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Client’s cases – Uklon


Serhiy Smus Chief operating officer, Uklon

How Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) Services Help Uklon Stay Ahead of the Competitors

Cloudfresh team helps with:

  • upgrade from Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) Basic to Google Workspace  Business;
  • setting security rules; – working with the Uklon IT team to study Drive Audit Log;
  • setting up backup rules and data storage in Google Vault;
  • training employees

About the customer: Uklon – the biggest ride-hailing service in Ukraine and the Uklon Driver mobile app – a ride-hailing orders aggregator for drivers.

Industry: Telecommunications Product:Google Workspace (ex. G Suite)

The challenge: UKLON is developing rapidly and the volume of business processes has grown several dozen times and the basic functions of the Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) Basic package have become lacking to meet new business challenges.

The solution: Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) Business helped solve several key business development issues for the company. Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) has become a kind of connecting link for a wide network of offices. Since representative offices work in large cities across the country, and the team already has several hundred employees, it is important for different departments to always be in touch, to have almost instant interaction with each other.

The results: Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) optimized the financial, time and labor costs of Uklon. Saved money on the purchase and maintenance of IT infrastructure – there is no need to rent physical servers or purchase your own for data storage and constant adjustment of the mail server. Minimized travel expenses and time to connect a new account.

“Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) has become a platform for a uniform virtual office, in which more than 300 employees from 14 different cities can quickly and efficiently interact with each other. Cloud solutions from Google, in our opinion, today provide the most innovative and reliable tools for teamwork, which allows businesses to solve their daily tasks, be always and everywhere in touch” Serhii Smus, Chief operating officer, Uklon

Partner Role

В процессе работы с клиентом команда Cloudfresh совместно с заказчиком решает такие задачи:

  • переход с пакета Basic на версию Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) Business;
  • настройки правил безопасности для документов, общих дисков;
  • обучение сотрудников правилам и приемам использования общих дисков;
  • работа с ИТ командой Uklon по изучению Drive Audit Log;
  • настройка правил создания резервных копий (бэк-ап) и хранения данных в Google Vault;
  • внедрение обновлений от Google Workspace (ex. G Suite).