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Google Meet Hardware Annual License

Fast, effective, and easy video meetings for all your rooms and spaces with Google Meet Hardware license

Roczna licencja Google Meet Hardware: współpracuj z niezawodnymi urządzeniami

Google Meet Hardware Annual License: working together with trusted devices

A Google Meet Hardware License enables seamless collaboration and video conferencing using all the advantages of Google Meet Hardware. This innovative video system empowers individuals inside your organization to conduct teamwork meetings regardless of location. By leveraging the power of Google Calendar, you can comfortably schedule video meetings and seamlessly integrate them with all Google Workspace services.

Open access to a range of features with the Google Meet Hardware license:

  • Conduct meetings with internal and external participants, inviting colleagues, customers, or partners
  • Fully integrated with Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) and Google Calendar, enabling seamless scheduling and management of meeting rooms
  • Easy installation and administration for smooth operation
  • Compatible with Chromebox for Meetings, ensuring a reliable and seamless video conferencing experience
  • Personalize meeting rooms to suit your organization’s needs
  • Stay informed with hardware performance reports, allowing you to monitor and optimize meeting experiences
  • View the status of equipment to ensure everything is functioning properly
  • Perform diagnostics through the administrator console for troubleshooting and maintenance

A Google Meet License is designed to be adaptable with various hardware options, including the Avocor Series One Board 65 and 27, Lenovo solutions for Google Meet Series One, Logitech Room Solution for Google Meet, Asus Google Meet Hardware Kits, and Acer Chromebase. In the event of hardware failure or the need for a replacement, the license can be effortlessly transferred from the existing device to a new one, ensuring uninterrupted productivity.

By opting for a Google Meet room license, you gain access to 24/7 support from Google. Additionally, the license allows you the ability to manage your device through the user-friendly admin panel in Google Workspace.

Take control of your Google Meet Hardware with Annual License

Manage the Google admin console easily, where you can view, modify, and update settings specific to Google Meet hardware. Accessing these settings requires administrator privileges, ensuring secure access to the console.

As a Google Workspace administrator, you gain access to a range of features and reports that enhance your management capabilities for Google Meet Hardware:

  1. Room configuration: design various settings for Google Meet Hardware rooms, such as display names and enabling/disabling specific features.
  2. Room diagnostics: obtain comprehensive diagnostics for each room, including microphone and speaker functionality and video streaming status, ensuring optimal performance.
  3. Usage reports: track meeting metrics, including the number of meetings, participants, and time spent in each room, empowering you with valuable insights.
  4. Device management: effectively manage devices connected to each room, allowing you to add or remove devices, modify settings, and update software as needed.
  5. Network configuration: customize network settings for each room, enabling you to set up Wi-Fi networks and assign IP addresses for seamless connectivity.
  6. Security settings: enhance meeting security and privacy by configuring encryption and authentication settings, safeguarding sensitive information.

A Google Meet room license is mandatory to utilize Google Meet Hardware and Chromebox for Meetings devices with Google Workspace versions. The initial license purchased for the Google Meet hardware management console is valid for one year from the date of purchase. The enrollment process is quick and straightforward, facilitated by an onscreen wizard.

A Google Meet Hardware license price is €240/$240 per year, and you can order the official license in our Cloud Store. The license will be prorated to align with the end date of your first license, ensuring a seamless transition and continuous management of your Google Meet Hardware.

To continue using the Google Meet Hardware for an additional year, you have the option to renew your licenses through Cloudfresh, the official reseller. Cloudfresh provides the necessary licenses and support to ensure uninterrupted access and usage of Google Meet Hardware.


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