Cloud Blog – What you need to know about data migrating to Google Cloud

What you need to know about data migrating to Google Cloud

So, you have decided to transfer your data to Google Cloud and the first logical question you ask yourself is how to do it? 

The reasons why you need to transfer your data can be vastly different – a need for backups, machine learning, etc. When choosing how to move your data, you also need to pay attention to factors such as reliability, scalability, and data management capabilities. 

There are four main ways to transfer your data to Google Cloud, and we are going to describe them in this next segment.

GSC Transfer Tools

This tool is perfect for moving a small amount of information up to one TB. These tools involve transferring data from a computer directly to the cloud and include the Google Cloud Console user interface, API, JSON, and the GSUTIL command line. Such tools also provide the ability to manage the GCS segments. Also, GSC tools can be used instead of UNIX copy commands. 

Transfer Service 

This method of transferring data will be convenient for you if you need to quickly transfer a large amount of data from another cloud platform. Also, the data transfer speed can reach an impressive 10 GB per second. In order to comfortably transfer all your data, you can use the API or client library in a language convenient for you. The data transfer speed is fast because of high bandwidth channels and because of the optimization of the transfer processes. 

Transfer Appliance 

This option is best for those who don’t have high bandwidth but also need to transfer a large amount of data. In such a case, the device can provide a safe, reliable, and relatively fast way of transferring 1 PB of data in about 40 days. This is considerably faster than transferring data at a more typical speed of 100 Mbps, which would take around 3 years to transfer the same amount of data. 

The transfer process takes place using two physical boxes of 40 TB and 300 TB. You transfer all the data to the box and send it back to Google, where the data will be moved to the GCS container. 

BigQuery Data Transfer Service 

BigQuery also supports data transfers from Google SaaS and other data stores such as Amazon Redshift and Teradata. You can manage, store, and conduct analytics with your data right in BigQuery and this is the main convenience of using this service. 

In Conclusion 

You can transfer completely different amounts of information and data, just remember to do it reliably and as quickly as possible. If the issue of data transfer is still challenging for you, contact Cloudfresh, and we will help you with transferring data of any size and from any platform.