Clients cases – Client case: SOCAR Energy Ukraine

Client case: SOCAR Energy Ukraine

"Our goal is to make finding the right gas station hassle-free for every customer. So we are constantly developing new features that meet the needs of our users. That's why we use the best of the latest digital technologies."

Vadim Egorenkov Product Manager

How does Google Maps make it easier for SOCAR Energy Ukraine customers to find the right filling station?


About the client: SOCAR Energy Ukraine is a multi-brand complex that combines a retail network at fuel filling stations, wholesale trade of various types of power and imported natural gas, and its logistics system. SOCAR Energy Ukraine is present in 11 regions where clients can avail themselves of 57 fuel-filling stations with convenient infrastructure around them, including shops, restaurants, free Wi-Fi, phone services, smartphone charging, restrooms, and inclusive facilities.

Project start date: 2018
Project end date: 2019

Challenge: SOCAR Energy Ukraine, with a widespread network of fuel filling stations throughout Ukraine, needed to provide detailed information to hundreds of drivers who daily search for fuel filling stations. The SOCAR Energy Ukraine team identified several tasks to implement this project:

  1. Driver navigation: provide drivers with detailed cartographic information that would allow SOCAR Energy Ukraine to provide accurate instructions for routes to service points, including the shortest route, traffic information, landmarks, and more.
  2. Search for nearest stations: integrate the search for the nearest fuel filling station on the website and in the mobile application, allowing customers to quickly find the closest available SOCAR Energy Ukraine station and plan a route.
  3. Traffic monitoring: use actual traffic data for monitoring regions and planning optimal routes.

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Solution: SOCAR Energy Ukraine collaborated with the Cloudfresh team to address these tasks. The process began with consultations and the search for practical solutions: the SOCAR Energy Ukraine team provided detailed information about their needs and technical input, and necessary integrations for efficient work. After that, the Cloudfresh team proposed the following:

  • Static and dynamic maps from Google Maps provide users with complete station information. The maps were familiar and understandable to users, accelerating the integration process.
  • API Routes and Distance Matrix for calculating distances and travel time between objects and user-defined addresses. This feature helped users find the desired fuel filling station and determine the optimal route.
  • Google Maps JavaScript API for implementing detailed cartographic information into the application and website.
  • Geocoding API for converting addresses or geographic coordinates into points on the map and calculating the distance to the nearest fuel filling stations.
  • Directions API to provide drivers with routes to their chosen fuel-filling station and indicate where to make turns or pass through specific landmarks.

Thanks to using these Google Maps capabilities for business, SOCAR Energy Ukraine improved station search and information provision, making their services more accessible and convenient for customers.

Results: Through the Google Maps platform, SOCAR Energy Ukraine can provide thousands of unique monthly users with an intuitive and multifunctional interface tailored to their business needs.

The SOCAR team has received the following:

  • An updated website and mobile applications for SOCAR with a new interface and improved functionality using Google Maps.
  • Enhanced algorithms for searching SOCAR stations, ensuring fast and accurate detection of the nearest station based on the Roads API and Places API.
  • Integration with geolocation and navigation systems, helping users find the shortest route to their chosen station based on the Geolocation API, Places API, and Directional API.
  • Improved search for available services at stations, such as car washes, shops, restaurants, etc., using Google My Business.

"Our goal is to make finding the right gas station hassle-free for every customer. So we are constantly developing new features that meet the needs of our users. That's why we use the best of the latest digital technologies." Vadim Egorenkov, Product Manager

Cloudfresh’s Role: Experts from Cloudfresh played a crucial role in collaborating with SOCAR Energy Ukraine. They provided consultations and expert advice on the optimal solution for complex tasks. The Cloudfresh team thoroughly researched the needs of SOCAR Energy Ukraine, identified technical requirements, and proposed appropriate solutions, considering the business specifics and user needs. They leveraged their knowledge and experience in technology, particularly Google Maps and APIs, to ensure effective integration and utilization of these tools for SOCAR Energy Ukraine. The Cloudfresh team assisted SOCAR Energy Ukraine in finding optimal solutions and implementing them to facilitate the search for gas stations and provide users with the necessary information.

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