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Chrome OS Flex

A perfect operating system for PCs and Macs that can turn old computers and laptops into fast, safe, and easy-to-run devices.

Modernize devices you already own with Chrome OS Flex

The latest IT hardware is sometimes not as important as the modern OS is. Do not hurry to remove old hardware from your balance sheet, because there is Chrome OS Flex – the perfect software solution that can turn old computers and laptops into fast, safe, and easy-to-run, devices by installing Chrome OS certified by Google.

CloudReady is the operating system created by Neverware based on the open-source Google Chromium OS. CloudReady uses Google services and cloud-based storage instead of traditional software and local storages. 

The time you usually spend to boot your computer, to launch a program, antivirus, or system upgrade could be used more efficiently: to create a report, to reply to a client in Gmail, or to finish an important presentation. Stop wasting your time, get Chrome Flex OS!


What a cloud-first OS has to offer

Fast, modern work experience from anywhere

Devices boot quickly, don’t slow down over time, and update in the background, reducing device downtime

Fast deployment and easy management

Deploy ChromeOS Flex across your fleet via USB or network deployment and a user’s settings and policies sync to the device almost instantly

Proactive security

Blocked executables and sandboxing technology eliminate the need for antivirus software. IT controls prevent data loss on lost or stolen devices

Make the most of your existing hardware

Refresh your older devices with a modern OS and extend their lifespan to reduce e-waste. Deploy a more energy efficient, sustainable solution while experiencing lower total cost of ownership

The free upgrade your PCs and Macs have been waiting for

Chrome OS Flex suits organizations of different sizes 

It does not matter when your computers failed: just a few or already 5 years ago. The operating system CloudReady can be installed on almost any device (PC, laptop, Mac) and securely combines cloud-based and company resources. CloudReady can be integrated with Google Workspace (G Suite) and Google administration console, therefore you can manage, track, and organize users and devices taking no extra time or effort, just like you do this when using Chrome Enterprise for Chromebook and Chromebox.

Google Chrome OS Flex for education 

Use your time to get maximum from learning by renovating outdated devices at schools and universities. Chrome-based fast and safe devices help to increase the speed of the lesson conduct and the effectiveness of the knowledge received. Each student can connect to the system using their personal accounts and get access to their own Google Drive and bookmarks necessary for learning, and then to logout using one button.

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