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"Google will remain a loyal business partner for us to help scale the company and keep all departments in sync going forward."

Yuri Gnatiuk COO, KindGeek

G Suite improves teamwork at KindGeek

Cloudfresh team helps to create the right organizational structure in G Suite, to understand the features of administering user roles. Advises the admin on issues related to user migration, mail, data, and integration with the new platform.

About the customer:  KindGeek Creating apps and software for various industries, including eCommerce, FinTech, HealthCare, Education. Logistics, and others.

Industry: Software & Internet

Product: G Suite

The challenge: The company was looking for uninterrupted and high-quality corporate mail, communication services, and other elements of the KindGeek internal IT infrastructure. The solution: KindGeek, based on the needs of a fast-growing company, decided to introduce G Suite. The set of services offered has become an ideal solution for business tasks. Tools such as Google Forms, Google Sites, Hangout Meet have established fast two-way communication between different departments of the company. The results: Currently, all working documentation is created, processed and stored on Google Drive, which provides immediate access to any part of hundreds of projects. As well as the continuous interaction of more than 150 employees with customers from 20 countries.

“It’s hard to imagine the correct functioning of KindGeek without the G Suite. We believe that Google will remain a loyal business partner for us, which will help to scale the company and ensure the synchronization of all departments in the future” Yuriy Gnatyuk, COO, KindGeek

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