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Google Hangouts Meet and Microsoft Outlook integration

Google has updated its Hangouts Meet service. This month, Google launched the Hangouts Meet app for Microsoft Outlook. Users with a Google Workspace (ex., G Suite) account can use the Meet add-on for Outlook to schedule online meetings.

With the Hangouts Meet add-in for Microsoft Outlook, the user can create a new meeting event from the Outlook application and the calendar. Outlook users must install the Hangouts Meet add-on and click the Meeting icon in the bottom right corner. The app will automatically insert the video conference details and information on how to join the event in the email or calendar.

How do I install the Hangouts Meet add-on?

Before using the Meet add-in for Outlook, it must be installed in Office®. In the Options section of the Office toolbar, click Manage Add-ins and look for Hangouts Meet Add-In. Then follow the instructions to install the add-on.

It’s also made adding people to the Hangouts Meet app even more accessible. When you are in a meeting, there is an additional button with which you can find and add the necessary people to the meeting. You no longer need to manually send them a link. The app will automatically email them so they can quickly join you.

Recently, Google has expanded the list of countries whose numbers can be added to Hangouts Meet video calls:

Argentina (AR)

Finland (FI)

New Zealand (NZ)

Australia (AU)

France (FR)

Norway (NO)

Austria (AT)

Georgia (GE)

Poland (PL)

Belgium (BE)

Germany (DE)

Portugal (PT)

Brazil (BR)

Greece (GR)

Romania (RO)

Bulgaria (BG)

Hungary (HU)

Slovenia (SI)

 Canada (CA)

Iceland (IS)

South Africa (ZA)

Colombia (CO)

Ireland (IE)

ІSpain (ES)

Croatia (HR)

Italy (IT)

Sweden (SE)

Cyprus (CY)

Latvia (LV)

Switzerland (CH)

Denmark (DK)

Lithuania (LT)

Thailand (TH)

Dominican Republic (DO)

Luxembourg (LU) 

Turkey (TR) 

El Salvador (SV) 

Malta (MT)

United Kingdom (GB)

Estonia (EE)

Netherlands (NL) 

United States (US)



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