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Presenting new integrations and features of workplace – feel free to perform great job

Since the very beginning of the COVID-19 pandemia businesses all around the globe started implementing brand new technologies to enable the employees work even in these harsh circumstances. Remote collaboration has already replaced the usual work, virtual meetings have already substituted the physical ones, etc. Providing services Google has noticed that the situation made leaders take measures, which had been a long-perspective plan before, urgently. Flexibility has become the new criteria of a successful company. It’s clearly understandable –  contemporary technologies of doing business will stay with us, replacing the old ones. 

However, the ability of a distant work is not the only issue nowadays. Many people are made to learn new tools and platforms, because the usual ones were not able to meet the needs of the time. All the new information, all the new circumstances, all the new technologies overload people’s minds so it affects negatively on their workability and efficiency. According to the Google specialists, it is much more important to update the familiar tools to the level they can be a helpful hand in the self-isolation and further periods, instead of inventing new and unknown ones. Being able to work with the usual apps and platforms, intuitively learning its new features, is much more beneficial both for business and employees.

So now, we are happy to present you Google’s new integrations of core apps that allow you to navigate from one app to another without wasting time. Being bound together in a more tight way, email, content, tasks, meetings and so on bring together all the necessary tools for you to continue working with even higher efficiency, decreasing the time you spend on the manual work.

New Google’s integrated workspace impressed such customers as Colgate-Palmolive and ATB Financial, justifying its high efficiency and potencial. Gene Molloy, VP IT End User Technology at Iron Mountain, said it “seamlessly brings together the best of Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) to make us more efficient with less context switching, allowing us to focus on the task at hand with fewer distractions.” 


Communication Tools Become Even Closer

Talking about remote work, we’ll definitely think about ways to communicate with each other. Last month Google provided us with the integration of Chat and Gmail applications allowing us to send mails and short messages without changing the tabs. This time we’ve got the Meet integration – the opportunity to start a video meeting directly from the inbox on any platform – web, Android or iOS. And, psst, soon Google will release one more update – Chat will become available in Gmail not only in its web version, but also in the Android and iOS apps.

Google also plans to give the users access to the shared files and tasks in the chat rooms converting them into the powerful tool – the best choice for long-lasting projects. Being opened for not only the inn-organization users chat rooms are not only the instrument of inter-departmental collaboration, but also for inter-corporational one. And this all will be available via the Gmail page!


Moreover, using only one Gmail screen we’ll be able to work on content and discuss the changes, mark/create tasks. How? There’ll sooner the real-time collaboration upgrade will bring together the chat rooms and the files being co-edited in the Gmail screen. This will let workers to cooperate even more rapidly and efficiently without wasting time on rushing between these numerous tabs and windows!

Google will also ensure the opportunity of an access to the most common third-party apps, for instance Trello, Salesforce and DocuSign, via Gmail, Chat and rooms by means of its renewed workspace.


Getting Together!

According to the Customer Experience statistics, the majority of users would like to be able to process their job within one app. ‘The constant need of switching between all the apps distracts, interrupts the workflow and takes time’ they say. So, in order to solve this problem Google integrated their core apps. Now you can easily join/start a video call from the Chat, forward your Chat message to the Gmail inbox or create your new task from the Chat message. You’ll stay in one app, so none of the distractors, like social media or gaming apps, won’t attract you to open them while switching between Gmail, Chat and other Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) applications and tools.

Besides, understanding that fast finding of messages, files, emails, etc. is one of the key priorities of a stable, profitable and efficient workflow, Google’s also expanded Gmail’s search capabilities including the Chat information to it.


There also are several new tools for you to stay focused and prioritize your tasks:

  • Changing your “Available” status on the “Do Not Disturb” one
  • Protecting your time with the “Out of office” notices
  • Pinning important rooms 

If you want to try out these and other incredible features of Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) – contact us, and we’ll provide you with the free trial for a month.


Increasing the Security Level of Meet and Chat

Knowing that data is a lifeblood of every organization and understanding that it is of a vital importance to protect it, Google is constantly working on increasing the protection and security rate of its products and services. More than 8 billion businesses trust this company their most important and confidential information and Google has never let them down. Now, we will tell you about its new security and protection measures for Chat and Meet. In the following weeks, meeting organizators will get even more control tools to protect their video collaboration. For example, they’ll be able to give permissions to join the meeting, or collaborate within it. Starting from G Suite for Education version these functions will include:

  • Knocking controls: in case user is expelled from the meeting, he/she won’t be able to try to get back to the same meeting via knocking, unless he/she is been re-invited to it
  • Safety locks: organizators will be able to choose, who will be able to chat or present on the meeting


Google will also develop the phishing protection the same as built within Gmail for  Chat. For example, if a user clicks on a link in Chat, it will be scanned in real-time and flagged if it’s found to contain malicious content. Check out our Cloud Blog for more details and news.


Upcoming Upgrades

Collaboration and communication tools help people in working together seamlessly and conveniently. Google is ever-developing its applications to face the challenges of the time to ensure its users the best tools ever. The previous upgrades allowed you to respond to document comments or action items directly from your inbox on mobile, connect and analyze data across the organization with Connected Sheets, and introduced new collaboration capabilities in their hardware offerings. 


Nonetheless, they know they are not to stop at this point – they have grandiose plans for their future improvements. The prime examples of the nearest upcomings are: picture-in-picture video calls right in Gmail; the integration of Google Meet into the content tools like Docs, Sheets, and Slides; and many more other ones. The global aim of the Google Workspace (ex. G Suite) evolution – is providing users with a, free of distractions, seamless workflow that will meet all the needs and necessities of the customers. It will be amazingly flexible, collaborative, performing even complex tasks, but intuitive, easy to use and convenient for everyone.

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