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Asana for Government

Asana is a work management platform that allows government agencies to effectively collaborate on various projects and processes between teams of all sizes. With Asana, you can set up all processes and automate manual tasks while reducing the errors and manual work that delay project execution. You can manage your remote work and collaborate effectively from anywhere. Asana's project management tools allow you plan, organize, and manage your team’s work from start to finish. You can also coordinate team tasks, share feedback, files, and status updates, and see a complete scope of work.

Asana for Government

Why Asana?

Asana is a work management platform that allows government agencies to effectively collaborate on various projects and processes between teams of all sizes. All your data is secured in the cloud and gathered in one place. Asana enables the most productive way of collaboration and project management, as well as coordination, scaling, and reporting.

With Asana, you can set up all processes and automate manual tasks while reducing the errors and manual work that usually delays project execution on time. Monitoring and tracking your work progress from every angle allows your organization to keep your work on track and to troubleshoot problems instantly.

As an Asana Solutions Partner, we provide Asana Professional Services to equip you with everything you need to build the most synchronized and effective work management.

How to use Asana?

Asana is robust for any workflow and offers you everything you need to get your work plans done. We present Asana workflow solutions that could be relevant to your organization.

Remote work

With Asana, you can manage your remote work and collaborate effectively from anywhere you are.

  • Keep your remote work organized with Inbox
  • Increase team visibility by adding tasks to multiple projects
  • Improve remote team communication with status updates
  • Set clear priorities for your team with custom fields
  • Centralize your work in My Tasks

You can also start your remote work quickly by using one of the pre-built templates in Asana or the CSV importer to easily import data into any project. You can also use remote integrations to connect the services you predominantly use to Asana.

Project Management

With this tool, you can plan, organize, and manage your team’s work from start to finish. You can also coordinate team tasks, so everyone knows who’s doing what, share feedback, files, and status updates, and get a complete view of work.

Track your progress. Get real-time status updates, run reports, and more.

Improve collaboration. Make all the important things easy to find, like project plans and details, and more.

Stay on schedule. Map out goals and prioritize tasks.

Streamline communication. Keep conversations with teammates, clients, and vendors in one place so everyone would be in the same place about the project.


Project Management in Excel

In our time, many governmental organizations and not only them continue to work in Excel that often inquire about advanced Excel skills. However, it would help if you had more than an Excel spreadsheet to successfully manage teams and complete project tasks.

With Asana project management, use pre-made templates to spend less time re-thinking your roadmap, map out project timelines, schedule tasks, get a clear view of who’s doing what, use Timeline, and stop manually building your calendar. Moreover, with Asana, you can follow tasks to get notifications on progress or completion, comment directly on them, add due dates, assignees, etc.

Best Organization

With Asana’s organization tools, you can boost your team’s productivity by creating a collaborative, easy-to-follow environment. Creation of tasks with due dates and reminders, the highest level of team communication and collaboration, and team and project calendars are possible with Asana.

Make plans clear for everyone.

Keep track of your priorities to get a clear picture of your work.

Organize your work the way you want: from lists to boards.

Streamline your workflows by creating custom templates and saving time for future projects.


You can also use Asana work-to-do lists, tasks automation, work requests, organization goals and milestones, and meeting agendas to keep your work well organized.

Agile management and Kanban boards

Asana is a perfect agile management tool for agile projects and scrum sprints. Using Agile management software built for your team, you can collaborate from custom boards to timelines to move quickly and get results.

  1. Track launches and iterations. With Asana, you can map out your launch, share team updates, provide mock-up feedback, and launch your final project on time.
  2. Simplify agile project processes and sprint plans. To visualize your entire project from start to finish, you can use Kanban boards. It is a form of visual project management that allows you to plot out projects and workflows using columns and cards. With Kanban boards, it’s easy to plan your workflows, know where work stands in real-time, and solve some backlogs.
  3. Communication effectively with your team. With team conversations, you can ask questions or post comments. Moreover, you can integrate Asana into your existing communication tools.


Key Benefits and Features

Asana proposes various virtual tools to ​​create connected processes, keep up with the deadlines, set your goals and provide the best reporting you can.

Workflow Builder

With Workflow Builder, you can connect everyone and everything in one place. This tool enables more team members to set up processes, report on progress, and share across teams. It can also adapt workflows to evolve with your team so that you can improve your work progress quickly.


Use Timeline to create project plans that keep you on schedule and share it with your team so everyone can be on the same page. With Timeline, you can identify possible problems and eliminate them before they occur. You can see the connections between all tasks and deadlines as well.


With the help of various dashboards, charts, and graphs, you can visualize and scale your progress across teams and projects and troubleshoot possible drawbacks as fast as possible.


With Forms, you can submit and manage your requests from one place. The standard intake process becomes simpler when your demands are automated and sent to the right people and projects without extra manual work and a waste of time.


Asana for Government can help you wisely connect all your agency's goals with the work process to get the right things done by prioritizing work according to your strategy. Setting goals in Asana keeps your teams from reducing conflict and moving in one direction.


With this tool, you do not need to spend time on manual work because all those tasks can be automated. Asana proposes you build reliable and error-proof processes so you save time for more important problems and stay sure everyone follows the proper steps.


