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Lenovo Solutions for Google Meet

Lenovo – Google Meet hardware is a modernized solution with an approachable and reliable design suited for any space that is easy to install and manage.

Lenovo Solutions for Google Meet

Innovative series of new Google Meet Series room kits to give you the best meetings experience. 

Lenovo solutions for Google Meet are innovative and easy to install a series of new Google Meet Series room kits. Lenovo proposes reliable and durable hardware suited for three-room sizes: Small, Medium & Large.

Those modern and attractive hardware components will enable modern workplace collaboration via Google Meet and provide you with all the tools you need to manage your video conferences.

Outfit any space

Choose from three purpose-built options, depending on your need: small, medium, or large rooms. The Google Meet Series One room kits from Lenovo are comprehensive and ready out of the box. Each kit includes a compute system with custom mounting options, plus a combination of up to six other components—which vary by room size.

Modernize your meetings

These are the first room kits of their kind to carry the Series One designation, thanks to unique features like onboard-AI and enterprise-grade components. The innovative compute system features an exclusive tensor processing unit (TPU) that delivers top-of-the-line performance. TrueVoice™ noise cancellation technology scrubs audio to ensure ultra-clear communication. And the 4K-capable AI cameras deliver smoother pan/zoom movements.

Easy to install and manage

Series One room kits are easier and more cost-effective to install than almost any other option.With power and network combined in one Ethernet cable, there are fewer cables to run and less clutter under or on the table.

Approachable, reliable design

The approachable product design of the Series One room kits complements the modern workplace aesthetic. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to join meetings and share content. The attractive components are available in two inviting colors: Chalk and Charcoal. The hardware is reliable and durable, backed by a three-year Lenovo Premier Support warranty with a possibility to extend coverage available at additional cost.


Lenovo Series One Google Meet Hardware Kit


Lenovo Series One Google Meet Hardware Kit engineered exclusively for Google Meet proposes three solutions for small, medium and larger rooms. They are designed to be immersive, effortless to install and use, and have a sleek, approachable design.

Series One takes advantage of Google AI and onboard processing to provide TrueVoice™ multi-channel noise cancellation. The immersive experiences extend to video with automatic participant framing that detects participants and intelligently zooms without loss of quality.

Series One is as easy to install as it is to use, with power-over-ethernet (PoE) enabled components, color coded cables, and magnetic mounts. With two distinct color options and a modern design, Series One fits in seamlessly with any architectural style.

Series One Google Meet Hardware Kit for Small Room

The small room kit is perfect for rooms with up to 6 people and about 200 square feet in size. It comes with a Smart Audio Bar, Smart Camera, remote control, and Series One Meet compute system.


Series One Google Meet Hardware Kit for Medium Room

The medium room kit comes with the Smart Camera, Smart Audio bar, Series One Meet Compute system, mic pod, and touch controller. This kit is recommended for rooms with 6 to 10 seats and approximately 260 square feet in size.


Series One Google Meet Hardware Kit for Large Room

Designed to accommodate the largest boardrooms, the large room kit uses dual audio bars for room filling, stereo sound. It also comes with the upgraded XL camera and two mic pods, in addition to the touch controller and Series One Meet compute system.




Google Meet hardware allows teams of your organization to conduct meetings and collaborate from every location.



An annual license is required for every Google Meet Hardware device you use.

Google Meet Hardware is a video conferencing system that allows the teams in your organization to conduct meetings and collaborate with colleagues, no matter the location.

With the Google Meet license, you can schedule video meetings using Google Calendar and collaborate with other Google Workspace services.

The license allows you to make the Google Meet Hardware device manageable from the administrator console, and have access to:

  • Hardware performance reports
  • The ability to integrate GMH equipment with company resources
  • Setting up personalized slides and wallpapers
  • View the status of equipment and peripherals
  • Enabling soft noise reduction
  • The ability to perform diagnostics through the administrator console
  • Apply Google Meet service policies to your device via the admin console

You may renew and prolong your licenses with Cloudfresh, the official Google Cloud Hardware reseller to continue using the Meet service.

You may learn more and order a license on the Google Meet Hardware License page.



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