Clients cases – Client Case: Uklon

Client Case: Uklon

"In fact, Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) has become the platform for a single virtual office for 300 employees from 14 different cities."

Serhiy Smus Chief operating officer, Uklon

How Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) Services Help Uklon Stay Ahead of the Competitors


Cloudfresh team helps with:

  • Upgrade from Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) Basic to Google Workspace  Business;
  • Setting security rules; – working with the Uklon IT team to study Drive Audit Log;
  • Setting up backup rules and data storage in Google Vault;
  • Training employees

About the customer: Uklon – the biggest ride-hailing service in Ukraine and the Uklon Driver mobile app – a ride-hailing orders aggregator for drivers.

Industry: Telecommunications

Product: Google Workspace (ex. G Suite)

The challenge: UKLON is developing rapidly and the volume of business processes has grown several dozen times and the basic functions of the Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) Basic package have become lacking to meet new business challenges.

Solution: Switching to Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) Business helped the company address several key business development issues. Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) has become a connecting link for a vast network of offices. Since representative offices operate in major cities across the country, and the team already has several hundred employees, it is essential for different departments to always stay in touch and have almost instantaneous interaction.

Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) solutions enable the company to instantly connect new accounts in the system and easily manage them. The Hangout Meet tool allows you to simultaneously connect up to 150 participants for video conferencing. In addition, quickly train beginners with straightforward and convenient tools.

Thus, in Uklon, the team is presented with significant service updates once every two weeks. It helps employees to quickly and timely receive up-to-date information. The Cloud Search service saves time searching for the necessary file or correspondence and chatting in a huge array of service information. The Google Forms tool helps you quickly get the necessary data, sort it and store it in one place accessible to everyone.



A recent case study is November 2019. During this period, a law came into force in Ukraine that obliges children under 12 years of age or with a height of less than 145 cm to be transported in cars only with the help of special means – child seats, boosters, and so on. The company was tasked with finding out how many registered drivers have such special equipment.

With the help of Google Forms, over 30,000 drivers from all over the country were interviewed within a few days without the participation of live people and without spending a huge amount of time on a telephone survey.

Google Drive with unlimited storage space and exceptional security settings Audit Drive Log has become the best tool for the work of the entire company, as well as marketing, advertising, and design departments in particular.

In Uklon, all communication products (print layouts, web layouts, banners, audio, video content, and other promotional and editorial materials) are created in-house, so quick exchange of graphic files, easy search, instant access, and storage are essential.


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Results: Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) solutions have optimized Uklon’s financial, time and labor costs. Saved money for the purchase and maintenance of IT infrastructure – there is no need to rent physical servers or purchase your own for data storage and constant adjustment of the mail server. Overhead costs are reduced, and the divisions’ working time is effectively distributed because the need for weekly business trips for managers of regional representative offices to the main office has disappeared. The procedure for connecting a new account and training a new employee has been reduced to a minimum – all the services offered are very easy to use and manage, intuitively understandable. Thanks to Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) cloud solutions, all employees have access to up-to-date information and can provide high customer service.

“Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) has become a platform for a uniform virtual office, in which more than 300 employees from 14 different cities can quickly and efficiently interact with each other. Cloud solutions from Google, in our opinion, today provide the most innovative and reliable tools for teamwork, which allows businesses to solve their daily tasks, be always and everywhere in touch” Serhii Smus, Chief operating officer, Uklon

Сloudfresh Role: While working with the client, Cloudfresh team together with the client solves the following tasks:

  • Migration from Basic package to Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) Business version;
  • Setting up security rules for documents, shared drives;
  • Training employees on rules and techniques for using shared drives;
  • Working with Uklon IT team to study Drive Audit Log;
  • Setting up rules for creating backups (back-up) and data storage in Google Vault;Implementing updates from Google Workspace (ex. G Suite).


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