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Google Voice

A free internet service from Google that uses Voice over VoIP with the ability to connect all user phone numbers together.

Integrate Google Voice with Google Workspace (ex. G Suite)

Increase productivity and complete the unification of messages in your Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) domain with a telephone solution – Google Voice! Simple, smart and scalable telephony, which is suitable for organizations of any size.  Focus on what really matters, staying connected to any device. With features like voicemail transcription and spam detection, Google Voice is the perfect solution for cloud telephony.

Improve work process with Voice & Google Workspace (ex. G Suite)

For Users

Google Voice has the user-friendly interface of Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) and works seamlessly from your browser, iOS or Android mobile phone or desktop. The service integrates with Google Calendar and automatically converts calls to Silent mode. Voicemail messages come in both voice and text messages to Gmail.

For IT Administrators

Avoid unnecessary phone systems and their management, because Google Voice is 100% cloud-based. Convenient user management from Google Workspace Admin console. One invoice from one vendor also saves you time and effort.

For Business

One provider (Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) solution, Google Meet video calls, Google Voice telephony), transcription of calls, forecastable billing, user management wherever you are.

Stay tuned

Google Voice doesn’t bind to devices, so you can conduct and answer calls at any place. Your organization can standardize Google as the only partner for all of your communication needs, using Google Voice with Google Meet and Google Chat.

Easy to use 

Google Voice is equipped with simple features that allow to set it in accordance with the ordinary workflow of your organization. Number assignment, transferring and billing are united in the convenient Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) admin console. 


Google Voice provides with the exact voicemail transcription and intellectual spam filtration, enables to react to the really important points. Intellectual integrations with Meet and Calendar will let you know who calls you and why, managing your availability at the same time to reach the balance between work and private life. 


Google Voice is easy to scale if needed via the familiar Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) interface. It can be set at any place in the world, initially and globally.

Voice quickly emerged as our preferred telephony solution for remote teams and frequent travelers. As participants of the trusted tester program, we rolled out Voice and saw major improvements in reliability and call quality over our existing solutions. Kimberly Ansett, CIO, Nielsen