Clients cases – Case Study: Brand New Galaxy

Case Study: Brand New Galaxy

"Implementing Asana improved our workflow and enabled full visibility of all projects, its status and possible bottlenecks. This move helped us to address our efficiency and improve profitability. Cloudfresh helped us to implement Asana smoothly and in a very seamless way, connect the tool with our existing environment and make it an essential part of the workflow. Thanks to such a partner the adoption process went quick and all issues have been resolved immediately."

Sebastian Umiński Global Marketing Director, Brand New Galaxy

How Brand New Galaxy Manages Content Production and Operations With International Brands and Hundreds of Retailers


About the Company


Brand New Galaxy is a global E-commerce partner for global brands, bringing effective digital transformation across the entire path to purchase. BNG delivers growth for enterprise companies by utilizing its unique digital solutions E-commerce expertise, Creative & Content Production, and Automation & Performance Improvement.

The company was founded in Warsaw, Poland in 2017 and has grown to 500+ employees, 27 native languages, runs offices in Europe, MEA, and North America, and has been acquired by Stagwell (STGW) in 2022.




Before adopting Asana, Brand New Galaxy was running complex operations for multi-country clients and its local offices, faced numerous challenges in managing their extensive workload. With over 300 projects to oversee each month, a team of 600 individuals, and hundreds of retailers they work with, BNG needed to coordinate their efforts effectively. Using multiple project management tools made things more complex, with projects spread across different teams and platforms. The various communication channels (Teams, email, and peer-to-peer systems) added to the complexity, causing communication gaps and making it hard to track progress on many deliverables.

Brand New Galaxy realized the need for a simpler approach and looked for a unified solution to improve project management and team collaboration. Brand New Galaxy aimed to simplify their operations and make work more enjoyable and efficient for their teams. The goals were clear: to unite everyone under a single system for tasks, use one tool for communication, have a central hub for project materials, and facilitate cross-team collaboration.




Brand New Galaxy conducted a comprehensive evaluation of available project management tools to identify the optimal solution. After careful consideration, Asana was chosen as the preferred tool to meet the organization’s needs. This decision marked the beginning of an impactful and transformative journey for the organization.

Brand New Galaxy carefully moved projects from different platforms to Asana to make the transition smooth. They created a standardized workflow and used consistent project names to make project management more effortless. They also held thorough training and open-door sessions to answer any questions or concerns, ensuring everyone knew how to use Asana effectively.

These combined efforts and actions not only made it easier for everyone to transition smoothly but also led to better teamwork, increased efficiency, and improved project management across the organization.

Implementation of Asana in BNG significantly impacted our project management process. All our projects are now represented within Asana. Planning of tasks and allocation of resources are seamlessly executed through the platform. This centralized approach has significantly enhanced our workflow, communication, and the visibility of our team's capacity. Thanks to the platform's intuitiveness and user-friendly design, transition was remarkably smooth.
Marta Piotrzkowska PMO Director, Brand New Galaxy
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The adoption of Asana marked a significant shift in Brand New Galaxy’s project management. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, Asana has provided a centralized view of all projects, becoming the single source of truth within the company. By simplifying communication and task management across the organization, Brand New Galaxy eliminated the need for multiple separate tools, resulting in a more streamlined and efficient workflow.

The transition to Asana has led to significant improvements in Brand New Galaxy’s work management capabilities:

  1. Asana now serves as a single integrated tool for project management across the entire company, providing more transparent oversight of all projects.
  2. Asana has helped define roles and responsibilities clearly, ensuring everyone is on the same page.
  3. Asana has improved communication by becoming a single source of truth and increasing transparency.

In summary, Asana has significantly transformed Brand New Galaxy’s project management approach. Asana’s comprehensive overview, efficient communication, and improved task management capabilities have revolutionized the team’s operations, leading to increased efficiency and a more productive environment.


Cloudfresh Role


Cloudfresh played a crucial role in helping Brand New Galaxy smoothly adopt Asana. They provided expert guidance, technical support, and customized training throughout the process. Cloudfresh’s team was always on time, ready to help and guide. The high-quality training from Cloudfresh has greatly helped Brand New Galaxy’s teams fully maximize Asana’s potential. Thanks to Cloudfresh’s understanding of how Asana works, Brand New Galaxy could make the most of Asana’s capabilities.

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