Clients cases – Skvyra Academic Lyceum of IT “Perspective”

Skvyra Academic Lyceum of IT “Perspective”

“Google Workspace is a modern tool for solving important pedagogical tasks. During the pandemic and the war, this service became even more relevant. ”

Alla Vyhivska The director of the lyceum "Perspective"

How Google Workspace for Education helps the lyceum "Perspective" resist today's challenges

Skvyra Academic Lyceum of IT “Perspective” – ​​an educational institution for pupils in grades from 1 to 11 with in-depth information technology study.

Project start date: December 2017

Project end date: January 2018

Industry: Education

Product: Google Workspace for Education

The Challenge: To move to a qualitatively new level of education, the teaching staff of the lyceum set itself the task of making the learning space more stable and accessible to everyone. The primary condition for ensuring pupils’ equal access to quality education was a combination of information technology and innovative learning approaches. There is a need to find a tool that can be easily integrated and allow pupils and teachers to work and study together.

Google Workspace for Education (ex. Google for Education) – communication and collaboration tools for educational institutions.

The Solution: The implementation of Google Workspace for Education has provided teachers and pupils access to a universal resource with various learning tools.

In Google Classroom, pupils and teachers created separate classes, allowing them to quickly collect and share information and conduct classes, webinars, and pedagogical councils. They are also involved in Google Jamboard for instant collaboration, Google Forms for surveys and research, and Google Presentations for collaborative project activities.

Google Sites is used to develop and conduct web quests and various projects. At the same time, Google Maps is an indispensable tool for history, geography, and literature teachers. Teachers keep their own employment calendars, plan joint events with Google Calendar, and easily share files using Google Drive.

"We are convinced that it is more effective to turn to one service that will be convenient, reliable, secure, and make the most of it."

The Results: Using Google Workspace for Education allows the school to feel free in the information space. The digital experience gained with Google Workspace has helped students and teachers quickly learn other digital resources: e-diary, journals, and other web-based learning services. At present, all participants of the educational process use electronic document management and freely cooperate with each other through the tools of Google Workspace for Education, which allows them to respond quickly and adapt to external conditions.

“Cloudfresh played a significant role in all the transformations in the institution. As part of the charity, Cloudfresh сonected the institution with Google for Education, which changed the quality of the educational process and the level of organization and internal communication between participants. ”

Cloudfresh Role: Cloudfresh team has connected and fully integrated Google Workspace for Education with the services of the school. To help master the new tool, Cloudfresh provides consultations and training to pupils and teachers to effectively use the service and its products for educational purposes.

"The most perspective step was the connection of Google Workspace for Education, which made the institution more modern and adapted to today's challenges." – Alla Vyhivska, the director of the institution.

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