Cloud Blog – What is GCP and how you can use it for your business

What is GCP and how you can use it for your business

Gmail, Google Maps, Google Docs and so on are probably not  new tools to you. These products are often on your radar, even if you don’t work with Google’s toolkit. But are you  familiar with the Google Cloud Platform and how it works? 

In this article, we’ll talk to you about the most important element in building a business online, tell you about features you may not have known, and delve a little deeper into the history to introduce you to the product. 


So what is GCP Cloud?

Cloud technology is a trend in 2021 that has not previously been as popular. That’s understandable, since the trend of businesses going online has increased dramatically over the past two years. Google Cloud is a collection of several services that can help large, medium-sized and small businesses to go digital. The Google Cloud Platform is also part of the Google Cloud, which provides a place to deploy your own and host your web applications.

You need Google Cloud Platform services if you want to create not just a standard website, but a web application that will help your customers. For example, you sell furniture and would like to create an application on your site to calculate the size of the closet that would fit your customers. Or, you’re creating a sports portal, and you need to give your trainers the ability to calculate their body measurements to see who should get in shape. By creating such an interactive application on your website, you not only create quality and convenient services, but also create a good image for your brand. 

You can also use the Google Cloud Platform when you need an application with:

  • Artificial Intelligence;
  • Powerful analytics;
  • A massive data center; 
  • Massive data storage;
  • Cost efficiency benefits. 

At the same time, the cloud works in such a way that you pay only for the services used. You don’t pay for the entire system at once; you only pay for cloud services. Now, to better understand how the cloud works, let’s dive a little into the history of how this service was created. 


About Google Cloud history 

Google Cloud first launched in 2008 and was then called App Engine. The purpose of the service was to simplify the work and run web applications with ease. It was an opportunity to open up new possibilities for working with cloud platforms, as well as the beginning of scaling. 

At the time, the platform already had a competitor from Microsoft. The first release of the service also aimed to test the platform, so GCP (and at the time App Engine) was available to over 10,000 developers. They had the opportunity to use 500 MB of storage, 200 million megacycles of CPU and 10 GB of bandwidth per day.

Trial runs with the service ended in 2011, at which point Google announced GCP as its official product. Now, companies such as Nintendo, eBay, UPS, The Home Depot, Etsy, PayPal, 20th Century Fox and Twitter use Google’s cloud services. At the moment, there are only 24 GCP work centers in different countries. The latest center to open is the Google office in Warsaw. You can read more about the opening of the new region here. 


What is Google Cloud Platform used for?

We’ve already answered the question of what the Google Cloud Platform is and what its main features are. Now, let’s look at the strengths of the platform, who can benefit from it, and go over its main features again. 


The main services of Google Cloud Platform

GCP includes several products at once, and the platform’s services depend on the region in which the center is located. The functions of GCP also depend on which region the Google GCP office is located in. Nevertheless, the main GCP services are as follows: 

  • Machine Learning;
  • Storage and database;
  • Computation and hosting;
  • Data to use;
  • Networking. 

If you are still at a loss as to what GCP is and what services it provides, then you can contact the Cloudfresh experts for advice. 


Pros of GCP services

Imagine that GCP is a kind of constructor that you can use to build your own web architecture. Compared to all the other cloud platforms, we have highlighted three main advantages that make GCP stand out:

  1. Knowledge Base or Google Docs. When working with the cloud, many people may have unforeseen questions or even problems. To understand how to solve any problems or just to get up to speed with GCP, you can read the Google Cloud Platform documentation. It is divided into various sections and even has a practical section to help you understand how the cloud platform works in practice. 
  2. Using a premium global network. You need a good backbone network that uses advanced networking and border caching services to work well and smoothly. 

It is also worth considering the most important advantage of working with GCP is to work with comfort and convenience. 


Use of Google Cloud Platform

Now let’s break down who would benefit from the Google Cloud Platform and why: 

  • For large companies with numerous departments. When you have several departments in a company and each moves at their own pace, you need to properly create a hierarchy in which each department could work at its own pace but under general guidance. GCP helps create and manage policies within a company without much difficulty. 

When removing projects from the platform, GCP automatically removes project material from everywhere, which will save unnecessary costs in the future. 

  •  For businesses that care about using machine learning or analytics. GCP first and foremost gives its customers broad access to machine learning data, an advantage that is very significant for large companies. Together with the data GCP provides, companies can use additional key information about their products to improve them. 

That’s not all the benefits of this service, though. Google Cloud GCP offers a wide range of benefits and unique features that can help your business scale. 


Transform your business fast

Let’s summarize. GCP is one of the largest cloud providers, offering a suite of computing services for data management, artificial intelligence and machine learning tools. GCP’s benefits and services can expand your business and help you scale to new frontiers. It’s not an easy process, but it’s definitely worth the effort. 

Learning the GCP platform also has its benefits. You can take advantage of Google certifications for training, or you can contact the Cloudfresh team for training and help with platform integration. 

The Cloudfresh team is a unique center of expertise for Google Cloud, Zendesk, and Asana. For these products, we can provide you with the following services: 

  • Customization;
  • Development;
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  • Support.

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