Clients cases – Client Сase: Liki24

Client Сase: Liki24

"Google Maps Platform is not only one of the most convenient maps. It is a limitless set of useful software services that allow you to develop your product very quickly and efficiently."

Volodymyr Zubenko Head of Expansion Technology

How do Google Cloud tools help Liki24 create a better customer experience?

About client: Liki24 is a Ukrainian platform for booking and delivering medicines and health products, operating in Ukraine, Romania, and Poland. The company’s mission is to provide the population with easy access to pharmaceutical products, providing the best prices and quality services.

Industry: pharmaceutical delivery

Project start date: 05/12/2020

Project Completion Date: 05/28/2020

Challenge: The Liki24 team is convinced that efficiency is one of the main features of modern business, and the provision of quality customer services is a component of the efficiency of any company. The company decided to use the Google Cloud Platform to provide the most advanced and modernized drug search on their website.

At first, the team had a choice – to develop and maintain the functionality independently or move quickly and use a ready-made solution. The solution for Liki24 was one of the most popular search services, Elasticsearch. However, one of the unresolved issues was the hosting of the service and its uninterrupted operation.

On the other hand, after adding the self-delivery function of medicines to the site, the company needed to determine the client’s address to offer him the best products from the nearest pharmacies. After analyzing many solutions to this problem, the company decided to start using the Google Maps Platform.



Solution: Liki24 decided to use the Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) to host Elasticsearch. It is a Google Cloud cloud service that helps build applications based on microservices and supports the containerization of existing programs, allowing you to develop and modernize applications quickly. As a result of the correct implementation of Kubernetes, the company’s team has a cluster to host various auxiliary tools on it with a very low probability of failure.

In addition to using Google Maps to effectively search for available medicines on the company’s website to improve the customer experience, Liki24 decided to use Google Maps for its Android and iOS mobile apps. The team has chosen Maps SDK for iOS and Maps SDK for Android for their applications.

The main advantages of this solution were:

  • Quick service connection
  • Uninterrupted work and support thanks to cloud solutions
  • Easy configuration
  • Free use
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Results: The Google Maps Platform in Liki24 applications has made the provision of services to the population better and drug delivery more manageable and more accessible. Google Maps has become an indispensable tool for the team to provide customers with a better user experience and experience.

As a result, the company received:

  • High SLA (service level) performance
  • Stability and uninterrupted work
  • Reporting system and quality analytics


"Google Maps Platform is not only one of the most convenient maps. It is a limitless set of useful software services that allow you to develop your product very quickly and efficiently." Volodymyr Zubenko, Head of Expansion Technology

Cloudfresh Role: Cloudfresh has selected the best solutions according to Liki24’s activities and needs. The company’s team provided advice on working with the Google Cloud Platform and Google Maps Platform. It helped to understand the technical aspects of the Google Maps API regarding its careful use and control of work with services.

Also, thanks to cooperation with Cloudfresh, Liki24 received the best conditions for connecting the Google Maps API, which helped the company significantly reduce the cost of Google Maps services.

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