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"For us, the experience with Zendesk was new. We learned a lot in a short time. The tools themselves aren't always intuitive, but we've made it with the support of Cloudfresh and many articles in the Zendesk Knowledge Base."

Taisiya Nasretdinova CEO at ICANHELPHOST
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"Cloudfresh is very customer-oriented. The company solved all our requests mostly within an hour, always giving a detailed answer. When looking for additional services to solve business problems (analytical systems, etc.), Cloudfresh specialists always offered alternative options that fit into our budget and covered all needs."

Oleksandr Galaburda Сhief Analyst of Laba Group
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"Google Workspace is an indispensable tool for companies with high data rates and saves a lot of time for our company when due to the Covid, we decided to switch our company to online work. It provides many powerful tools that can cover all needs in communication, file sharing, and many other spheres."

Myroslav Baranenko Chief Operating Officer
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"Google Workspace is one of the most advanced enterprise communication tools. Its ease of deployment has allowed us to focus directly on business processes rather than IT system settings. Now our team has the opportunity to work from anywhere in the world, using convenient and intuitive tools."

Oleg Petrenko Head of Technical Department
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"Google Cloud services are a whole world of tools that allow you to increase the efficiency of working with data and provide convenience at all stages of work. Our team uses many Google features to store our infrastructure, data processing, and A/B testing. It completely closes our need to obtain and analyze data, test hypotheses, and, accordingly, scale our business."

Rostyslav Vasiukov Head of Engineering
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"Being a Google Workspace customer for many years, we switched to Enterprise plan getting all the newest features even in a Beta, covering all the nowadays needs of users and providing admins with a great analysis and action tools. This corresponds to our roadmaps getting the IT infrastructure of the airSlate into the Enterprise level."

Dmitriy Yegarmin IT Manager
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"The Cloudfresh team treated our non-standard request with complete understanding regarding the agreement of special financing conditions and the gradual increase in the number of licenses. The Asana functionality was presented in a very accessible and understandable way, and all our questions were answered. Also, our team got a high-quality, practical presentation about creating a project in Asana by an experienced Cloudfresh specialist."

Bohdan Protsiv Development Director
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"Zendesk has opened up new opportunities for Rozetka and helped bring the company's ideas to life quickly and with fewer resources. Now the team is using more advanced trending technologies that affect the efficiency of the support department and the whole company."

Natalia Vovk Head of Written Appeals Department
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"We've been using Google Workspace for six years, starting with the free plan and now using the Enterprise plan. Workspace functionality fully satisfies all our needs, and the ability to integrate it into other services makes it very flexible and convenient. Useful linking of various services with each other, such as Gmail, Drive, Sheets, Calendar - this greatly simplifies workflows in a team."

Dmitriy Vasilyev HelpDesk Team Lead at Genesis
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"Our company has been working with Asana for more than three years, but only after we started working with Cloudfresh could we fully take advantage of Asana's capabilities, turning it into a process management tool. Thanks to Asana, we have implemented the interaction of almost all functional company units and continue to improve what has been achieved."

Dmitry Khudoy CEO of Zorka.Agency
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"When working with Google BigQuery, even the minimum computer power is enough to process any amount of data. Since the calculation takes place on Google servers, your device will not participate in processing; you only leave a request and collect the results. Everything happens faster, easier, more efficiently."

Dmitry Osiyuk Lead Analyst MacPaw.
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"Google Maps Platform is not only one of the most convenient maps. It is a limitless set of useful software services that allow you to develop your product very quickly and efficiently."

Volodymyr Zubenko Head of Expansion Technology
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