It is easy for teams to plan, manage, and visualize their work with a shared team calendar software. With Asana Calendar, you can switch between calendars and lists, see what your teams are working on, and integrate Asana with other scheduling tools, for example, Google Calendars, iCal, and Outlook.


Asana Workload allows you to ensure that none of your workers are overwhelmed. Using this feature, you can manage your team’s workload in real-time and get a complete picture of everyone’s capacity at a glance. Assign a value to tasks, like hours or points, to estimate the effort they require and balance your agency work effectively.

Trust and Security

A million teams trust asana in 190 countries around the world. It is known for its data protection, reliability, privacy through the infrastructure and data governance, and compliance with global and regional standards.


Asana takes a security-by-design approach to protect your data, having created a platform according to the best practices for highly available, scalable, and secure cloud applications.

  • Security infrastructure

Asana’s security approach includes protocols such as password hashing, routine security assessments, least privilege access, security-focused software development, and a public bug bounty program.

  • Operational security

Asana’s information security team continuously implements new security controls and monitors the platform for malicious activity across physical data centers, networks, and IT devices.


Asana offers full transparency into system status and performance.

  • Uptime and availability

Asana offers 24/7 priority support and provides transparency into real-time and historical platform status.

  • Continuity

Asana’s infrastructure investments provide daily and regional backups and recovery procedures for restoring services in the event of unavoidable failures.


  • Privacy controls

Asana provides in-product admin controls and the ability to define which third-party applications are accessible to your team.

  • Data governance

Asana allows to export and delete data at the organization level and automate full-domain exports through its API.

  • Data residency

Asana offers global data residency options to ensure that you have more control over where the data is stored.

Certifications and attestations

SOC 2 (Type 2) Security, availability, and confidentiality trust services criteria

SOC 3 Overview of Service Organization Controls

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Global standard for information security management systems

GDPR Data protection and data subject rights for EU residents

CCPA Privacy rights and consumer protection for California residents

GLBA Privacy Rule and Safeguards Rule for financial institutions

FERPA Privacy rights for educational information and records


Apps Integration

With Asana, you can get all your favorite tools in one place and keep everything connected in one shared workspace. So you do not have to give up your existing applications. You should get more from them by integrating with Asana to increase your work productivity.


Asana API

Collaboration across teams and tools works best when everyone stays in sync and processes flow easily and without friction. That is why we have Asana’s API: it is a platform to ensure all of your information is up to date and that your teams stay efficient and in the loop.

The Asana API is an interface providing programmatic access to much of the data in the system. It makes it easy to communicate from various environments: command-line utilities, gadgets, and even the browser URL bar itself. So, Asana’s API provides a means for software and scripts to read information from inside Asana, input information from outside Asana, and automatically react when things change.

Use Cases

Manchester City Council
City of Providence
Medical Procurement of Ukraine

Manchester City’s Design Studio saves 2+ work days per campaign with Asana

Manchester City Council is a classic example of “work about work”. Here we talk about preparing annual parades, Christmas markets, a massive celebration called Manchester Day, and other local happenings. Manchester City Council’s Communications Department and M-Four, their in-house design and advertising studio, who were responsible for producing these events and citywide communications campaigns, were used to do it all on paper. Because of the need to go digital to change the process more quickly and cost-effective, they integrated Asana.

Asana impact

  • 2–3 days saved on admin work per event or campaign
  • Transitioned to a paperless system, with less clutter, chaos, and lost work
  • Improved morale and employee engagement due to new ability to work remotely

“The time we’re saving from the admin side is now being spent on design work or marketing strategy.” — Shawn Bahlmann, Studio Manager at M-Four.

Asana plans

Choose a plan and try the free version for 30 days

Premium For teams that need to create project plans and monitor their implementation. 10,99 USD per user, per month (Billed Annually)
  • Timeline
  • Dashboards
  • Advanced Search & Reporting
  • Custom fields
  • Forms, Rules, Milestones
  • Admin Console
  • Private teams & projects
  • Free guests
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Business For teams and companies that need to manage work across various initiatives. 24,99 USD per user, per month (Billed Annually)
  • Everything in Premium
  • Portfolios
  • Workload
  • Goals
  • Custom rules builder
  • Approvals
  • Proofing
  • Extended reporting
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Enterprise For organizations looking for added security, control and support. The price is formed individually
  • Everything in Premium & Business
  • SSO / SAML
  • User provisioning & deprovisioning (SCIM)
  • Data export & deletion
  • Block native integrations
  • Custom branding
  • Priority Support
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Connect Asana with the support of Cloudfresh


We use Asana ourselves for project and task management and have implemented it for companies of various industries and sizes in Europe.


Understanding of the functionality and ownership of the various options for using the service allows us to optimally adapt Asana to the needs of your company.

Payment by invoice in UAH, USD, EUR

We provide invoices and payments by bank transfer from the legal entity to another legal entity in Europe.

Legal documents

We provide all necessary legal and accounting documentation according to the legal requirements of the paying country.

Discounts and special conditions

We provide discounts for new and regular corporate customers for implementing and setting up Asana.

Additional service and support from Cloudfresh

In addition to selling licenses, we implement and support Asana and integrate it with other services, conduct team training.