS™ provides a more streamlined experience for customer-facing scenarios and shared workstations.

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Telegramio for Zendesk

Telegramio is a secure and effective Zendesk Support integration that enables message & attachment exchange via Telegram.

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Asana for Government

Asana is a work management platform that allows government agencies to effectively collaborate on various projects and processes between teams of all sizes. With Asana, you can set up all processes and automate manual tasks while reducing the errors and manual work that delay project execution.

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Google Meet Hardware Annual License

Fast, effective, and easy video meetings for all your rooms and spaces with Google Meet Hardware license

Companion Mode
One-click meetings
Meet Everywhere
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Zendesk For Government

Zendesk for Government aims to provide more efficient services and information delivery to the public by integrating easy-to-use custom-fit software solutions.

Enterprise-class security and safety
Scalable cloud solution for any government agency
Remotely manage your staff with ease
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Google Meet Series One by AVOCOR

Avocor and Google share a strategic partnership, aimed at commitment to better, more immersive meeting experiences and bringing meeting equity to the more than 6 million businesses that use Google Workspace. Avocor has expanded the Google Meet hardware ecosystem, designed to bring you a better choice and flexibility – for teams to connect, create, and collaborate – with two new Series One products developed in collaboration with Avocor.

Great interactive features
Designed for Google Meet
Ideal for your meetings
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Google Cloud for Government

Discover Google Cloud Platform products and solutions for Government, offered by Cloudfresh. We are Google Cloud Premier Partners with extensive expertise of the assessment, implementation, deployment and consulting for cloud products by Google.

Safe and Secure Cloud infrastructure is available 24/7
Pay only for the instruments you use
No depreciation and world-class security and safety
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The #1 software in work management, designed to facilitate efficient and smooth cross-team collaboration.

Automated processes that set goals and drive alignment
Data protection, with managing settings and permissions
Cross-team efficiency with real-time insights
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Zendesk Sell CRM

Zendesk Sell is a CRM platform for sales productivity, improved customer relationships, and pipeline clarity.

Dynamic and Innovative
Competent attracting customers
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Google for Education

Google for Education tools work together to transform teaching and learning so every student and educator can pursue their personal potential.

Simple and secure learning environment
Managed education ecosystem with versatile, intuitive and secure devices
Easy way to connect with students and manage their classes
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Google Cloud Platform

A powerful suite of cloud computing services that empower you to build, deploy, and scale applications, websites, and services on the same cloud infrastructure as Google.

Google's infrastructure, data analytics, security, and ML
Open-source solutions
Pay-as-you-go approach
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Asana API

A platform to ensure all of your information is up-to-date and that your teams stay efficient and in the loop.

Manage PATs and Developer Apps
Personal Access Tokens
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Asana for Education

From course planning to administrative processes, streamline workflows with Asana. Join top campuses already partnered with Asana.

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Empower data analysts with a robust business intelligence platform and simplify data for everyone with Looker Family solutions, such as Looker Studio and Looker Studio Pro (premium version of Looker Studio).

One platform
Quick time-to-value
Smarter operating
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RESTful web service for interactive large-scale analysis of large datasets hosted in Google Storage. Serverless, highly scalable, and cost-effective multicloud data warehouse designed for business agility.

Gain insights with real-time and predictive analytics
Access data and share insights with ease
Protect your data and operate with trust
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Part of Google Cloud, Apigee helps leading companies design, secure, and scale application programming interfaces (APIs).

API-first integration with Apigee Integration
AI-powered API monitoring
Deployment flexibility with Apigee hybrid
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Chrome OS Flex

A perfect operating system for PCs and Macs that can turn old computers and laptops into fast, safe, and easy-to-run devices.

Safe design
Simple management
Maximum compatibility
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Google Chrome Enterprise

A license to manage Chrome IT infrastructure, which is designed to assist in managing all the capabilities of OS Chrome devices and to connect these with the Chrome browser users for maximum cooperation thereof.

Data protection
Support and management
Performance improvement
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Innovative and cloud-based touch screen allowing to create, plan and implement business ideas by all team members wherever they are located.

Designed for creativity
Unlimited cooperation
Solutions of the future
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Google Contact Center AI

Enable rich conversational experiences with Google AI-powered technologies for the best customer satisfaction.

Create agents that are superheroes for your customers
Enable natural interactions with virtual agents
Empower your teams with actionable insights
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Google Maps Platform

See how real-world insights and location solutions can transform your business from end to end

Real-time route optimization
Comprehensive geospatial data with simplified trip planning
Interactive customer experiences
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Google Voice

A free internet service from Google that uses Voice over VoIP with the ability to connect all user phone numbers together.

Easy to use
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Google Workspace

A flexible, innovative solution for you and your team to connect, collaborate and deliver impact from anywhere, on any device.

Enterprise-grade security for your data and devices
Storing and sharing files in the cloud
Real-time collaboration
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Zendesk Support Suite

The complete customer service solution that meets customer needs sets your team up for success and keeps your business in sync.

Ticketing system with intelligent routing
Artificial Intelligence, automation and integration
Agent workspace with personalized conversations
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Zendesk Sunshine

Zendesk Sunshine™ is a flexible CRM platform that effortlessly integrates with your current systems, providing a strong foundation for creating a customized customer support solution for your business.

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Best-rated cloud call center software that helps growing businesses expand beyond local territories.

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