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Google Maps

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"Google Maps has become an indispensable tool for us, setting a global standard with its unique accuracy and reliability. It provides a level of service unmatched by other platforms, opening new horizons for us to develop and optimize our products. Meanwhile, transitioning all employees to Google Workspace services allows us to centrally manage all accounts and enhance the company's data security. Furthermore, our teams have gained essential functionality for daily collaboration within the integrated Workspace applications."

Vitaly Negrychuk DevOps Team Lead at Wildix
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"Our goal is to make finding the right gas station hassle-free for every customer. So we are constantly developing new features that meet the needs of our users. That's why we use the best of the latest digital technologies."

Vadim Egorenkov Product Manager
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"Google Maps Platform is not only one of the most convenient maps. It is a limitless set of useful software services that allow you to develop your product very quickly and efficiently."

Volodymyr Zubenko Head of Expansion Technology
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"We always design extremely reliable products of high quality. The use of Google solutions contributes to the great quality and maps stable workflow and geolocation determination. For us, as a logistic service, these are the basic essentials. Cloudfresh empowers us to spend our resources aimed at map usage in the most optimal way."

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