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Cloud Consulting Services: Take Your Business to the Next Level

Cloud computing is playing a leading role in many business areas today. Successful IT companies are increasingly ordering cloud consulting services that help organizations realize their potential. Specialized cloud consulting services are essential for businesses looking to implement the cloud’s full functionality.

According to information provided by Google, given the current economic situation, approximately 41.4% of companies worldwide are willing to spend more money on introducing cloud solutions and services into their operations. But at the same time, according to Cloudzero, only 30% of them clearly understand the calculation of such expenses.

The choice of platforms offering remote storage and information management is quite large. But if you have any difficulties, a cloud consulting company like Cloudfresh will be happy to find the necessary option to help save time and money. Experienced in consulting and offering high-quality solutions for businesses facing difficulties when creating a cloud strategy.

What is cloud strategy development?

First, to properly utilize a dedicated cloud, you need to start by planning how practical applications and resources will be hosted in your segment. The project should include a customized architecture and the possibility of further scalability. Its main goal is to ensure the high performance of resources, programs, and working systems hosted on the cloud.

Creating a cloud strategy starts with analyzing your business activity and goals. Firstly, the business owner needs to decide what issues he wants to solve with the help of the cloud system. Therefore, any functionality deployed in the cloud must fully meet the company’s business objectives. Ignoring this principle can save money and allow the resources provided to be used efficiently. That is why a proper cloud strategy developed by qualified professionals who provide cloud consulting services is essential for the continued prosperity of any business.

Why might you need a cloud migration consulting partner?

Cloud migration is a necessary process when utilizing remote resources. Companies running any business need to know which applications and data would be beneficial to host on a cloud server.

Experts who advise business participants on cloud migration are responsible for thoroughly assessing the feasibility of placing every business asset owned by the client company in the cloud. During this assessment, cloud advisory services create a comprehensive plan to migrate the information and applications used by the client. They will also help make it as fast and cheap as possible so that the entrepreneur benefits from getting their facilities up and running remotely.

The known approaches to accomplish the migration are:

  • Re-hosting – transferring an application without making changes to it;
  • Platform change – transfer of executable modules to the cloud service without significant adjustments but with minor changes to adapt them to work in the cloud;
  • Refactoring – transfer with significant adjustments to the program to make it compliant with the cloud service;
  • Rebuilding – writing a new application specifically for its functioning in the cloud.

In addition to the above strategies, the replacement method is widespread, where a pre-existing program is removed and replaced with a new product capable of running in a cloud environment.

Cloud integration consulting services

Proper integration is necessary for the professional implementation of cloud technologies in any company’s activity. Specialists providing cloud consultancy services establish the overall needs of the firm in such innovation and show the fastest and most efficient way to transfer data to a remote service.

An essential integration stage is developing a cloud SaaS model, which includes unique software offered to the client, which will serve his access to the cloud system. This complex is continuously maintained by the company responsible for cloud integration. Its regular updates and current access infrastructure are also provided.

As a result, you will get a conveniently working and secure system, the benefit of which is quite apparent.

The services of the proposed cloud model are chargeable. All critical approaches, such as APIs, messaging, and batch processing, must be implemented in them. The security requirements are also high. It is necessary so that the business owner does not have fears that malicious people will take over his information.

A professional cloud strategy consulting service and ensuring the reliability of the launched services are fundamental aspects of ensuring a smooth transition of the company’s IT resources to the cloud.

Explore how our client MacPaw simplified complex data workflows by integrating various data sources into BigQuery, achieving a unified view that transformed their business intelligence.

Help with cloud data protection

Security is a crucial data protection issue. When placing personal information on remote storage, the problem of preventing its leakage is particularly acute. The most effective methods and strategies are used today to eliminate unauthorized access to cloud services.

The consulting company will provide you cloud assessments, improvement, and competent system management that provides access control to personalized cloud data.

Cloud security consulting provided by Cloudfresh includes:

  • reliable protection of resources from all types of threats;
  • control access to cloud services and applications;
  • effective management of data flows;
  • strict adherence to security protocols;
  • the ability to restore cloud services and the information in them after failures.

