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27 November 2020

What is Asana?

Asana is a solution for collective project and task management that empowers teams to exchange data, plan, organize and track task completion processes that are being worked on by the team members. The solution has the intuitive interface with a motto “Modern form of collective work”. Asana is also adapted for being used either on mobile devices or in the web version. Asana is the ideal solution for companies of all sizes and spheres, for companies that challenge the calls of our time & practice remote work, and also for companies that have offices in different cities. 


More details about the principle of Asana’s work

Asana was designed for task planning and coordinating, dividing them into the tasks, and assigning them to the team members. This solution enables to administrate all the tasks, creating a separate ecosystem for every project. A big project division into the separate tasks and then into the subtasks empowers every user to be responsible for his/her liability zone. The user creates his/her own space, where he/she observes all his/her subtasks, tasks and projects. This way, the work is being performed clearly, smoothly and without hitches. Team members can easily exchange information, data and report about the status of the work. 



Asana’s features

All Asana’s features can be grouped into several aspects. Let’s examine each in detail:

















Why Asana?

Asana offers everything necessary for synchronization, deadline facing and target reaching:



Asana solutions are already being used by hundreds of thousands of organizations all around the globe, including Google, Uber, Deloitte, Vodafone, Spotify, PayPal & Avon. Follow their example and start using Asana right now!

Cloudfresh company is an Asana Solutions Partner in CEE, CIS and MENA regions. We help our customers in mastering the Asana tools and applying the best practices of Work Management.

Leave a request on the Cloudfresh website to test the product and explore all its benefits

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