Cloud Blog – What is Apigee X — and what that is powerful API tool

What is Apigee X — and what that is powerful API tool

The transition to digital platforms was an urgent process for businesses in any niche. With the onset of the pandemic, when 90% of all communication went online, the need for digital transformation tripled. As a result, the process of switching to online platforms, which would usually take several years, happened spontaneously within a couple of weeks.

API is one of the main tool used when working with online businesses. That’s why Google introduced a new project called Apigee X, which will help companies to more easily make the transition to digital platforms. Apigee X is a management platform that integrates Google Cloud expertise, network security, and artificial intelligence.

API is also one of the key milestones  for the  transition of work to the digital platform. Since the closure of offline businesses, organizations have had to quickly rebuild and adapt in a new way. The reality of 2020 – the one’s who survived were the ones who were able to reconfigure and adapt to online work faster than their competition. The most successful and agile companies began to scale and switch to online mode immediately after the beginning  of lockdowns. The better the API is connected, the easier and faster it will scale on the digital platform.

APIs are more than just one of the building blocks of software. This is an important product that needs to be configured and managed skillfully. Therefore, Apigee turns 10 years old this year and Google is ready to share its experience with other programmers and broaden their horizons about using the API.

Rick Schnierer, Vice President of Annuity Technology at Nationwide Insurance, said the API is a great way to deploy and scale your business. This is not the only example where the use of Apigee has made IT cooperation within a company much easier, even when it comes to exchange of APIs without using a centralized server.


Digital excellence with Apigee X

With the rapid transition to online platforms, competition among digital businesses is increasing dramatically. It is no longer enough to just use the API, and be able to manage and scale it. So now is time for Apigee X, which speeds up the process of deployment and scaling and is several times faster than other methods. Fast response and efficiency gives Apigee owners an advantage when working with API. Apigee’s main goal is to simplify the digital experience and improve the interaction with the API.

Apigee X has:

  • Global availability and reliability. Google has opened 24 regions around the world, so caching has already improved in 100 locations, and the API makes it easy to use Cloud CDN. 
  • Security and privacy. Along with the expansion of business on digital platforms, the number of fraudsters who use the API has also increased. The rate of malicious APIs increased by 170% compared to 2019. Therefore, in order to secure web applications and API authorization, Apigee uses Cloud Armor and Cloud Identity and Access Management (IAM). 
  • Automation with Artificial Intelligence. In order to always remain safe using the API, as well as to control other equally important processes, Apigee uses the latest AI-based technologies. It also helps enforce API compliance, proactively identifies  anomalies, and predicts traffic for peak seasons. Leave the global machine tasks to Apigee, and let the company’s managers take care of more important matters.

With 10 years of experience with APIs, Apigee X has a track record of success in this area. The result is more than a thousand clients around the world and endless knowledge of how to improve your business on digital platforms over the next few years. To get familiar with using Apigee, contact Cloudfresh — a unique center of expertise for Google Cloud, Zendesk, and Asana. For these products, we can provide you with the following services: 

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