Creating a unique remote storage security model requires comprehensive, innovative solutions. Cloud migration services can help detect threats in time and prevent any events related to resource hacking or unauthorized access.

Consulting in cloud service testing

Specific testing is required to properly evaluate the performance of a resource that provides cloud storage. It is better to entrust it to qualified professionals who are well-versed in the issue and have the necessary information.

Today, there is a relatively wide range of tools for such testing. With their help, you can secure the data migration process to the cloud and ensure compliance with DataOps protocols.

Cloud testing services can help you:

  • improve the speed of writing tests for multiple versions of tabular data;
  • properly apply clustering while moving information to the cloud;
  • compose effective schema and conformance testing;
  • test connectivity to the most in-demand storage.

Both manual and automated validation tools are now standard. Many businesses that have ordered cloud migration consulting services use their applications. However, more and more business players are abandoning this practice because they must keep them updated and relevant.

Experienced cloud performance testing consultants often choose the newest, most affordable platforms and tools. Using an appliance farm, they can test the performance of all operational segments of the cloud. This method justifies itself not only by its convenience and speed but also by its benefits. Many testing systems are provided to the user free of charge, which makes it possible to save quite a lot on costs.

What are the advantages of cloud consulting?

Modern cloud consulting companies have many tangible advantages. Clients of such services get the opportunity to save their own time and human resources. Specialists take on the most important tasks, allowing employees to engage in more urgent matters. Cloud security consulting services provide such benefits:

  • Cost reduction – you can seriously reduce the amount of money invested in managing your network cloud service, as well as increase the share of artificial intelligence in existing processes. Learn how migrating to the Google Cloud Platform helped our client Appflame achieve significant cost savings, with a detailed look at how they optimized their spending and resource utilization in the cloud.
  • Scalability – cloud consulting provides the flexibility to change the scope of tasks and processes handled in the cloud.
  • Effective control – cloud management enables cloud and storage consulting companies to evolve and improve their service continuously. Learn how our client Headway slashed operational costs and boosted efficiency by leveraging GCP’s scalable infrastructure – a game-changer in optimizing resources.

Providing and managing cloud resources to customers has its benefits not only in the short but also in the long term. For example, users can always access the latest, proven solutions. In addition, consulting contributes to the all-round improvement of customer service. It allows companies to access the most practical, workable cloud applications and resources.

Cloud integration service is a conscious choice of a suitable platform and a strategic investment. Today, reputable specialists in this area use fewer and fewer standard approaches. The rapid development of IT technologies leads to the fact that there are fewer and fewer universal methods, which makes it necessary to develop innovative solutions.

The problem of choosing partners in cloud consulting

Any company wishing to use cloud structures may need competent advice. Today, Cloudfresh provides this service at a high level. This confirms our company’s reputation for cloud integration services. In addition, our company has the following factors:

  • Availability of the consulting company’s knowledge necessary for solving responsible tasks;
  • the size of the company and its duration of work in the market of relevant services – considering this, it is possible to make preliminary conclusions about the reliability and competitiveness of the consulting organization;
  • cooperation with well-known cloud providers like Azure and Google Cloud Platform;
  • presence of specialization in particular cloud services;
  • presence of professional certificates issued to specialists with the relevant qualifications;
  • completed projects of cloud systems with subsequent service maintenance;
  • proposed methods of information protection and their effectiveness.

Considering all these points, a cloud client can always choose Cloudfresh as a professional in cloud consulting services.

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Cloud consulting today has enormous prospects. Such activities contribute to developing and promoting business areas related to storing and processing significant amounts of data. More than finding a service and copying the necessary information is required to succeed in cloud storage. More and more businesses and trading companies need to move their data to remote platforms.

Cloudfresh is a Google Cloud Premier Partner and Azure partner. Our certified team of experts can support you at every stage of your Google Cloud journey. Our consultants will optimize your infrastructure, integrate systems for maximum interoperability, and develop new structures and processes for your teams. Meanwhile, our support center delivers an exceptional customer experience. Read more about our Google Cloud consulting services.

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