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"Our goal is to make finding the right gas station hassle-free for every customer. So we are constantly developing new features that meet the needs of our users. That's why we use the best of the latest digital technologies."

Vadim Egorenkov Product Manager
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“We discarded all other tools that required additional effort from our team and started wrapping up all delivery, build, and deployment processes in our SDLC using GitLab. Thanks to automation and implementing the CI/CD process with GitLab, we accelerated our work by more than 5 times.”

Vitaliy Dyatlenko Co-founder and CTO of Uklon
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“Using Google Workspace, our employees can enjoy easy collaboration, improved productivity, streamlined communication, reduced costs, enhanced security, and more. Additionally, the cloud-based nature of Google Workspace allows for flexible access from anywhere and easy scalability as the company grows.We are happy to cooperate with Cloudfresh and look forward to a prompt, professional response to the issues that arise.”

Reda Aleksandravičienė Business Office Manager
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"Google Meet hardware is intuitive, easy to install, and easy to use from a user's perspective. It allowed us to improve the quality of video meetings for company employees significantly. Cloudfresh's experience and technical expertise allowed us to quickly equip our meeting rooms and get comprehensive answers to all questions. The team was fully involved in the process, quickly processed requests, and rolled out the high-quality Google Meet software."

Andriy Kosovai Head of IT Infrastructure and Operations
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"We are delighted with the chosen solution. In a relatively short period, we have significantly improved the cooperation of our teams, gained access to many new features, and can safely guarantee the security of all information and files used by colleagues. Thanks to the Cloudfresh team, we quickly figured out all the necessary aspects of using Workspace and set up our workflows efficiently. We are now working more productively in a secure and flexible environment."

Olha Klymanska HRD at SendPulse
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"Google Cloud Platform for us is a service that allows us to quickly scale a separate progressive service for our partners dozens of times faster and flexibly manage the capacities needed at a certain moment. Cloudfresh technical support quickly helped to solve problems with API limits. The team always tries to solve and deal with problems quickly. In addition, Cloudfresh helped optimize financial costs, which contributed to developing a different project direction."

Ivan Yakubyshyn Head of IT Infrastructure Service
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"We are very satisfied with the way Google Workspace has quickly enabled our teams to work and collaborate closer together while shifting towards remote work during the COVID pandemic. It is very rewarding to see how technology drives further innovation and engagement within the IT community, and we are very grateful for being able to use this technology to better our own work."

Tauras Janickas CEO
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"If WOOPPAY is about people, then Asana is about simplicity. We are completely satisfied with the functionality of Asana, and every day, we improve the coordination and management of our work processes. The right pricing plan and professional support from Cloudfresh specialists allow us to plan projects more efficiently and use the platform to the maximum."

Rustem Kadytov Head of the Process Management Department
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"With the transition to the new plan from Workspace, we immediately felt the difference in the work process, exchanging documents and holding meetings. After starting to use Shared Drives in individual teams and seeing the results, we decided on the next project - to transfer the entire document flow by teams and directions on Team Drives and abandon the use of Personal Drives as much as possible, which we managed to do. Thanks to the professional implementation by Cloudfresh specialists of all the necessary tools for security and data control, we no longer worry about the protection of important files or access to the necessary information that makes the work of our IT team much easier."

Anton Lypovskykh IT Director at Welltech
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"Google Workspace has opened up many opportunities for us to collaborate faster and more effectively. Our teams spend much less time on processes that require a lot of their participation and attention. Team meetings, project collaboration, file storage, control, management, and all communication with partners and clients have moved to a completely different level. The implementation of Google Workspace went smoothly for the team, and thanks to consultations and technical training from Cloudfresh, our specialists quickly figured out the service's functionality."

Volodymyr Avanesov Head of Development at Netpeak Group
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"Often, when implementing services for project management, they are poorly used due to an inconvenient interface and lack of flexibility. In search of the optimal solution, we tested about five different platforms, and Asana turned out to be the most convenient platform. In addition to the fact that, with proper use, you turn chaos into a system, you also positively affect the company's efficiency."

Artur Shustov Founder of Morris Digital
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"We love Asana for its simplicity. It has many features, but what is most important - you can use key features (like projects and planning) after 30 minutes of experience with Asana. The implementation of Asana in our agency was almost trouble-free. After almost 5 years of using Asana, we still think it was one of the biggest game changers to our organization."

Robert Polak CEO at 4PEOPLE
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