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Cloudfresh – international company that provides advanced solutions and tools for digital transformation that increases efficiency, reduces maintenance costs of IT-infrastructure and helps organizations in solving complex problems in the information technology age.

1 Our history
From 2013 to bright future

Our mission To provide companies with the best tools for digital transformation. Guide and support our customers on their way to the Digital World

Our clients Companies that want to achieve business results faster, develop new markets, transform business processes, adapt and use modern technologies.

Cloudfresh statuses

  • Google Premier Partner
  • Zendesk Master Partner
  • Zoho Premium Partner
  • Asana Solutions Partner

Services Implementation, migration, configuration, training, administration, support, hypothesis testing, choice of form and currency of payment and other specialized solutions.

2 How do we do it?

Knowledge of technology and accountability

We are attentive to our clients' inquiries, regardless of the company size, and we guarantee a professional approach at every work stage.
Before we act, we listen and analyze. We get to know you better to understand your business and the challenges it faces, as well as to be sure that the proposed solution will be the best one.
While our technical teams work in the background, our project management professionals work with you on the transformations taking place in your company.
Success and innovations
Our team guarantees that you and your team will have the knowledge to apply the full potential of the tools provided. Our experts constantly analyze how new solutions influence your internal and external workflow processes to be able to recommend further innovations.
3 Clients

We are proud to cooperate with such inspiring companies.

The geography of our clients is not limited to one continent, as we have been open to the whole world for many years.
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