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Zendesk Support Suite

The complete customer service solution that meets customer needs sets your team up for success and keeps your business in sync.

Unlock the Power of Customer Experience with Zendesk, Guided by a Trusted Partner

Benefits of Implementing Zendesk with Cloudfresh:

  • Tailored Proof of Concept: Experience Zendesk solutions customized to meet your specific business needs
  • Special Discounts: With Cloudfresh as a Zendesk Premier Partner, you can access the wide range of discounts available for new and existing customers.
  • Industry-Wide Expertise: Leverage our specialized premier services across diverse sectors, including gaming, retail, e-commerce, software, healthcare, finance, and more.
  • Flexible Payments: Benefit from a variety of flexible payment options, including multiple currencies such as PLN, USD, EUR, UAH, CZK, and cryptocurrencies.
  • Multilingual Support: Communicate seamlessly in your preferred language with our team, proficient in English, Ukrainian, Czech, Polish, and Russian.

With our Zendesk Professional Services, you get:

  • Implementation: Offload the heavy lifting of setting up Zendesk to our expert team, and enjoy professional configuration catering to your business needs.
  • Audit & Consulting: Enhance your solution setup with a thorough review and tailored recommendations to improve workflows and drive business success.
  • Integrations development: Get a business architecture that unites Zendesk with your existing systems and is customized to your operational requirements.
  • Training: Gain essential skills through targeted training on Zendesk's key services, including Support, Chat, Talk, Guide, Explore, and Gather, making sure that your team utilizes Zendesk to its full potential.
  • Zendesk AI Support: Incorporate Zendesk AI tools into your customer support system to automate tasks, increase personalization, and build a comprehensive self-service hub for your customers.
  • Migration: Ensure a prompt and flawless migration and fine-tuning of data objects from any helpdesk services to Zendesk, backed by our continuous assistance.
Gain Complimentary Access to Zendesk's Features with Cloudfresh Get a tailored first-hand experience that showcases Zendesk solution in action customized to your unique business needs. All without any upfront commitment. Apply Today
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Align your teams and technology to bring ease to customers, increase your team's productivity, and identify ways to grow your business.

Make things simple for your clients

Provide clients with conversational support in convenient ways so that they may quickly find the answers they require.

  • Messaging. No matter how people interact, the dialogue remains connected (over messaging, live chat, social, email, or voice).
  • Help center and community forum. Consumers may handle problems at their own pace, which cuts down on the time professionals take to address them.
  • AI. Zendesk uses chatbots to provide clients with rapid responses, increase the brainpower of your workers, and save your company time and money.

Prepare your teams for success

Support your internal teams, agents, and admins in producing their finest work. Zendesk offers robust, pre-configured, simple solutions to set up and utilize.

  • Manage customer tracking, prioritization, and responses with a single, unified agent workspace.
  • Save agents time using tools for cooperation that effectively link with internal and external partners.
  • Use built-in routing and intelligence to gather important information and minimize data entry.
  • Integrate knowledge management to give your content managers more power.

Keep your business in sync

  • Use our robust integration options, including code and no-code functionality, to incorporate all pertinent customer data.
  • Observe, track, and respond based on what your customers require. With simple analytics and reporting, it functions across third-party, sales, and service systems.

Zendesk Pricing

Suite Team $55

per agent month billed annually

  • Messaging across web, mobile and social. Email, voice, SMS, and live chat support.
  • Help center for agents. 1 default language.
  • Industry-leading ticketing system.
  • Out-of-the-box reporting and analytics.
  • Easy-to-set-up automation & workflows.
Suite Growth $89

per agent month billed annually

  • Help center for agents and help center for end-customers (up to 5) - knowledge management capabilities include customizable article lists, searches, filters, and labels.
  • CSAT & follow-up survey.
  • Possibility to install a Service Level Agreement (SLA).
  • Ability to create your own Private custom apps & integrations.
Suite Professional $115

per agent month billed annually

  • Personal chains in correspondence - Side conversation. The ability for agents to freely invite other people from the company and from outside to collaborate on tickets without interrupting the main flow of correspondence in the ticket.
  • Ability to set working hours schedule.
  • Redirection based on the position of an expert (Automatic redirection of incoming chat remarks or messages to assigned agents using support triggers).
  • Custom analytics. Ability to create custom metrics, charts, filters, and Zendesk dashboards on a hover-and-click basis in the analytics module.
  • Opportunities to create forums and communities.


"For us, the experience with Zendesk was new. We learned a lot in a short time. The tools themselves aren't always intuitive, but we've made it with the support of Cloudfresh and many articles in the Zendesk Knowledge Base."

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Taisiya Nasretdinova CEO at ICANHELPHOST

"Zendesk has opened up new opportunities for Rozetka and helped bring the company's ideas to life quickly and with fewer resources. Now the team is using more advanced trending technologies that affect the efficiency of the support department and the whole company."

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Natalia Vovk Head of Written Appeals Department
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