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CloudM — a SaaS data management platform for you to get the most from out of the cloud. Whether it’s Microsoft 365, Google Workspace or other SaaS applications, CloudM drives your business through a easy-to-use and secure solutions that enable your business to be more productive.

What is CloudM ?

CloudM Migrate is a world-leading web-based cloud migration tool that helps businesses migrate different types of data, including emails, files, calendars, and archives, from other source platforms. The platform allows users to perform analysis of their source environment and generate reports on key statistics such as item count, permissions, data volume, and folder depth when migrating.

Migration from one domain’s Google Workspace to another is possible. Or from Microsoft 365 to Microsoft 365. The platform helps to migrate data efficiently and without data loss from Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, or other SaaS applications.

With CloudM migration, you can transfer data to Google Workspace from over 20 classic platforms such as Zimbra, IBM Lotus, Proton, Zoho, etc., and get the most from your digital workspace.


CloudM Migration and management for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace


Scale your business, avoid vendor lock-in and experience true cloud freedom. Migrate your digital workplace with CloudM’s cloud migration solution.

  • Move to Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace
  • Migrate from 20+ Source Platforms
  • Serviced Migrations
  • Pre-migration Assessment
  • Multiple Deployment Options
  • Migrate Reporting

Migrate to Google Workspace

Migrate email, contacts, calendars and files from enterprise sources to Google Workspace.

Cloud M has performed over 68 million migrations across 107 countries worldwide. We can help you migrate to Google Workspace.


Browse our source platforms and discover what data you can migrate to Google with CloudM


Mail Migration

  • Office 365, Google Workspace, GroupWise, Zimbra, Lotus Notes, IMAP, Free Gmail, Exchange.


File Migration

  • OneDrive for Business, Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft File System, Box, SharePoint


Archive Migration

  • Outlook PST, Google Vault, Exchange Archives, Veritas Enterprise Vault, HP Autonomy EAS, MBOX/EML, EMC SourceOne, Microsoft Online Archives, Office 365 Online Archives, GroupWise Archives, Lotus Notes NSF
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CloudM Benefits

1. Save your time and money

CloudM migration solutions let you speed through the work processes. You will be able to automate your IT infrastructure, enabling your company with faster work processes and more effective user management.

2. Boost workers productivity

With Cloud M you can stimulate your workers to be more productive by giving them more automation and improving how they collaborate. They can also enjoy a straightforward and user-friendly experience by choosing the desktop and browser-based interfaces.

3. A high level of security

You should not worry about security during the migration. With the CloudM secure cloud migration tool, you can move to the cloud with guaranteed data integrity and zero user downtime.


CloudM tools can save your time, stress, and money by automating office life. Over 35,000 customers, including the likes of Spotify, Netflix, and Uber, have experienced CloudM benefits in their own experience.


Connect CloudM with the support of Cloudfresh

Cloudfresh is the official CloudM Partner in Europe and Middle East.


We performed a big quantity of migrations for our clients’ companies from different industries and different sizes with CloudM tools.


Our professionals deeply understand the functionality of CloudM and the various options that enable our clients with a high level of the service according to the company's needs optimally.

Payment by invoice in UAH, USD, EUR

We provide invoices and payments by bank transfer from the legal entity to another legal entity in Europe.

Legal documents

We provide all necessary legal and accounting documentation according to the legal requirements of the paying country.

Discounts and special conditions

We provide discounts for new and regular corporate customers for implementing and setting up CloudM.

Additional service and support from Cloudfresh

In addition to selling licenses, we implement and support CloudM, integrate it with other services, and conduct team training.