Cloud Blog – Trainings on Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) for organizations in Ukraine and the world
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Trainings on Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) for organizations in Ukraine and the world

To have a significant impact on the consumption of Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) in our organization, employees must not only be able to use Google Workspace services (ex. G Suite) but also understand the meanings of Google Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Hangouts / Meet, Jamboard, Documents, Vault and other applications and not be afraid to work with cloud tools.


Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) is not only corporate mail. It is a set of functional services for teamwork. These services increase the productivity and efficiency of users’ daily work and use non-failure access to the necessary resources. If you want your investment in Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) to pay off faster, just reconfiguring email won’t be enough.


That is why user education is a significant part of the project to migrate to Google Workspace (ex. G Suite).


The purpose of training on Google Workspace (ex., G Suite):

  • Reveal the key features of the services, introduce and even make friends with them, and register “live” work in them.
  • Form a positive attitude towards Google Workspace cloud solutions (ex. G Suite), prepare users for the transition, and make the transition smooth.
  • Explain what advantages provide a new benefit that needs to be taken into account.
  • Secure the documentation in a “how to” format with the constant availability of reading materials and instructions.



Google Workspace education/training format (ex. G Suite)


Trainings are held at the customer’s premises in groups of 5 to 20 people. If the company’s offices are located in different cities or countries, online training is conducted in a webinar format, or Cloudfresh specialists go on a business trip.


Cloudfresh representatives give a short presentation, after which they pay special attention to the work of Google Workspace services (ex. G Suite) in the live display. At the end of the training, there is a mandatory “question and answer session.” Basic training usually lasts 1.5 – 2 hours. Additional and in-depth training is agreed upon individually, based on the company’s task.



Training content with Google Workspace (ex. G Suite)


General information


  • What is Google Workspace (ex. G Suite)?
  • What services are included in Google Workspace (ex. G Suite)?
  • What are the benefits for the user?
  • Features of using Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) in your organization.
  • Access to accounts and services.





  • Interface.
  • Basic settings.
  • Advanced settings.
  • Working with filters and labels.
  • Effective search and keywords.
  • Additional services.



Google Calendar


  • Access and settings.
  • Interface.
  • Setting up a personal calendar.
  • Adding a calendar of colleagues and company resources.
  • Work with events and reminders.
  • Shared calendars.



Google Drive


  • Interface.
  • Tasks and opportunities.
  • File types.
  • Working with Google Docs, Sheets, Presentations, Forms, and Sites files.
  • Collaboration with files.
  • Google Drive utility.
  • Working with shared drives
  • Rules for granting access to documents.





  • Access to mobile devices.
  • Two-factor authorization.
  • Work with contacts.
  • Extension possibilities.
  • Documentation and Handouts (if applicable).



Separate training for administrators and employees of companies on the topic of familiarization, downloading, and management.


  • Company users;
  • Google Workspace services (ex. G Suite);
  • Company risks;
  • MDM solutions for mobile devices;
  • Security policies;
  • Domains and subdomains;
  • Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) usage reports, audit log, email log, alerts


* Cloudfresh is an authorized reseller of Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) and Google Cloud. We provide services for the sale, implementation, training, and support of Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) in Ukraine, the CIS, Europe, and worldwide.

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